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Luxury Law is a boutique international law firm located in Palermo, Italy that offers a variety of legal services for clients around the world, with particular concentration in international transactions. The firm assists with clients with residential and commercial real estate, including contracts

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Italian Citizenship by Descent (Jure Sanguinis in Italy) – Are You Eligible for Citizenship by Birth Right?

Jure sanguinis is also called “right of blood”, and it means that you can acquire Italian Citizenship by descent. Many countries, including the US, have an internal law, which allows people who have Italian ancestors to claim Italian citizenship by Iure Sanguinis. Especially those countries where dual citizenship is admitted. For applying for Iure Sanguinis in Italy you must firstly demonstrate that your ancestor was an Italian citizen, and that he/she transmitted it to you.

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Costs of Buying a House in Italy

How to calculate taxed and costs of buying a house in Italy – Closing costs. Costs of buying a house in Italy are commonly based on the value of a property declared in at the cadastral office. This value is very often lower that the purchase price, and it is also lower than the market value.

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Obtaining Italian Dual Citizenship

Does Italian dual citizenship apply in Italy? Yes, Italy allows dual nationality with UK, so that a British citizen can also be a citizens of other countries. The good news, despite Brexit, is that British citizens still have the possibility to maintain their European status through their Italian roots.

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Buying a House in Italy Remotely: Useful Tips for Foreigners

Buying a house remotely or buying a land or a house sight unseen is a significant investment that requires buyers to their searches. Both practical and documentary searches are needed, some of them require the assistance of an expert professional, possibly a lawyer specialized in the real estate sector. Here, we will explain a few tips for a successful long distance real estate investment.

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How to Buy a House in Sicily: Step-By-Step Process

Do you want to buy a house in Sicily? Luxury Law has assisted many home-buyers so far, and the Team is very pleased to be still in touch with them and being updated on their new life in the Bel Paese. Here we explain the Step-by-Step process to buy a house in Sicily.

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Mortgage in Italy for Non-Residents – Frequently Asked Questions

Can foreigners get a mortgage in Italy? Generally speaking the answer is yes, non italian residents can get an Italian mortgage, but not all banks offer mortgages to non residents. However there are some Italian bank which offer this opportunity to foreign investors who are willing to buy a house in Italy.

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English Speaking Lawyers in Italy

Being English speaking lawyers, should not just involve that a lawyer speaks fluent English. It is very important that he/she has acquired an International mind through his/her international experience as a lawyer.

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Most Frequently Asked Questions When Buying a House in Italy

Luxury Law, though this article, has decided to answer the most common questions when buying a house. We have sintetized some of the most frequent asked questions which our clients ask us just before instructing our law firm.

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Buy Houses in Sicily for 1 Euro

Few Municipalities in Italy have decided to attract investors by selling properties for 1€. Is this true? Is this the actual investment requested?

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How to Find The Owner of a Property in Italy

How do you know who is the property owner? You wish to buy a specific property but you do not know to whom to speak? In Italy each property is registered in an appropriate local register, called “Registro Catastale” (“Cadastral Registry” or parcel registry). This is a property registry which is focused on ownership and title, and it shows the exact geographic location of the property.

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Prefabricated House in Italy: Off Grid Houses and Permits

Our firm has been receiving a number of enquiries related to the construction of prefabricated houses in Italy. We wish to clarify a few points related to this matter, and which might help you to better understand the Italian legislation on this particular topic. Firstly our Real Estate lawyers have been asked if we can build a prefabricated house in agricultural land, and when/if we need to require a building permit.

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Coronavirus & Force Majeure in Italy

Is the impact of Covid-19 to be addressed as a force majeure event on contractual relationships in Italy? Can Covid-19 be considered a force majeure event?

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How to Buy a Yacht in Italy

If you wish to purchase a Yacht in Italy, there are many factors that need consideration expecially if you have no the opportunity to come and visit the yacht in person or if you are not familiar with Italian rules and language.

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Why You Need a Lawyer for Buying a Home or a Land in Italy

There are many reasons explaining why hiring a lawyer is important in the process to purchase a home or a land. Even more if you are a foreigner and you are not confident with certain Italian rules, procedures or language.

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Italian Super Bonus 110% – “Relaunch Decree” in Response to COVID-19

You may have heard about the Super-bonus of 110% that has recently been established in Italy via the “Relaunch Decree” (Decreto Rilancio). The decree has been formally converted into law on July 18, 2020, with the aim of helping to “relaunch” the Italian economy in response to the COVID-19 crisis. What exactly is the “super-bonus”, and when is it possible to obtain it?

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1€ and 2€ Houses in Italy - Legal Perspective

A few Municipalities in Italy have given the possibility to Italians and Foreigners to purchase properties for the symbolic sum of €1. Very soon there will be further opportunities of buying properties in Italy for €2. Now we wish to explain you everything you need to know under a legal perspective.

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Covid-19 and The Real Estate Market in Italy

How Covid-19 will impact on Italian Real Estate Market?

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Coronavirus & Holidays Cancellation - Help Get a Refund -

As coronavirus fears spread, a lawyer can help get a refund in case of cancellation of your holiday.

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Why Should I Hire a Lawyer for Buying a Boat?

There are a few reasons why you should hire an attorney before proceeding with a boat/yacht purchase

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How to Buy a Property in Italy

Moving to Italy is the dream of many foreigners who wish to invest, retire or have constant holidays in a beautiful and sunny Country.

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Due Diligence Process

The due diligence is one of the most important aspects when purchasing a property. There are at least three kind of due diligence.

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Property Purchase Taxes and Fiscal Benefits in Italy – Purchase of a Luxury Home

When you purchase a property in Italy, you need to be aware of the amount of taxes you will be required to pay, and at that stage you need to be informed if you are purchasing a luxury home or not, this might make a huge difference, as a luxury home is excluded from “fiscal benefits”.

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Yacht Registration

Choosing the right jurisdiction where to register your yacht is strictly necessary if you do not want to incur in any potential issue or further expenses

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