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William P. Fanciullo a former federal prosecutor with the United States Department of Justice for over ten years in Washington, D.C., and Albany, New York, started his own firm in 1990. His practice is limited to litigation and litigation related matters like hearings, trials and appeals, civil and criminal, in federal and state courts and agencies.

Mr. Fanciullo assesses the needs of the client and acts on his or her behalf. This may be commencement of a lawsuit on behalf of an injured client; it may be defending a civil or criminal case; it may be representing a person subpoenaed or targeted by an investigative agency.

When you deal with this firm, you deal with Mr. William P. Fanciullo almost exclusively. Mr. Fanciullo endeavors to maintain client contact himself in order to understand and address the concerns of the client. All efforts are made to return calls and answer questions promptly.

It is the intention to maintain a caseload which allows personal treatment for all clients. Most tasks are not delegated to others having less understanding of the client or the issues, but are handled personally by Mr. Fanciullo himself. Representation may include commencing or defending actions, including all motion practice, hearings, trials and appeals, in areas including, but not limited to:

Criminal Law; Criminal Defense; Civil Litigation; Federal Litigation; White Collar Crime; Tax; Public Corruption; Drug Cases; Fraud; Trial Practice; Money Laundering; RICO; White Collar Criminal Defense; Forfeiture Defense; Sentencing including U.S. Sentencing Guidelines; Appeals; Commercial Litigation; Federal Civil Practice; Medical Malpractice; Trial Practice; Personal Injury; Accidents; Catastrophic Injury; Wrongful Death; Civil RICO; Torts; Federal Tort Claims Act; Appellate Practice; Complex Litigation; Constitutional Law; Business Litigation; Discrimination; Negligence and Premises Liability

Mr. Fanciullo also represents persons and entities involved in government investigations, including those targeted by investigative agencies, as well as those considered subjects and/or witnesses. Oftentimes "charge avoidance" is the goal in such situations.

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