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 Preventing Speed Related Accidents Focus of California Highway Patrol Efforts

Recently, California Highway Patrol has made a pact to crack down on motorists who drive too fast and ignore speed limits. Accidents where speeding is involved are often much more catastrophic, and leave victims with serious injuries.

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 Massive Recall on Window Blinds Includes Many California Retailers

In one of the largest product recalls issued by the CPSC, 50 million shades and blinds are being recalled due to child strangulation issues. At least 8 deaths in children have been linked to these blinds and shades since 2001, according to the Wall Street Journal. In addition, situations that nearly caused strangulation have occurred in at least 16 other children with these blinds.

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 Lead Contaminated Toys Cost Mattel Over $50 Million

High concentrations of lead found in millions of toys produced by Mattel in 2007 has caused them to agree to settle lawsuits in excess of $50 million, according to MSNBC. These toys posed a health hazard to children due to the high concentrations of lead in the toys.

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 Drunk Driving Accidents in California Are Uncalled for and Need Legal Aid

In the past ten years in California, there have been thousands of cases of drunk driving accidents in which victims were either seriously injured with lifelong, debilitating wounds or killed as a result of the crash.

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 Bicycle Accidents are Causing Serious Injuries in California

As the summer months and nice weather in California continue, so do the number of bicycle accidents in this beautiful state. This is an unfortunate statistic, however it makes sense since the gas prices are rising and people are looking to save money in this tough economy.

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 Sexual Abuse Victims are Seeking Civil Compensation with the Help of Personal Injury Lawyers

Sexual abuse is a problem throughout the country and the world. Too many people are becoming victims of this horrific crime each year, some of which are repeatedly abused in their homes, places of employment, and even schools. In fact, statistics show that a majority of sexual abuse victims are assaulted by people very close to them, whether they are relatives, friends, or casual acquaintances.

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 Gas Tank Explosions Continue to Injure Victims in California

Although gas tank explosions are luckily not as common as car accidents, heart attacks, or other potentially hazardous situations, they are incredibly dangerous and life-threatening when they occur. These explosions typically happen during or soon following a car accident and often occur in cities with a high rate of car accidents, such as San Diego and Los Angeles, California.

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 Aviation Accident Attorneys can Win your Claim

Although aviation accidents do not occur on a daily basis, the effects and heartache can potentially last for years following these tragedies. As one of the states in the U.S. with the most public airports and private jet ways, Californians have seen their fair share of aviation accidents that have resulted in large scale catastrophes, serious injuries, and untimely deaths.

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 Assault and Battery Injuries are Uncalled for, Consult an Attorney Following an Incident

Assault and battery claims are problematic all over the country, but many of these criminal cases occur right here in the San Diego-Los Angeles area of California. Although assault and battery victims almost always wish to press criminal charges against their violent assailants, many do not think about the ability and benefits of filing civil cases for punitive damages as well.

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