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At Warren & Migliaccio, LLP, we understand that there are numerous times when you and your family may need a Dallas, TX attorney and our team focuses on 2 main areas of law: divorce and bankruptcy.

It may seem like a strange pairing, but Attorney Christopher Migliaccio found his calling when

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 Cosigner Liability in Chapter 7 Bankruptcy

Chapter 7 bankruptcy does not erase cosigner liability. Cosigners may still have to pay your debt. Chapter 7 bankruptcy attorneys near Plano, Texas can explain.

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 Coping Resources for Your Child During a Divorce

There are many resources available that broach the subject of children and divorce. With the right support, you child will live through it without too much emotional damage. Contact a Plano family law attorney when divorcing and find the right support and resources for your child.

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 Bankruptcy Information: Understanding Your Chapter 7 Rights and Responsibilities

When you file Chapter 7, rights to some assets must be protected or you could risk losing them during discharge. A Texas bankruptcy lawyer can help you deal with your responsibilities. When you file bankruptcy under Chapter 7 your rights to certain exemptions and reliefs are held up by federal and state bankruptcy laws. In order to protect these rights, you need to first make sure that you comply with all of the responsibilities you have under these laws as well.

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 When Domestic Violence is a Factor in Your Child Custody Case

A child custody case in Texas may be affected negatively if domestic violence is involved. If you are pursuing a child custody case in Texas, allegations of domestic violence can have an impact. To better understand family law code and what your rights are, contact a divorce attorney as soon as possible.

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