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Law Firm Overview

The Wyman Law Firm, a Washington law firm with offices in Seattle and Bellevue, provides legal representation and services in all areas of IRS Tax Controversy. We focus our efforts on choosing the right remedy to sustain the taxpayer's position against challenges made by the Internal Revenue Service. Our firm provides quality and timely services at a fair price. We work hard to make sure our client’s needs are met and their rights protected.

Attorney Andrew J. Wyman's tax practice continues currently in private practice, offering his skills, knowledge and insight in a variety of federal tax issues, representing individuals and businesses against the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) and representing taxpayers in front of the United States Tax Court.

Many of our cases are undertaken on a traditional hourly rate basis, which based on our experience provides the best value for both the client and the work we undertake. However, some matters will be offered on a flat fee basis: Bankruptcies, Visa application and Naturalization are typically offered on a flat fee arrangement.

Year this Office was Established: 2003

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: IRS Audit Defense; IRS Collection Defense; Tax Litigation; IRS Appeals; IRS Tax Liabilities; Unfiled Tax Returns; Penalty Abatement; Employment Tax; Innocent Spouse Relief; Injured Spouse Relief; IRS Payroll Tax (Employment Tax) Liability; Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP); FOIA (Freedom of Information Act); FBAR and Voluntary Disclosures.

Areas of Law Description

Wyman Law Firm provides legal services in the following areas of tax law:

- IRS Collection Defense

As you hopefully expect, IRS Collection Defense is more than just settlements and offers and compromise. The lawyers at Wyman Law Firm can help you work through the maze of options and pick the best remedy that can be sustained against challenges made by the IRS. Here is a list of several possible remedies that may be used for such relief:

* Installment Agreements (Partial Payment)

Installment agreements are frequently overlooked and undervalued by taxpayers who owe the IRS. In most cases, installment agreements can lead to better results than the famed "Offer in Compromise". Wyman Law Firm can determine whether such is the case for you, looking at options with installment agreements to avoid liens, and have your expenses that exceed IRS standards allowed as conditional expenses. Wyman Law Firm will also seek to negotiate payment terms that will result your paying less than the full amount of tax due.

* Removal of IRS Bank and Wage Levies (Garnishments)

Using a combination of the remedies listed herein, the lawyers at Wyman Law Firm can help you find the best and quickest route to having IRS Bank and Wage Levies (Garnishments) removed.

* Removal of IRS Notice of Federal Tax Lien (NFTL)

IRS liens are public records that can cause embarrassments, financial hardship, and credit issues. Reasonably, most people want them removed as quickly as possible. With several of the remedies listed herein, Wyman Law Firm can quickly and painlessly remove an IRS Lien. Unfortunately, with complex tax matters, having an IRS lien removed takes tenacity, knowledge, and ingenuity to have an IRS Lien removed. Our lawyer has such skills and would be happy to work with you to have such a lien removed.

* Penalty Abatement

The penalties the IRS assesses can be costly. Combined, they can often be fifty percent (50%) or more of the tax assessed. The common penalties include Estimated Tax Penalty, Failure to File Penalty, Failure to Pay Penalty, Accuracy Related Penalty (Negligence), and the Trust Fund Recovery Penalty. During the course of representation, the Wyman Law Firm makes a point to see reduction of penalties and, under the right circumstances makes additional filings to have these penalties abated.

* Bankruptcy Planning For Tax Matters

When you are forced to file bankruptcy, it is generally your last resort. It is important that your plan ahead, so you can discharge as many taxes as possible. Unfortunately, not all types of federal taxes (IRS) can be discharged, and, even if a type of tax is dischargeable, there are several waiting periods you must meet to maximize the amount of taxes discharged. With property planning, combined with the use of some of the above techniques, Attorney Wyman can help you maximize the amount of taxes discharged in bankruptcy, leaving you with little to no debt after discharge is granted.

* Innocent Spouse Relief

Innocent Spouse Relief is a complicated are of the Tax Code that is provided to Innocent Spouses who are harmed by joint tax debt. The attorneys at Wyman Law Firm can help you have the Innocent Spouse rules applied to leave you free and clear of such liability that was caused by your spouse (or ex-spouse).

* Offers in Compromise

Using IRS procedure to have the IRS compromise (significantly reduce) your liability by establishing that there is doubt that the IRS can legally collect such before the expiration of the Collection Statute of Limitations (CSED). Zealous advocacy by a tax lawyer is essential to negotiate an Offer in Compromise. Careful planning, an understanding of the Offer in Compromise framework, attention to detail, as well as proper timing are essential.

- IRS Audit Defense

* Tax Litigation (Notice of Deficiency)

Wyman Law Firm helps sustain clients’ position in federal tax disputes by assisting with compliance and disclosure obligations, and representing them in audits, administrative appeals, and litigation. Our tax attorneys can also assist you in obtaining private letter rulings from the IRS related to proposed transactions and also renders its own opinion regarding tax consequences.

* IRS Audit Reconsideration

An Audit Reconsideration is a procedure to challenge an assessment placed on a taxpayer's account by the IRS after an audit or after the IRS calculates the taxpayer's taxes by preparing a Substitute for Return (see below). There are often preferable options to an Audit Reconsideration. However, in applicable cases, the Audit Consideration is an invaluable tool for resolving tax liability.

- Miscellaneous Areas

Wyman Law Firm also represents clients in other issues such as: IRS Payroll Tax (Employment Tax) Liability; Trust Fund Recovery Penalty (TFRP); and Offshore Accounts Voluntary Disclosures (FBAR & OVDP).


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