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Law Firm Overview

Wenger & Vieli is a Swiss law firm located in Zurich. For over forty years, the firm has dedicated itself to serving its clients, primarily in the area of business law. Clients appreciate the firm’s strong roots in the Zurich region as well as its international focus. Wenger & Vieli distinguish themselves from other law firms through their personal counseling in small teams. This enables them to respond quickly to client needs on an individual basis. In so doing, the quality of work is always at the forefront. The firm advises clients on a timely basis, in the form desired and at reasonable expense.

The firm provides legal services to large international and multinational companies in respect of domestic, international and cross-border activities. Through a worldwide network of foreign correspondents it is experienced to work on multi-jurisdiction transactions as part of teams with firms in other countries.

The firm advises a wide spectrum of clients, ranging from large companies to private individuals seeking advice in business and private matters. The firm’s clients include multinational consumer product corporations, industrial multinational enterprises and financial institutions with activities within Switzerland as well as cross-border.

Year this Office was Established: 1971

Languages: German, French, Italian, Czech, Hebrew, Russian, Spanish, English.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Stock Exchange Law; Collective Investment Schemes; Fund Structuring; Lending and Structured Finance; FinTech.

Areas of Law Description

The Wenger & Vieli Law Firm serves clients in the following practice areas:

- Corporate & Commercial

Wenger & Vieli provides legal advice to clients on all aspects of their business activities. We offer comprehensive services in connection with the establishment of companies and the commencement of business activities in Switzerland.

- Banking Law

Wenger & Vieli's clients include major Swiss banks, private banks, securities dealers, derivatives firms, branches of foreign financial institutions, finance companies, stock exchanges, important clearing and settlement houses, insurance companies, fund managers and representatives of collective investment schemes as well as other financial intermediaries.

- Capital Markets and Stock Exchange Law

Wenger & Vieli advises financial institutions, investors and companies on capital market transactions. Wenger & Vieli represents issuers in connection with public offerings for shares, debt obligations and derivatives. Wenger & Vieli is recognized as an issuer’s representative by the SIX Swiss Exchange.

- Fund Structuring

Wenger & Vieli advises its clients on the structuring, establishment and distribution of investment funds, both in the form of collective investment schemes under Swiss law and as offshore structures.

- Competition Law

Wenger & Vieli has extensive experience in providing legal advice and representing clients before the Swiss Competition Commission as well as Swiss courts on all aspects of Swiss cartel law.

- Employment Law

Wenger & Vieli advises companies and private individuals on all areas of employment law. This comprises the drafting of various employment contracts, including contracts for executives, and the development of regulations, operating manuals, employee remuneration models, employee share programs and non-compete covenants.

- Energy Law

Wenger & Vieli advises Swiss and international companies in the energy sector in the fields of production, trading and transport of energy as well as in the structuring, financing and implementation of projects and joint ventures. We represent the participants in the energy market in front of regulators, courts and arbitrary tribunals.

- Information Technology Law

Wenger & Vieli advises and represents clients on all issues relating to information technology (IT) law as well as neighboring areas of law.

- Inheritance Law

Wenger & Vieli offers comprehensive advice on inheritance law issues. This includes estate planning as well as succession planning, including trust law and foundation law. Wenger & Vieli also assumes functions as foundation council members, trustees, protectors, etc., and represents its clients in complex inheritance law litigation.

- Insolvency

Wenger & Vieli represents its clients in bankruptcy and debt enforcement proceedings of all types. Our attorneys are experienced in the various stages of insolvency proceedings, including, in particular, bankruptcy and liquidation of banks and other supervised institutions.

- Intellectual Property Law

Wenger & Vieli advises and represents clients on all issues relating to the protection, use, exploitation and defense of intellectual property rights. Our activities concentrate on the areas of trademarks, designs and copyright. Further, we handle specific issues in connection with patents and supplementary protection certificates.

- Lending and Structured Finance

Wenger & Vieli has a particular experience in the documentation of syndicated loans, including agency agreements, and in the giving of legal opinions in capital market transactions. Wenger & Vieli regularly advises groups of companies in regard of their external and internal financing. We cover all legal and tax matters which arise in the context of a corporate treasury.

- Life Sciences

Wenger & Vieli has extensive experience in representing pharmaceutical and biotech companies and advises these companies on both industry-specific and general legal matters. Further, we also represent manufacturers and distributors of medical devices, cosmetics and functional foods as well as physicians and hospitals.

- Litigation and Arbitration

Based on its wealth of experience, Wenger & Vieli offers comprehensive services in the area of the litigation of national and international matters before state courts and arbitration tribunals. The increasing complexity of disputes requires a full understanding of the client's business, strong negotiation skills and many years' experience.

- Media Law

Wenger & Vieli represents publishing companies and individuals in all areas of media and press law as well as in numerous areas of the music and entertainment industry. Our activities include, on the one hand, advice on contract law matters as well as in connection with M&A transactions, including cartel law and unfair competition law issues, as well as, on the other hand, support in connection with intellectual property law issues and questions relating to personal rights.

- Mergers & Acquisitions

Wenger & Vieli provides expert legal advice on all aspects of M&A and corporate restructurings. In cross-border transactions, Wenger & Vieli has considerable experience in working with foreign firms. Wenger & Vieli also acts as project manager in complex international transactions.

- Notarial Services

Our office in Zug offers a broad spectrum of notarial services. For example, in terms of companies, we handle formations, capital increases and reductions, mergers and amendments to the articles of association. Our activities also include advising on and authenticating marital and/or inheritance contracts, last wills and testaments and sureties. We regularly advise on real estate transactions.

- Payments, Clearing and Settlement

Wenger & Vieli advises financial institutions, infrastructure organizations and joint utilities on legal issues relating to cashless payments, securities clearing and securities settlement within Switzerland and Europe.

- Real Estate

Wenger & Vieli advises Swiss and international clients on all business and private legal issues related to immovable property and real estate. Our expertise includes all legal aspects of financing, sale and lease-back transactions and commercial leasing. We advise our clients on the appropriate investment structure and support them in connection with the negotiation of real estate purchase agreements and lease agreements.

- Tax Law

Wenger & Vieli advises its clients on all areas of national and international tax law. The ever-increasing complexity of tax law requires advisers who are responsive to the needs of the taxpayers in order to develop and implement solutions that are optimal for them. Wenger & Vieli has a team of specialists that is able to efficiently satisfy the client needs.

- Venture Capital and Private Equity

Wenger & Vieli advises its clients in Venture Capital and Private Equity.


Peter Altorfer Dr. Peter Altorfer
Arbitration, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Estate Planning

Bruno Bächli Mr. Bruno Bächli

Barbara Brauchli Rohrer Ms. Barbara Brauchli Rohrer
Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax

Marco Cereghetti Dr. Marco Cereghetti
Arbitration, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Employment, Inheritance Law

Roman Heiz Dr. Roman Heiz
Arbitration, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Construction Law, Corporate Law

Martin Hess Dr. Martin Hess
Banking Law, Capital Markets, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Information Technology

Pascal Honold Mr. Pascal Honold
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Energy, Finance, Insolvency

Michael Huber Dr. Michael Huber
Arbitration, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Inheritance Law

Andreas Hünerwadel Dr. Andreas Hünerwadel
Arbitration, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Energy

Philipp Lindenmayer Mr. Philipp Lindenmayer
Arbitration, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Employment, Energy

Michael Mráz Dr. Michael Mráz
Arbitration, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Litigation, White Collar Crime

Frank Scherrer Dr. Frank Scherrer
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Employment, Science and Technology

Christoph Schmid Dr. Christoph Schmid
Arbitration, Capital Markets, Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law

Bignia Vieli Ms. Bignia Vieli
Arbitration, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Information Technology

Beat Walti Dr. Beat Walti
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions

Urs Weber-Stecher Dr. Urs Weber-Stecher
Arbitration, Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Information Technology

Christian Wenger Dr. Christian Wenger
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Private Equity, Venture Capital

Georg Zondler Mr. Georg Zondler
Arbitration, Banking Law, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Insolvency

Of Counsel

Lorenz Droese Prof. Lorenz Droese
Of Counsel
Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Litigation

Daniel Girsberger Prof. Daniel Girsberger
Of Counsel
Arbitration, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Litigation

Stephan Hürlimann Mr. Stephan Hürlimann
Of Counsel
Inheritance Law, Tax

Urs Landolf Dr. Urs Landolf
Of Counsel
Inheritance Law, Mergers and Acquisitions, Tax


Nicolas Bracher Dr. Nicolas Bracher
Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Civil Litigation, Inheritance Law, Insurance

Marc Gerber Mr. Marc Gerber

Regula Grunder Ms. Regula Grunder
Banking and Finance, Capital Markets, Employment, Finance, Investment Law

Caspar Humm Mr. Caspar S. Humm
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Data Protection, Family Law

Claudia Keller Ms. Claudia Keller
Advertising, Competition Law, Data Protection, Information Technology, Intellectual Property

Stephanie Lienhard Ms. Stephanie Lienhard
Banking Law, Capital Markets, Financial Services Law

Enrico Mattiello Mr. Enrico Mattiello
Construction Law, Real Estate, White Collar Crime

Caroline Müller Tremonte Ms. Caroline Müller Tremonte
Competition Law, Employment, Health Care and Social, Life Sciences

Patrick Näf Mr. Patrick Näf
Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Employment, Labor

Flavio Peter Mr. Flavio Peter
Arbitration, Commercial Law, Contracts, Corporate Law, Litigation

Eyal Tavor Mr. Eyal I. Tavor
Arbitration, Banking and Finance, Commercial Law, Corporate Law, Energy

Bastian Thurneysen Mr. Bastian Thurneysen

Michael Tschudin Dr. Michael Tschudin
Commercial Law, Competition Law, Corporate Law, Energy, White Collar Crime

Marc Walter Mr. Marc Walter
Commercial Law, Corporate Law, International Arbitration, Litigation, Mergers and Acquisitions

Florian Wegmann Mr. Florian Wegmann
Arbitration, Estate Planning, Inheritance Law, Litigation


  • Swiss Bar Association
  • Zurich Bar Association
  • International Bar Association
  • Latin American Chamber of Commerce in Switzerland

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