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 How Often is Road Rage a Factor in Houston Accidents?

Over the last five years, hundreds of people have been killed in auto accidents caused by angry motorists in Texas. According to a study by the Department Of Transportation, more than 900 motor vehicle accidents over the past five years were linked to enraged drivers. Those accidents ranged from minor fender benders that did not result in major damage, to fatal accidents.

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 Work-Life Balance Can Reduce Workplace Injury Risks

Studies have found that lower work-family stress can lead to more productive workers and a lowered risk of on the job accidents. According to new data, reducing workplace injury risks could be as simple as encouraging your workers to develop a better balance between work and their personal lives. The study by the National Institute of Occupation Safety and Health found that workers, who spend more time on their personal lives, could actually have a reduced risk of workplace accidents.

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 The Number One Fear of Injured Offshore Workers – It Might Surprise You

If you have been hurt in an offshore accident, you may be hesitant to file a maritime injury claim. Many workers fear that they will be blackballed for doing so. If you fall into this group, you need to read this article.

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