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 China’s New Advertising Law: Consumer Protection

Advertising in China follows you everywhere. The fast food menu pushed into your hand on the street and the video loop warbling at you from the taxi headrest screen; to name just two of the many. But now a new law is following all that advertising, too.

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 Fair Use or more Fair Dealing: China’s Copyright Law in Transition

The third draft of proposed amendments to the Chinese Copyright Law was released on March 31, 2012. As expected with any piece of legislation with economic import, this draft was the result of much political pushing and pulling. In the end, no one was happy. But as we live in a time of profound technological and cultural change, it’s reasonable to be unhappy some of the time with what the Copyright Law does and does not allow.

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 Michael Jordan and the Chinese Trademark System: Two Languages, One Superstar

Waiting too long to protect your trademark can end badly. In China, with its first to file system, foreign brands have learned the hard way to be proactive in protecting their foreign language brand names. But some have been slow in protecting the Chinese language versions of those brand names. And have seen their brand recognition pulled out from under them.

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 China’s Case Acceptance Regulations: Getting into Court Gets A Little Easier

Getting in the courthouse door in China has always been problematic even for seemingly straight-forward cases. China’s Supreme People’s Court is trying to make the case filing process easier, more efficient and maybe even a little more transparent. Predictability, above all, is hopefully within reach.

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 Ten Frequently Asked Questions about Registering a Trademark in China

We register hundreds of trademarks every year and these are the most common questions we get.

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 Worry and Reassurance: A New Food Safety Law in China and What You Can do for Your Customers

Fake wine is nothing new in China. Even though the economic incentives for going after counterfeiters have never been greater, the fakes are still out there. But there are two things to keep in mind.

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 Risk Management and Prevention Strategies for Start-Ups in China

For any start-up, there are multiple legal issues involved in building your business but risk management and prevention issues can be arranged into four major risk areas.

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