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Law Firm Overview

Today Law Firm provides a full range of service and counsel to families and individuals in need, as well as local and international businesses and investors in Vietnam. The firm has quickly risen to prominence since its founding in 2009, putting together a team of experienced lawyers with a wide variety of backgrounds advising corporations, government organizations, and Vietnamese citizens, and its continued growth and reputation speak volumes of the respect and care given to each client's needs.

Today Law Firm has committed itself to providing high quality customer service to the many local and foreign companies and individuals whose assets are protected and secured through the firm's efforts. Its office in Ho Chi Minh is known for handling high-pressure cases and problems with ease, a habit that has quickly earned the trust of local governments and the international business community, as well as the gratitude of Vietnamese throughout the country. The firm maintains a number of international relationships and network memberships that guarantee a balanced and global set of solutions to each client's needs, a cooperation that continues to grow as the firm's reputation as Vietnam's premier full-service law firm solidifies around the world.

Living, working, and investing in Vietnam come with a unique set of opportunities and benefits, each requiring the help of seasoned advocates to fully acquire. Today Law Firm has devoted the skill and expertise of a tested team of lawyers to clients in the country and across the globe, serving each with the devotion and legal acumen that has earned the respect and trust of both Vietnamese and business communities worldwide.

Year this Office was Established: 2009

Languages: Vietnamese, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Damage and Injury Solving; Dispute Settlement; Commercial Transaction; Private Lawyer; Market Research and Analysis; Company Merging and Purchasing; Establishment the Enterprise; Investment Consultancy; Law Consultancy; Tax Consultancy; Advisory Services and Financial Brokerage; Getting the Products’ Standard and Auto Import Licenses; Industrial Designs; Annuity / Renewal.

Areas of Law Description

Today Law Firm provides legal representation and services in the following areas of practice:

- Damage and Injury Solving

We consult and secure client’s rights and interests in such disputes as damage and injury. Our services include:
• Legal Consultancy and Document Scanning
• Legally consult about legal regulations related to damage and injury.
• Consider and examine the documents as well as evaluate client’s strengths and weaknesses then propose solutions for compensation or insurance.

Document Drawing Up and Presentation
• Consult and help the clients prepare documents for compensation requirement.
• Verify and evaluate documents involved in compensation requirement or insurance policies which are provided by the clients.
• Secure client’s information.

• Represent or consult the clients in negotiation on compensation requirement or insurance policies. We follow dispute settlement procedures and timely recommend legal resolutions to secure client’s rights and interests.
• Analyze and help the clients choose the best solutions in negotiation.
• Represent the client or behave as a lawyer to secure their rights and interests at conciliation or courts at all levels to settle the disputes.

- Dispute Settlement

We consult and secure clients’ rights and interests in such disputes as economic contract or civil transaction at Vietnam. We also represent the clients before Vietnam courts at all levels or Vietnam arbitrations.

- Commercial Transaction

We provide legal consultancy service on commercial transaction of domestic as well as overseas investors. The service includes:

Legal Consultancy
• Consider and provide legal consultancies on commercial transaction related to contracts with legal analysis about risks if any.
• Consult about business transaction and propose replacement solutions or adjustments on the transaction in order to secure the client’s benefit.
• Consult about tax issues in business transaction; propose solutions or adjustments on the transaction in order to save the tax expenses.
• Represent the clients before Vietnam governmental offices in business transactions.

Document Drawing Up and Negotiation
• Consult and help clients draw up business contracts, commercial contracts and other relevant documents.
• Consult about the transaction documents and give analysis on legal risks if any.
• Consult and help the clients prepare transaction documents to submit for Vietnam governmental office’s approval.
• Consult and represent the clients in negotiating on business transactions with other partners, including Vietnam governmental office.

Dispute Settlement
• Analyze and evaluate strengths and weaknesses of the clients in business transaction disputes; propose solutions to settle disputes.
• Represent the clients and secure their interests in negotiations with the third party related to the dispute.
• Represent the clients and secure their interests before Vietnam court and arbitrator involved in business disputes.

- Labor

We provide legal consultancies, recruitment assistance and labor issues at Vietnam. These services include:

Legal Consultancies, Short-Listing and Evaluation
• Legally consult about recruitment procedures and conditions as well as domestic and foreign labor renting
• Assist investors in choosing labor forces
• Short-list and evaluate potential applicants for the customers

Labor Contract
• Consult all legal aspects related to labor contract, salary, bonus and other allowances, probation, conditions and produces of contract termination, compensation responsibility, information security, etc.
• Consider and consult on terms of the labor contract, including labor contract with foreigners
• Consult and drawing up labor contract on probation or training, asset and damage responsibility, security, etc.

Negotiating on Labor Contract
• Consult and represent the company in negotiating and exchange with employees, represent the labor union on terms of the labor contract, labor regulations, labor collective agreement and other contracts

Labor Regulations and the Labor Collective Agreement
• Consult procedures and help employers draw up labor regulations and the labor collective agreement
• Consult and represent the company to exchange and negotiate with employees on conditions in labor regulation and labor collective agreement
• Consult and represent the company in exchanging with Vietnam governmental offices on terms and condition in labor regulations and labor collective agreement and manage to obtain the registration of labor regulations and labor collective agreement

Work Permit for Foreigners
• Consult on conditions and procedures of employing the foreign labor to work in Vietnam; help prepare documents and any requirements of issuance work permit at Vietnam
• Represent foreigners to require work permit at Vietnam, including visa extension.

- Private Law

We carry out legal services for the client’s family those who live in Vietnam. These services include:

Information Survey and Gathering
• Carry out surveys on family’s legal service demand in accordance with the relationships between family members.
• Systemize information and data.
• Report surveys with risk analysis and evaluation as well as necessary recommendations.

Legal Solution Analysis and Suggestion
• Consult about legal requests for the relationships between family members, eliminate dangers.
• Consult the clients which legal request needs to be carried out first.
• Consult and help the clients prepare documents for each legal request.

Transaction Representative and Dispute Settlement
• Represent or consult the clients about carrying out transaction in the scale of private lawyer.
• Represent the family before Vietnam governmental office or to negotiate the resolution for dispute settlement.
• Assist the clients in seeking missing person.
• Secure the client’s information.

- Market Research and Analysis

We do market survey and carry out market research and analysis towards products and services according to the customer’s demand. The services include:

Market Survey and Information Gathering
• Carry out object survey in order to collect necessary information and data according to the customer’s demand in a specific project, business line or field.
• Collect and systemize gathered information.
• Report the survey with analysis, evaluations and proposes.

Document Research and Analysis
• Carry out researches on documents, reports, former and current studies, documents related to the survey project; give deep analysis on survey issues.
• Systemize information which is collected from different sources, research, set up diagrams and charts.
• Report researches with qualitative and quantitative analysis as well as evaluation attached with relevant proposes.

Workshop and Presentation
• Organize workshops to collect opinions for research reports.
• Finalize reports.

- Franchising

We fully provide legal consultancy services on franchising activities and transactions. These services include:

Legal Consultancies and Conditions for Franchising
• Consult conditions and regulations as well as advantages and restrictions of Vietnam law in franchising at Vietnam
• Carry out Vietnam market survey and market evaluation on a specific product or service as well as analyze, assess development tendencies; consider relevant risks and provide necessary recommends

Evaluate Partners in Franchising
• Represent the clients to collect information from many sources and assess these information to serve the transaction
• Assist the clients in assessment of other franchising partners by reporting detail legal research of franchising partners with risk analysis and evaluation if any.

Legal Consultancies, Drawing Up Documents and Negotiation
• Consult about franchising procedures and documents and assist the clients in drawing up those documents, including intellectual property rights

• Check and consult about franchising documents provided by the clients
• Represent or consult the clients in negotiation on franchising transaction aspects with other partners

Transaction Registration
• Represent or consult with the clients in register franchising transactions with Vietnam governmental office
• Represent the clients before Vietnam governmental office in franchising transactions in order to obtain registration
• Analyze and consult about the franchising rights that are protected by Vietnam law and about other necessary conditions to obtain the protection

- Company Merging and Purchasing

We provide legal consultancies and assist clients in company merging and purchasing transaction in Vietnam. These services include:

Policy and Procedure Consultancies
• Consult policies involved in company merging and purchasing, including foreign-investment companies or selling shares to foreign investors
• Consult legal transactions and conditions; evaluate the possibility of transaction approval
• Consult appropriate solutions to make transactions well done
• Provide legal recommends needed in company merging and purchasing to prevent potential risks

Document Preparations
• Consult documents and procedures involved in company merging and purchasing transactions
• Consult and draw up documents related to company merging and purchasing transactions, such as Merging contract, Purchasing contract, relevant documents of each parties
• Inspect and legally consult all the documents prepared by the clients, provide legal suggestions and recommends if any

Negotiation Representative
• Represent clients in negotiating on company merging and purchasing documents with other partners
• Directly represent the clients before Vietnam authorized offices on the negotiation content, the registration and standardization of transaction rights

• Represent the clients to submit the requirement for issuance of ownership, merging and purchasing rights with Vietnam authorized offices
• Represent the clients before Vietnam authorized offices on legal transactions in accordance with Vietnam law

- Establishment the Enterprise

We provide legal consultant services and assist investors in drawing up documents and carrying out requirements for the issuance of investment certificate, representative offices and branches in Vietnam as well as in foreign countries.

- Investment Consultancy

We provide investors with consultancies and assistance in drawing up documents to get the investment certificate for their own Vietnam or overseas projects.

- Law Consultancy

We provide legal consultancies in all fields of Vietnamese law related to business and investment transactions of Vietnam enterprises, organizations and individuals.

- Real Estate

We provide legal consultancies and other supports related to real estate transactions and projects.

- Other Legal Services

Provide other legal services, such as translating and certifying documentations, make arrangements for notarizing, setting up transactions, agreements, updating legal documents, etc.

• Provide other legal services, such as translating and certifying documentations, make arrangements for notarizing, setting up transactions, agreements, updating legal documents, etc.
• Assist or represent clients to complete all the administrative procedures to receive required certificates or approval for their business and investment in Vietnam.
• Excerpt other documents related to the civil status and many other documentations.
• Provide information on demand to customers' investigation.
• Trade service, offering, transfer and another service concern to real estate.
• Procedures for adoption of children with foreign factor, illegitimate children, marriage procedure –divorce procedure with foreigner factor and another legal service with foreigner factor.
• Immigration procedure, Visa, Passport, labor permission.
• Translation


Pham Truong Hong Tam Mr. Pham Truong Hong Tam
Alternative Dispute Resolution

Dong Tan Phu Mr. Dong Tan Phu
Banking and Finance, Business and Industry, Entertainment Law, Environmental and Natural Resources, Family Law

Nguyen Duc Tinh Mr. Nguyen Duc Tinh



  • International Bar Association
  • Ho Chi Minh City Bar Association
  • The Law Association for Asia and the Pacific

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