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William Weinberg, Attorney at Law, has provided over 20 years of aggressive and compassionate aid to those accused of a crime in Orange County, California. Attorney Weinberg has amassed an impressive record of victories in more than 100 trials and given thousands of clients a chance to regain their former lives.

William Weinberg has dedicated the whole of his practice to criminal defense and has seen and handled every kind of case imaginable. He has represented clients accused of everything from arson to embezzlement, giving each case a focus and attention that has come to characterize his practice and define his results. His Irvine office serves Orange County and the surrounding counties, and both he and his staff are ready to appear for bail hearings or any other legal necessity.

Attorney William Weinberg knows all too well the ways a criminal conviction can ruin a life. His depth of knowledge and expertise in criminal defense is a necessity for Californians accused of a crime.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Accounting Fraud; Child Molestation; Drug Sales or Possession for Sale; Manufacturing Drugs; Stalking; Vehicular Manslaughter; Computer Hacking; Securities and Tax Fraud; Terrorist Threats and Hoaxes; Wiretapping; Elder Abuse Defense; False Statements to Police Officers; Forgery; Gang Crimes; Kidnapping; Marijuana/Cannabis Possession and Sales; Three Strikes; Petition for Factual Innocence; Receiving Stolen Property; Extortion; Racketeering; Conspiracy; Counterfeiting; Health Care Fraud; Kickbacks; Mail Fraud; Medicare Fraud; Criminal Threats; e-Crime; Sexual Battery; Stalking; Possession of Forged or Counterfeited Documents with Intent to Defraud; Check Fraud; Filing False Documents; Mayhem; Out-of-State Kidnapping Transported to California; Burglary of an Inhabited Dwelling; Grand Theft with the Use of a Firearm; Cyberspace and Internet Crimes; Sexual Assault.


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  • Orange County Bar Association
  • California DUI Lawyers Association
  • California Public Defenders Association
  • California Attorneys for Criminal Justice

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