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Timothy W. Terry, Attorney at Law, based in Orlando, Florida, believes in making certain that everything is done right. Our law firm understands that this is an emotional and delicate process for most people. As we help you through it, you have the right to expect that we are taking you down the right path. By listening to your needs and thoroughly preparing every detail, we believe we can help you get to your resolution most effectively. Since 1981, we have provided legal services to people in Orlando and throughout central Florida.

We are a family law firm that takes pride in being able to meet all of your needs. While we are focused on divorce, child custody, child support and related legal matters, we are also available to stand by your side if you need criminal law or personal injury representation. We want you to know that you can turn to us to help you through nearly any legal situation you encounter.

As we move forward with your case, we will help you understand your choices. In many instances, your case can take two primary directions: settlement or trial.

Settlement is appropriate for many situations. We will work closely with you to see if a solution can be reached outside of the courtroom. However, we want to make certain the solution is fair for you.

Sometimes, a fair solution cannot be agreed upon. In those cases, we are ready to take the matter to the next level. Whether you are involved in a family law, criminal defense or personal injury case, we are prepared to use our extensive trial experience to help you.

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