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Westchase Law, P.A is a Florida based law firm providing quality legal services for individual and commercial clients in a consistently ethical, responsible, timely and cost-effective manner. We do this in an environment that shows respect and professionalism not only to our clients, but also to our adversaries and their counsel. By doing so we establish goodwill that ultimately benefits our clients.

Through training and practice our attorneys are comfortable in the court room and familiar with the appropriate pleadings and legal tactics to move a case through the litigation process if litigation is absolutely necessary. Our firm employs a common sense approach to dispute resolution.

We have represented partners and shareholders in corporate disputes over corporate assets, including disputes over real estate, and aggressively work to obtain a satisfactory resolution of complicated commercial disputes for our clients.

Our law firm employs a common sense approach to dispute resolution and pursues litigation if absolutely necessary. We are comfortable in the courtroom, and we are familiar with the appropriate negotiation strategies and legal tactics to move a case through the litigation process.

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