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Law Firm Overview

Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC is primarily a criminal defense firm located in Arlington, Virginia. Practice areas include larceny and shoplifting, assault and battery, domestic violence, drug charges, trespassing, burglary and robbery, white collar crimes including fraud and embezzlement, DWI/DUI and alcohol-related crimes, traffic violations, juvenile offenses, and expungements as well as appeals in the Court of Appeals of Virginia and the Supreme Court of Virginia. The firm also represents clients in personal injury matters such as vehicle accidents.

Elizabeth Lauwaert Tuomey earned her J.D. from Georgetown University Law Center in 2002. She has 15 years of legal experience, including as an Assistant Public Defender, and is admitted to Virginia State Bar and the U.S. District Court for the Eastern District of Virginia.

Offering personal representation and a client-centered approach, Ms. Tuomey ensures clients’ rights are protected while skillfully and knowledgeably pursuing their best interests with dedicated advocacy.

Year this Office was Established: 2013

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Larceny; Drunk in Public; Open Container; Drug Possession; Drug Distribution; Drug Paraphernalia; Forgery; Trespassing; Refusal to take Blood or Breath Test; Driving on Suspended License; Driving Without License; Reckless Driving; Eluding Police; Hit and Run; Speeding; Traffic Accident; Traffic Infractions; License Suspension Reinstatement; Restricted Licenses; Juvenile Criminal Defense; Juvenile Delinquency; Juvenile Traffic Defense; Abuse and Neglect; Protective Orders; Auto Accidents; Misdemeanors.

Areas of Law Description

Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC provides legal representation in the following areas of practice:

- Criminal Law

Although you may not realize it, being convicted of a criminal offense can impact every area of your life in a negative way. Attorney Tuomey has represented clients in many different areas including domestic violence, DUI, forgery, drug possession, embezzlement, traffic violations, robbery and more.


When you have been charged or arrested for driving under the influence, it is imperative that you consult with a skilled DUI lawyer right away. Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC works aggressively to protect the rights of her clients, seeking the justice you deserve.


Being convicted on charges of DWI can have serious implications to your life. Ms. Tuomey is dedicated to protecting your rights and aggressively seek the justice you deserve. Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC understands the laws regarding drinking and driving and how to use those laws to your benefit.

- Drug Possession

If you have been charged or arrested for possession of drugs, Attorney Tuomey is capable, aggressive and dedicated to securing the best possible outcome on your behalf. Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC offers the legal guidance and effective representation you need to overcome the charges against you.

- Juvenile Crime

Tuomey Law Firm, PLLC understands that children sometimes commit the same crimes that adults commit. When you need a skilled juvenile defense attorney, count on her knowledge, skill, and experience to allow Attorney Tuomey to protect the rights of your child and seek the justice you deserve.

- Traffic Violation

When you have been charged or arrested for a traffic violation, no matter how minor or serious you may believe the violation is, consult with a competent traffic attorney right away. Attorney Tuomey is dedicated to providing her clients with strong, effective legal guidance and representation, working to obtain the best outcome possible for each and every client Ms. Tuomey serves.


Elizabeth Tuomey Ms. Elizabeth Tuomey
Assault, Criminal Law, Drug Crime, DUI, DWI



  • Virginia State Bar
  • Fairfax Bar Association
  • Arlington Bar Association
  • Virginia Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers

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