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Law Firm Overview

David P. Beeson & Associates is an experienced, dedicated law firm located in San Diego, California. We provide quality legal solutions for clients in the areas of personal injury and family law.

The founder of our practice, David P. Beeson, has been practicing personal injury and family law since 1978. The team he leads includes experienced family law and personal injury attorneys, paralegals, a private investigator, and other legal professionals and support staff. We focus on getting results for the client.

When clients come to our comfortable office, located in a 1890s home, they find caring professionals who are committed to helping people in need face difficult legal problems. We treat every case as if it was our only case, and we treat every client like our most important client-because you are.

As one of the leading personal injury law firms in San Diego, our serious injury lawyers fight for our clients futures. We know how important your case is to you, so we limit the number of cases we take so that we can devote all the time and resources necessary. Our attorneys regularly work with accident investigators, safety consultants, design engineers, and other experts to gather evidence establishing our client’s case. We also understand the tactics used by insurance companies to shift blame and avoid paying a fair settlement. That's why we use experts to determine the cause of an accident and the scope of our client’s injuries.

In personal injury cases, success does not come easily. What makes us so successful is that we dedicate one lawyer to carefully prepare your case. We undertake painstaking investigations and recreate accidents. We prepare every case as if we are taking it all the way to trial-and we will vigorously try your case in front of a jury if that is what is best for you.

We stand by you through the whole process, caring about you, knowing every detail, and fighting for just compensation.

In our family law practice, we help clients make the difficult transition through divorce and other life-changing events. Often, we find people in this situation allow their emotions to overrule their better judgment. We get to know you personally, understand your values and goals, and provide compassionate and caring support. Then we fight hard to protect your rights and interests. We also realize divorce can have significant financial consequences both in the short and long-term. Our San Diego divorce lawyers help our clients prepare for life after divorce by asserting their rights and protecting their interests in the division of marital property and marital debt.

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