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Law Firm Overview

Wharton, Aldhizer and Weaver PLC in Harrisonburg, VA, represent clients in a number of areas. The firm provides high-quality legal advice in personal injury cases, business law, child support, litigation and estate planning cases. The firm uses a team approach, relying on the diversity of members' expertise and practices.

Attorneys in the firm are experienced in areas other than law, such as civil engineering, chemical engineering and building contracting. They also understand licensing and taxation. They use these experiences to address problems clients have with unique perspectives that get results. The sum of specialization and legal knowledge allows the attorneys to provide sophisticated legal services for all clients.

Lawyers at Wharton, Aldhizer and Weaver PLC is dedicated to making sure clients have superior service in a client-friendly setting. They believe in being responsive to clients and value them above all else. Their values set them apart from other lawyers who want to make the most money possible without caring about clients. As a result, they are able to get favorable outcomes for clients.

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