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 Posting Information on Social Media After an Accident

Lets face it - social media is not going away, at least not for now. More and more people are joining the social media world of Facebook, Twitter, blogs and Google+. Anyone who is a member of the social media world needs to be aware of the fact that anything he or she says or posts following an accident can come back to haunt them.

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 Construction Attorney Discusses Scaffolding Injuries on Construction Sites and Construction Accidents

Every year, there are thousands of scaffolding injuries resulting from scaffold use and scaffolding accidents. Scaffolding injuries occur because construction sites are dangerous places to work and there are different subcontractors performing different duties, sometimes in the same area. Scaffolding injuries can result in serious injuries, which is why it is very important to use an attorney experienced in construction site accidents.

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 Be Careful What You Tell Your Doctor after an Accident

What is a personal injury incident? A personal injury incident refers to any incident where someone gets injured, physically and/or emotionally.

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 Should You Carry Med Pay if You Have Health Insurance?

So, you have health insurance, but have also heard about Med Pay (medical payment coverage under your auto insurance policy). Should you still carry Med Pay on your auto insurance even if you have health insurance? The simple answer is “yes.” Why?

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 About Med Pay

You may have heard of "Med Pay", but not know what it means. Med Pay refers to medical payment coverage in an automobile insurance policy. Under the Med Pay provision, a policyholder is generally covered for reasonable medical expenses (including chiropractic) if he or she is in a car accident, regardless of fault. Med Pay can also cover family members who are in the car at the time of the auto accident.

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 The legal system has improved the lives of consumers - by Santa Clarita and San Fernando Valley lawyer

Greedy insurance companies (backed by big, powerful and greedy corporations) have been fighting the legal system, and particularly against Personal Injury attorneys for years, using propaganda ads and sensationalizing single cases out of thousands of legitimate claims and lawsuits. But have you ever thought about how instrumental the legal field has been in improving our every day lives and the activities which we all take for granted, and how many lives have been saved by those improvements?

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 Pay Close Attention to Claims against Public or Government Entities

Each state has its own set of statute of limitations, which set forth the maximum time frame allowed, after an event occurs (such as an accident), for an injured party to start legal action, such as a lawsuit. Statute of limitations differs for bodily injury claims, property damage claims, breach of contract claims, medical malpractice claims, and claims related to fraud and misrepresentation. This article strictly discusses claims against public and government entities.  

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 Can I Sue in Work Related Accidents? How About Construction Related Accidents?

According to the U.S. Department of Labor, 3,696,100 cases of work related injuries were reported in 2008. Many of these injuries occurred on job sites of construction projects. These injuries led to medical bills, pain and suffering, emotional distress, and missed time from work. Some even led to deaths or permanent job losses. What are the remedies available to an employee injured on the job and is his/her remedy limited to workers' compensation benefits or can he/she sue for recovery?

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