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 Immigration Law Bulgaria - Long Term, Prolonged & Permanent Residency

Some important amendments to Bulgarian immigration laws and specifically the Foreigners in the Republic of Bulgaria Act were voted in Bulgarian parliament in the beginning of 2011.

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 Visa D & Residence Permit in Bulgaria by Property Purchase

The obtaining of a residence permit in Bulgaria (long stay permit or permanent stay permit) by foreign citizens could be realized on more than legal 20 grounds. One of the most preferred is the purchase of a real estate property in Bulgaria.

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 Lawyer, Solicitor, Barrister, Attorney or Advocate in Bulgaria?

In Bulgaria all advocates, attorneys, lawyers, solicitors and barristers are legal professionals who act on behalf of their clients with respect to different legal matters. However many are asking one question what is the difference between all these five figures?

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 Company Registration in Bulgaria

Major advantages of setting up a company in Bulgaria.

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 Bulgarian Civil Court System Hierarchy

There are 3 levels of Bulgarian civil court system hierarchy.

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 Wills in Bulgaria

According to Bulgarian Inheritance Act each person who has rounded 18 years and is not under full interdict due to dementia and is capable to act reasonably can dispose with his property with a will.

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 10 Most Popular Frauds in Property Deals in Bulgaria

The purchase of a real property is probably one of the best ways to invest your money as it is a lifetime investment. But on the other hand this might be risky. That is why you must be very careful and spend a short time in investigating the property prior to entering a contract instead of trying to solve the problems afterwards.

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 Legal Aspects of Property Resales in Bulgaria

Several major guide-lines of necessary steps towards a fast and successful property resale in Bulgaria.

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 Management of the Condominium Act - Frequently Asked Questions - Bulgaria

Since 2009 when the new Bulgarian Condominium Ownership Management Act came into force many important questions have been continuously asked by owners. I have tried to summarize below some of the most frequently asked questions.

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