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Law Firm Overview

Yingke is a full-service, international law firm, with its headquarters located in Beijing. Founded in 2001, Yingke Law Firm has already established a reputation in the Chinese legal services market. With more than 2000 lawyers, we are now one of the largest law firms in Asia and our aim is to forge a leading Chinese firm on a global scale, echoing China's economic reform and social development.

China can be a challenging legal jurisdiction. Yingke has knowledge and experience in all aspects of Chinese legal, regulatory and governmental systems to help clients in obtaining the results they are looking for. As a result of our vast domestic network and international outreach we are able to deliver legal advice on the multi-jurisdictional transactions, which frequently make use of China's favorable economic environment.

We are currently present in nineteen major cities in mainland China including Beijing, Shanghai, Shenzhen, Tianjin, Guangzhou, Wuhan, Qingdao, Nanjing, Suzhou, Xiamen, Shenyang, Kunming, Changsha, Chengdu, Jinan, Changchun, Dalian, Ningbo and Hohhot.

Over the last 3 years, Yingke has developed its international office network at an unprecedented rate for a law firm and is now represented on 4 continents and in 10 major commercial regions around the world. These include New York, Sao Paulo, Mexico City, London, Warsaw, Istanbul, Budapest, Verona, Seoul and Taiwan.

Our legal team specializes in a broad spectrum of practice areas, including international trade, foreign investment, company law, capital markets & securities, cross-Strait affairs, private equity, investment & finance, mergers & acquisitions, intellectual property, real estate, energy & environmental law and maritime trade & affairs. In addition to legal services we are active in the area of business development, and can contribute practical advice to your business operations, ensuring you do not have to sacrifice your bottom line in attending to problems beyond your scope of activity.

We are privileged that in the last ten years more than 18,000 clients from domestic and foreign enterprises have trusted us with their businesses and that we are a proud member of over 150 professional societies and associations. In addition, we have established strategic partnerships with several prestigious universities and colleges.

Year this Office was Established: 2001

Languages: Chinese, Korean, English

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Cross-Strait Legal Services; Economic Offenses; Job-related Offenses; Corruption; Smuggling; Due Diligence; Company Restructuring; Compliance; Cross-Strait Tourism Complaints; Foreign Exchange; Securitization & Derivatives; Anti-Dumping; Debt Recovery; International Construction; Cultural and Creative Industries; Non-competition Agreements; Confidentiality Agreements; Training Service Agreements; Mining; Pensions.

Areas of Law Description

1. Corporate

Corporate governance, consultation on compliance with laws and regulations
Reform of state-owned enterprises
Transactions of title of corporate property
M & A
Bankruptcy and liquidation
Legal risk management


Resolution of disputes on taxation
Risks management of tax audit
Organizational structure and effective tax financing
Effective M & A and corporate tax department transactions
Structure planning prior to the merge of enterprises
Technical support for company listing taxation issues
Tax planning
Examination of corporate tax

Antitrust & Competition

Disputes on unfair competition
Declaration of antitrust administrative licence for M & A of domestic and overseas enterprises
Declaration of antitrust administrative licence for large-scale merger of domestic enterprises
Civil and commercial compensation in antitrust cases
Administrative surveys in antitrust cases
Consultation and legal opinions on antitrust matters
Lectures and training on antitrust law

Cultural and Creative Industries

Policy consultation on cultural and creative industries including media and film, network technology, animation and gaming, publication, etc.
Brokerís affairs
Large-scale performance, sporting events, exhibitions
Investment and financing of cultural and creative industries
M & A of cultural and creative industries
Intellectual property management and protection in the cultural and creative industries

Labour Law

Labour arbitration and lawsuits
Labour law legal counsel
Drafting labour contracts, non-competition agreements, confidentiality agreements, training service agreements and documents for human resources management
Revising employee manuals and rules and regulations
Training on labour law
Designing downsizing plans
Declaration of special working hours system
Equity incentive plans
Examination of labour law legal risks

Physical Distribution

Disputes in urban public transport contracts
Disputes in taxi transport contracts
Disputes in contracts of air, railway, waterway, highway transportation, carrying freight or passengers
Disputes in pipeline transport contracts
Disputes in multimode transport contracts
Disputes in storage contracts
Disputes in freight forwarding contracts
Special legal services for traffic management authorities, traffic operation companies, motor vehicle manufacturing enterprises, sales and maintenance, car leasing companies, physical distribution companies, express-delivery companies, storage companies, etc.

2. Intellectual Property


Patent application
Patent research and analysis
Examining practicability of an invention
Patent review and invalidation
Patent licensing and transfer
Administrative dispute resolution
Patent infringement
Customs related affairs
Patent portfolio management and analysis
Legal advice for corporations


Designing, researching, licensing and monitoring of trademark
Transfer, alteration and review of trademark
Refusal of trademark, dispute over trademark, withdrawal of trademark
Application for the status of well-known trademark
Administrative dispute resolution
Infringement dispute resolution
Legal consultation for corporation


Copyright and computer software licensing
Copyright disputes
Computer software disputes
Internet media disputes
Drafting agreements on development, cooperation, permission and transfer of computer software

High Tech Corporations

Corporation evaluation and inspection of its regulatory compliance
Enterprise establishment
Company certificate review
Application of discounted tax

Commercial Privacy Protection

Drafting commercial privacy protection policies
Advising on commercial privacy framework
Commercial privacy protection legal training
Dispute resolution

3. Employment Law

Drafting and (as appropriate) negotiating employment and employment-related documents (including employment agreements, stock option plans, employment termination and reoffer letters, deeds of separation and release, employment secondment agreements, confidentiality agreements and intellectual property right and invention assignments).

Advising on employment and employment-related matters (including advice on employees' rights and protection, provident fund schemes, dismissal, discrimination, confidentiality, non-competition, personal data privacy and employee transfer issues).

Advising on and assist in employment visa applications and related immigration matters.

Advising on labor disputes and labor tribunal cases.

4. International Trade

Participating in trade negotiation, reviewing and drafting sales/purchase contracts, broker agreement and other documents;
Advising on transport, insurance, and letter of credit and other aspects relating to trade;
Conducting due diligence or credibility investigation;
Assisting clients in planning and arranging import and export businesses in accordance with China laws and international practices;
Advising on labeling, marking and other legal requirements on products imported into China; resolving consumer complaints and product liability disputes;
Advising on customs matters relating to the trade;
Representing clients in anti-dumping and countervailing investigations by authorities in various jurisdictions, preparing and implementing defense strategies in these proceedings;
International trade debt collection;
Arbitration of international trade disputes;
International trade litigation.

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Articles Published by Yingke Law Firm

 How Overseas Buyers Claim for Quality Responsibility against China Sellers?

For overseas buyers it is very important to inspect goods after delivery. The inspection should prompt and contribute to official report. With related knowledge on China law, buyers may put inpsection period, defect types, and form of valid report into contract clauses. This may greatly alleviate buyers burden of proof.

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 How to make a Will in China?

It is very professional to make a valid will. People usually think it easy to make just by transcribing their intent on papers. But China law stipulates specific formats of a will which must be conformed with, otherwise it will be deemed invalid by probation court. So if you want to make a will related to estate in China, consulting with professional lawyers is strongly recommended.

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 China Jurisdiction and Choice of Law Over Contracts Involving Foreign Interests

There are so many contracts entered into everyday by overseas businessmen with China partners. If the contract does not choose jurisdiction and applied laws, China court and related laws are implied. However it is too costly for overseas businessmen to bring lawsuit in China, especially for small amount cases. So it is necessary to get some knowledge on these aspects for overseas businessmen.

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 China Inheritance Law, How to Split Shares of Estate Between Successors?

As more and more Chinese emigrate overseas, cross-border inheritance happens more often than usual. But we find that a lot of people ignore their right to estate from theri relatives just because they lack knowledge of inheritance law in China. Sometimes the value of estate reach to the amount of millions. Hereby we introduce basic rules of inheritance in China.

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 How to Perform a Contract in China by Contracts Law when Terms and Conditions Are not Clear?

When reaching a contract, parties are supposed to making all related terms clear. However in practice, the terms of a contract are not always ready there because of lack of negotiation, short of time, or negligence, etc. This brings out trouble and confusion when performing. Luckily the law provides repair methods.

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 When Contracting Fault Responsibility Applies by China Contracts Law

Contracting fault responsibility lies between the liability of breach and infringement. In practice, the liability is strictly applied. It has to meet certain standards promulgated by law.

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 Sham Lawsuits in the Case of Loan Between Natural Persons in China

As every people can see, China economy is going down. With the tendancy, lending disputes are emerging with large amount. Among these cases are some sham lawsuits which influence judges' discretion.

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 How to Split Houses in Divorce in China?

For most of China families, the most valuable asset is their house. Basically every tough divorce arises in the struggle for the house. In practice, the house may be in the different state of ownership. The question to split it also is a big obstacle to make a smooth divorce.

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 Under What Conditions the Judge Would Agree to Change the Custody in China?

If one spouse have got the custody, but the other party wants to take it over, the other party has to prove he has justifiable causes.

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 How to Split Properties in China After Cohabitation Ends?

By cohabitation ends, the party claiming properties and/or custody has to prove at first the relationship existed. If he can not do so, courts have to reject his claims because of lacking of legal fundamentals.

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 What Debt is Spousal Common Debt in China?

What you can do if you find your spouse is creating debts in order to deprive your right to joint tenant?

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 How to Split Right of Car Plate by Divorce or Inheritance in China

Car plates are very hard to get in China. What is its value in the case of divorce and inheritance?

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 May a Company Terminate a Labor Contract with Pregnant Employees in China?

Is is true that the company can not fire pregnant employees in whatever situation?

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 Under What Conditions Would the Court Change Child Custody in China?

Once the right of child custody is granted to one party by court of law, it is difficult to change. If the other party wants to bring up child himself or herself, he or she has to prove stipulated situations exist.

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 How Can You Be Compensated if You are Involved in a Personal Injury Case in China?

The life in morden city is full of danger. Everyday people get hurt by car accident, third party's attack, even by animals like dogs. People should be aware a bit of what they can get for compensation, in case anybody fools you.

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 Punishment You Will Face if You are Involved in Drug Crime in China

Since the American TV Show ""Breaking Bad" sweep over the whole world, a lot of foreigners are found to be involved in drug crimes in China. They are facing very serious penalty for China government lists the kind of crime as one of the top felonies.

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 What are Your Rights if You are Arrested by Police in China?

Do you know what are your rights if you are related into some crime or illegal things in China? You may know what you can do in USA, but here in China things are totally different.

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 Verify the Chinese Seller Info for International Buyers

To verify the seller you never do business before makes the deal safer and smooth.

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 If You Are a Foreigner and Marry a Chinese Citizen Then Things Do Not Go Well, How to Divorce Him/Her?

In recent years there are so many foreigners marry with Chinese citizens. For the reasons of culture shock, living habit, or personality clash, some couples' relationship go break, they have to divorce. For foreigners there are some specials rules to comply for, then a professional lawyer is suggested.

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 What Is the Time Limitation of Actions against Shipper, Consignee Or B/L Holder?

The time limitation of actions against shipper, consignee, or B/L holder is one year.

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 Shall a Port Operator be Responsible if he Releases Goods Against a Delivery Order with a Release Stamp? China

The port operator has no fault in delivering the goods against a valid delivery order.

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 Settle International Trade Disputes in China

The article introduces the procedure to settle the international trade disputes in China.

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 Vacations for Pregnant Employees - China

Pregnant employees rights are protected with special care. There are six different leaves for them during pregnance.

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 Find a Job in China

The qualifications for foreigners and procedures to work in China.

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 What expats should do before working in China?

Foreigners working in China must get work permit and enter into China with work visa. Some people enter here with travel visa or something else, then they also find a job. This is illegal. If any dispute arises, they shall not be protected by the Labor Contract Law.

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 What Belongs to Joint Property of Spouses? - China

Basically, properties gotten after marriage by husand and wife belong to joint property. Laws and regulations have specific articles on this subject. Let us review it.

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 If Employee Has Been Working Since Before 2008, How to Calculate Severance Compensation?

The salary of foreigners in China usually is very high. And the compesation as terminating labor contract is calculated on the basis of his salary. The stipulations of law are subtle. So empoyees are supposed to be very careful.

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 Test Period for Employees in China?

Different labor contract durations mean different test period.

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 Joint Property in China

How is the law on the disposal of joint property by spouses in China?

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