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Law Firm Overview

Zuckerman Law, based in Washington DC, represents employees nationwide who step forward to blow the whistle on fraud. Reporting fraud is challenging and intimidating.
The legal team at Zuckerman Law has a deep understanding of the laws that can protect and reward those who report corporate misconduct.

We represent employees who have witnessed commodities and securities fraud (Dodd-Frank), corporate fraud (Sarbanes-Oxley), underpayment of taxes, unethical activity by government contractors, and more. And with a licensed CPA on staff, our firm has the skill and experience to fully investigate complex financial schemes.

Our firm also represents employees in a wide range of employment-related litigation, including claims of sexual harassment, LGBT discrimination, glass ceiling discrimination, disability discrimination, age discrimination and pay discrimination.

Zuckerman Law is a zealous advocate. We provide clear and candid advice for those who have witnessed fraud and unethical activity or who have been discriminated or retaliated against in the workplace.

Areas of Law

Additional Areas of Law: Sarbanes-Oxley Whistleblower Protection Claims; Whistleblower Protection Act Claims; NDAA and False Claims Act Whistleblower Retaliation Claims; Whistleblower Retaliation Claims; Whistleblower Reward Claims.


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Sarbanes-Oxley Corporate Whistleblower Protection Law

Speaker 1:
It seemed to come out of the blue. When David received a surprise visit from his boss, his stomach sank. He knew this couldn't be good, and he was right. After some small talk to allow the office staff to punch out for the end of the week, David was let go. No notice, no real explanation, except something about downsizing and David being a poor fit for the company. Yet no one else was being laid off, and David had a consistent record of strong performance.

David wasn't even given time to clear out his office or say goodbye to colleagues. He was told that they'd clean out his desk and leave his personal effects at the front desk for him to pick up at a later time. He managed to grab the picture he kept on his desk on his way out the door. It was the picture that always kept him going during difficult times, and there had been plenty of those as of late. It was that picture of his children that had always led him to remain honest and true to his values at work.

Lately, David was under pressure at work to manipulate earnings to meet targets that would enable management to get large bonuses. David knew that reporting false earnings to the SCC and shareholders violates SCC rules and harms shareholders. Therefore, he refused to acquiesce in his employer's earnings management scheme.

As a result, management became very hostile to him. He'd been denied a promotion that was rightfully his and he'd suffered alienation and isolation from his senior management and peers who were eager to get large bonuses from this earnings management scheme. He never thought it would come to him losing his job, but he stood his ground and now needed someone to help protect him and his rights.

Despite his loyal service to the company, he found himself out of work and worried about how he would support his family. That's when he turned to the Zuckerman Law Firm, a Washington D.C. firm that represents whistleblowers nationwide and has substantial experience litigating Sarbanes-Oxley whistleblower claims. David called them immediately and setup a consultation.

The firm explained to David his legal rights and options and crafted a strategy for David to utilize whistleblower laws to obtain a wide range of remedies, including lost wages, emotional distress damages, and damages for harm to reputation. David also learned from the firm that some whistleblowers laws may provide substantial rewards to whistleblowers. Thanks to the Zuckerman Law Firm, David is well on his way to seeking relief for the retaliation that he suffered.

If you or someone you know has been a victim of whistleblower retaliation, don't delay. Many whistleblower retaliation laws have short statutes of limitations. Contact Zuckerman Law to learn about your rights. Call 202-262-8959 or visit zuckermanlaw.com.

SEC Whistleblower Rewards and Bounties

Have you witnessed corporate misconduct involving commodities or security fraud, tax underpayment, fraud on the government, or other corporate fraud? Did you know you could be entitled to a reward and legal protection for reporting fraud?

Congress has enacted several laws that provide financial incentive to whistleblowers and protect whistleblowers from retaliation. Under these laws, whistleblowers have helped our government recover more than 30 billion dollars and have enabled regulators and prosecutors to halt ongoing fraud. Now, you can do the right thing and potential obtain a substantial award, and you can report fraud anonymously through an attorney in many cases.

Under the Securities and Exchange Commission and Commodity Futures Trading Commission whistleblower programs, you can receive a reward up to 30 percent for tips leading to monetary sanctions in excess of 1 million dollars. If the IRS uses the whistleblower's information to collect more than 2 million dollars in owed taxes, the whistleblower may receive a reward of up to 30 percent of the collected proceeds.

If you're thinking about blowing the whistle, it is critical to hire an experienced attorney to maximum your ability to obtain a whistleblower reward and to protect you from retaliation. The whistleblower attorneys at Zuckerman Law in Washington, D.C. represent corporate whistleblowers nationwide and work diligently to obtain the maximum recoveries for their clients in both whistleblower reward and whistleblower protection claims. The attorneys at Zuckerman Law have been representing whistleblowers before the SEC and Department of Justice for more than a decade concerning a wide variety of complex fraud schemes, including market manipulation, financial statement fraud, and contractor fraud. Zuckerman Law also represents whistleblowers in retaliation claims, including claims under the Sarbanes Oxley Act.

Don't live in fear. Do the right thing. Call the whistleblower lawyers at Zuckerman Law today at 202-262-8959 or go to our website, www.zuckermanlaw.com, to learn more about whistleblower rights and protections. At Zuckerman Law, we work to protect you and get you the reward you deserve.

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