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Law Firm Overview

Wocl Leydon, LLC proudly serves Connecticut residents with the combined expertise of a proven team of personal injury attorneys, each possessing the trial experience and skill in communication necessary to speak the truth to judges, jurors, insurance companies, and any and all others who stand in the way of a fair and just settlement. The firm's understanding of both the pain brought on by injury and the damage that worry about the future can bring has guided its approach to every client and case, namely, to work tirelessly to win the greatest possible recovery, a dedication that has borne notable fruit in the firm's many years of practice.

AttorneysNicholas Wocl, and Brenden Leydon have amassed an impressive list of multimillion-dollar victories for their clients over the years, each a testament to the extra mile of focus and care brought to the unique aspects of each case. The firm's Stamford office serves southern Connecticut with the same listening ear and rapid communication that have marked its practice since its beginning, habits that have given Wocl Leydon a clientele composed largely of men and women referred to the firm by former clients, powerful evidence of the lasting impression made through its daily client interaction. Each lawyer's experience in explaining complex topics to jurors in a comprehensible way, whether through plain speech or the use of media, has brought the firm regular accolades from former jurors and local courts, all of whom have experienced firsthand the way in which clear and precise communication has turned the tide in favor of the firm's clients during trial.

Devastating injury can take away years of an otherwise healthy and productive life, and the energy demanded for recovery shouldn't have to be spent in fighting for fair and moral treatment from those whose negligence caused the accident. Wocl Leydon has given the whole of its storied and successful practice to the service of Connecticut injured, providing the aggressive representation and powerful communicative skill that has so ably served to restore the hopes and dreams of clients in need.

Languages: English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Brain Damage; Cerebral Palsy; C-Section Errors; Fetal Distress; Anaesthesia Errors; Emergency Room Misdiagnosis & Errors; Hospital Errors; Medication Mistakes & Errors; Surgical Malpractice; Heart Attack Diagnosis Errors; Lung Cancer & Mesothelioma; Ovarian & Endometrial Cancer; Prostate Cancer; Skin Cancer (Melanoma); Auto Accident Compensation; Distracted Driving; Drunk Driving-Related Accidents; Fatal Car Accidents; Head-On Collisions; Rear-End Collisions; Texting While Driving; Uninsured Motorist Claims; Commercial Vehicle Accidents; Alcohol- & Drug-Related Truck Accidents; Driver Fatigue; Bed Sores (Decubitus Ulcers); Premises Liability; Dog Bite Injury Claims; Negligent Security; Air Bag Failure & Failure to Deploy; Defective Tires; Industrial, Manufacturing & Construction Machinery; Motor Vehicle Design Defects; Pharmaceutical Products Liability.

Areas of Law Description

At the law firm of Wocl Leydon, LLC, we provide skilled representation in the following areas of practice:

- Appellate Advocacy

The firm's Appellate Practice Section is headed by Brenden P. Leydon, who is Co-Chair of the Appellate Practice Committee of the Regional Bar Association. He also serves on the Connecticut Law Revision Commission and formerly served as Co-Chair of the Appellate Practice Committee of the Young Lawyers Section of the Connecticut Bar Association.

- Auto Accidents

Injuries caused by automobile accidents, motorcycle accidents, pedestrians struck by motor vehicles, bicycle accidents and tractor trailer truck-motor vehicle collisions are by far, the most common type of personal injury case in our court system. At Wocl Leydon, LLC we are very experienced in handling these types of cases.

- Birth Injuries

At the law firm of Wocl Leydon, LLC, we provide skilled representation to those victimized by medical negligence. If you are concerned that your baby suffered injuries as a result of a doctor's negligence, we can help you understand and explore your potential legal remedies.

- Medical Malpractice

We trust doctors and other medical professionals because of their expertise, knowledge and training. However, when doctors make serious mistakes despite this extensive training and expertise, the consequences can be life-altering. At the law firm of Wocl Leydon, LLC, our attorneys represent clients in a wide range of medical malpractice cases.

- Nursing Home Abuse & Negligence

If someone you love has been injured while in the care of a nursing home, the facility should be held fully accountable. At the law firm of Wocl Leydon, LLC, our lawyers provide skilled representation designed to protect the victims of nursing home abuse and neglect. We are consistently recognized as a leading personal injury law firm in Connecticut.

- Premises Liability

When a person is injured because of the existence of a dangerous or defective condition existing at a store, sidewalk, parking lot, driveway, residential home, commercial building, stairwell, mall or restaurant, a premises liability claim may exist.

- Workers' Compensation

The Connecticut Workers' Compensation Act is intended to provide wage replacement, as well as medical treatment, for those employees who have been injured, disabled, or killed while performing their jobs. Employees injured or ill due to a work-related accident or due to working conditions is eligible for benefits under the Workers’ Compensation Act.


Brenden Leydon Mr. Brenden P. Leydon
Accident, Back and Neck Injury, Birth Injury, Brain Injury, Catastrophic Injuries

Nicholas Wocl Mr. Nicholas E. Wocl
Brain Injury, Civil Litigation, Medical Malpractice, Motor Vehicle Accidents, Nursing Home Abuse


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  • Association of Trial Lawyers of America

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