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Law Firm Overview

Theodosia Karalla & Associates is located in Rhodes, Greece and provides a broad range of legal services including real estate law; inheritance issues; family law; car accidents; securities law; company law; and industrial/intellectual property law. The firm undertakes cases of foreign citizens and expatriates, the management of their legal affairs in Greece, such as the procedure for obtaining Greek citizenship, completion of all necessary procedures for the induction of inheritance, real estate management, divorce and child-related matters, entity formation, commercial contracts, and legal procedures for purchasing or selling property and other investments. Finally, we undertake certified translations and document certifications of foreign language documents (English).

Attorney Theodosia Karalla graduated from the Faculty of Law of the Aristotelio University of Thesaloniki in 1999 and is a member of the Rhodes Bar Association and a lawyer at the Appeal Court.

Languages: Greek, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Greek Real Estate; Purchasing or Transferring Property (House or Land); Translations and Certifications; Settlement Agreements; Marital Property Division; Property Taxation; Greek Citizenship.

Areas of Law Description

Law Office of Theodosia Karalla represents clients in the following areas of practice:

- Greek Real Estate

Services our law office provides are: purchasing or transferring property (house or land); property management; construction law; landlord-tenant Issues and litigation. Your interests are best served when you consult with an attorney before you execute any legally binding contract.

- Power of Attorney

Our law office undertakes representation of clients regarding all legal issues. Regarding clients living abroad, we undertake the preparation of drafts of powers of attorney according to the needs of the client’s specific case. In order for the power of attorney to be valid in Greece, the draft of power of attorney must be signed and issued.

- Will and Testament

Our wills service provides all the expertise and guidance you need to make a will which will protect your estate and benefit your loved ones. Most people do not leave a will, as it is something that is on the “to do” list and often remains there. If you do not make a will and you have property in Greece, then Greek legislation will determine how and to whom your estate will pass.

- Translations and Certifications

A certified translation is required when a document is being used for immigration, admission to institutions of higher education, or is being submitted to an authority for some legal or "official" purpose. In Greece, when submitting a foreign official document to an authority, it is requested that the document is translated into Greek and its translation is certified by a lawyer who knows the language in which the original document is written.

- Family Law

Regarding family law issues, it is best to seek consultation before you take any steps. You should be aware of your rights, responsibilities and optional strategies, under your specific circumstances, before you make permanent decisions. Our law office can advise you and represent you in all areas of family law, including: divorce; child support and custody; alimony; paternity; property division; settlement agreements.

- Greek Citizenship

A person of Greek origin that resides abroad can acquire Greek citizenship and obtain a Greek passport. The Greek passport allows the holder to reside and work in all the countries of the European Union. A Greek passport can be issued only for a Greek citizen who is registered in a Greek Municipality. When a person acquires the Greek citizenship and is registered in a Greek Municipality, afterwards he can also proceed with the issuance of a Greek passport and an identity card.


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  • Rhodes Bar Association
  • American Bar Association

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