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  • Akinci Attorneys at Law

    Antalya, Turkey

    International Lawyers in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 242 247 79 84

    Akinci is an international law firm, based in Antalya, Turkey, committed to providing high-quality legal services both in international and domestic practices including international arbitration, mergers and acquisitions, international construction law, international business law, company and...

  • Akkaya & Akkaya Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkish and International Full Service Law Firm in Antalya

    Phone +90 (212) 2513881

    Akkaya & Akkaya Law Firm was founded by Huseyin Akkaya in 1987, in Istanbul. The Firm became Ekin Law Firm with three more partners in 1988. In those years, an active role has been taken in legal procedure of foundation of the first Turkish Government Employee Unions, beside its services in private...

  • Akol Avukatlik Bürosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 3551300

    Akol Avukatlık Bürosu is a full service law firm established in Istanbul, Turkey. All lawyers in the firm are bilingual and are qualified to practice law in Turkey.

  • Aktif Hukuk & Danişmanlik Bürosu

    Ankara, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 3478844

    Aktif Law Office, one of the leading law firms in Turkey, having over 16 years experience provides full legal service to the clients with a professional, dynamic and specialized team. The office, founded by Mr. Yakup Erikel in 1990, performs legal consultancy, litigation and dispute resolution...

  • Akyildiz Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Turkish Commercial, Corporate, Real Estate, Foreign Capital and Penal Law Firm

    Phone +90 (232) 4630616

    Akyildiz Law Office provides legal services and assistance to local and international clients in Turkey and also relieves the clients in foreign jurisdictions. The firm is a general service law office focusing on commercial law, corporate law, real-estate law, foreign capital law, penal law...

  • Alcan Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Leading Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2340888

    Alcan Law Firm was founded in 1973, during the course of its 36 years history, the firm has become one of the leading law firms and a point of reference in the legal field in Turkey. We provide comprehensive legal services to companies, institutions and governmental authorities, whether Turkish or...

  • Ali Yuksel & Hilmi Ozalp Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Intellectual Property, Debt Collection , Corporate , and Tax Law Firm

    Phone +90 212 2666565

    Ali Yüksel & Hilmi Özalp is a reputable full service law firm which provides the best legal services to its clients. Our firm's main practice areas are patent law, debt collection , corporate law , trademark law and tax law. Our lawyers have distinguishable international experience in all kind of...

  • Alimoglu Oruc Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service International and Domestic Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 3134636

    Alimoğlu Oruç is a full service law firm based in İstanbul providing legal services to domestic and international clients from individual inventors and small businesses to large multinationals in diverse sectors.
    Alimoğlu Oruç provides legal and consulting services on an...

  • Alper Tunga Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 212 347 4651

    Alper Tunga Law Firm founded by Atty. Alper Tunga Çevik provides service to its clientele in wide rage of area with its headquarters in Istanbul and liaison offices in Bursa, Ankara, İzmir, Edirne, Kayseri and Gaziantep.
    Offering tailored solutions to its clientele, Alper Tunga Law Firm is...

  • Alsul Law and Consulting Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Full Service Lawyers

    Phone +90 (216) 3303099

    Alsul Law and Consulting Firm its inception, from the legal issues, a wide range of in accordance solve problems on behalf of the found and in this sense, the basic working principle of the legal dispute before the analyzes, the presented results of this analysis reached in the solution paths with...

  • Altan & Alper Law Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Boutique Law Firm on Business Law & Employment Law in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2937649

    Altan & Alper Law Office specializes in business law, information technology law, employment law, pharmaceutical law and dispute resolutions.

  • Altinkan Law Firm

    Antalya, Turkey

    Trade, Real Estate & Family Law Office in Antalya, Turkey

    Phone +90 (554) 688 - 4282

    Founded in 1984, Altinkan Law Firm is a full-service law firm. The firm is currently based in Antalya and practising law at the South and West Coast cities in Turkey.

  • Anka Patent Consulting Services Ltd. Sti.

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Work Permit Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2434470

    Anka Patent Consulting Services Ltd. Sti. helps foreign and local clients to work out with their work permits in Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Antroya Legal Consulting & Advocacy Office

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Debt Collection Law Firm

    Phone +90 (212) 2403440

    Antroya Legal Consulting & Advocacy Office is a legal consulting and advocacy service provider based in Istanbul, with its branches in Ankara and Istanbul. Our strong commercial and corporate teams support businesses through some of their most significant milestones, including mergers and...

  • Ar & Da Law Office

    Ankara, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Ankara, Turkey

    Phone +90 (312) 2323289

    Ar & Da Law Office handles a wide range of areas in law throughout Ankara, Turkey.

  • Arc Law OfficeArticles

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Real Estate, Tax and Corporate Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 970-0636

    Arc Law Office in Istanbul, Turkey, represents clients who have issues with real estate, construction, zoning, contracts, acquisitions and mergers, corporate trade, administrative and employment. Regardless of the problem, the firm provides high-quality legal advice. The firm has partnerships with...

  • Arican Hukuk Bürosu

    Ankara, Turkey

    Intellectual Property, Criminal, Family and Company Law Firm

    Phone +90 (312) 4665634

    Arican Hukuk Bürosu, during the time it was founded until today, the current legal system to bring a solution to any dispute arising from the combination; intellectual property, criminal law, family law and company law.

  • Arihan & Arihan

    Ankara, Turkey

    Patent and Trademark Lawyers in Ankara, Turkey

    Phone +90 (532) 6119644

    Arihan & Arihan was established in 1964. The firm is specializing in all areas of intellectual property including patents, trademarks, designs, copyright, licensing, franchising, counterfeiting and unfair competition.
    The patent and trademark attorneys at Arihan & Arihan have the background and...

  • Arikan Partners ILC

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Business and Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2572828

    Arikan Partners ILC’s attorneys are recognized for their commitment to the sophisticated representation of its clients. Its team of jurists having played key roles in numerous multi-million dollar transactions are trained and experienced to take responsibility in most challenging legal and business...

  • Arkun Attorneys at Law

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 5452890-91

    Arkun Attorneys at Law was established in 1990, in Istanbul by Att. Coskun Arkun, provides legal consulting and litigation services to domestic, international and multi-national industrial and commercial companies as well as financial corporations.
    Arkun Attorneys at Law has rendered...

  • ASIIF American Service Industry International LLC

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Specialized International Law Services in Turkey and Eastern Europe

    Phone +90 (216) 3554254

    ASIIF provides broad-based international advisory and consulting services to small, medium and large-sized businesses, private and publicly held commercial firms and financial institutions, also we aim to serve to governments and state-owned entities.

  • Askan Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Izmir, Turkey Domestic and Cross-Border Legal Services Lawyers

    Phone +90 (232) 4450886

    Askan Law Office was established in Izmir by Att. At Law Filiz Askan and Att. Beykan Askan in 1986. The office has been serving as legal consultant and counsel for both corporates and individuals for 23 years. With its experienced staff and consulting academicians, it focuses on special solutions...

  • Aslan Hukuk Bürosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Commercial Lawyers

    Phone +90 (212) 2747595

    Aslan Hukuk Bürosu focuses on the areas of competition law, commercial law, consumer law, energy law, electronic communications law, and privatization and regulation law throughout Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Asya Patent

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Patent and Trademark Attorneys

    Phone +90 (212) 6409039

    Asya Patent provides services in trademark registration, opposition against a trademark application, and trademark infringement law suits for a wide range of companies.

  • Ata Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Corporate, Real Estate, Litigation, IP Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 216 5723000

    The Ata Law Firm, based in Istanbul, is a progressive, full-service law firm. The firm is well respected throughout Turkey. The Ata Law Firm is comprised of talented and effective attorneys who are dedicated to serving their client's legal needs.
    In 1992, we set out to build a new kind of law...

    Other Offices: Istanbul
  • Atamer Hukuk Bürosu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2967893

    At Atamer Hukuk Bürosu, each of which was founded by lawyers who are experts in their field, faculty members, technical experts and legal issues in collaboration with assistants provide counseling and legal services. Our law firm natural and legal persons for legal advice, information and Internet...

  • Ataol & Kucuk Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Law Office for Contracts Consultancy & Business Transactions

    Phone +90 212 234 4577

    Founded in 2000, Ataol & Kucuk is a highly regarded, national law firm providing client-focused, interdisciplinary services that result in high-value legal counsel for our clients. The office of Ataol & Kucuk is located in Nisantasi-Sisli, the business and culture center of Istanbul.
    While a...

  • Av. Kenan Uysal Hukuk Ofisi

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 2245700

    Av. Kenan Uysal Hukuk Ofisi is located in Istanbul Şişlid provide national and international legal services and legal advice to the client. Young, dynamic and experienced team, our office; not only through litigation, apart from disputes to reach the solution by trying alternative...

  • Av. Tulin Nadir Akgunes

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Administrative, Commercial and Competition Lawyers

    Phone +90 (216) 3685456

    Av. Tulin Nadir Akgunes handles administrative, commercial and competition law throughout Istanbul, Turkey.

  • Avukat Baran Dogan

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Criminal Lawyer, Property Law, Company Law, Divorce Law

    Phone 90 0.212.652 15 44

    Avukat Baran Dogan basic practice areas are Criminal law, property law, divorce law and compensation law. Our firm practices in Istanbul since 2002.

  • Avukat Kemal Şener

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Turkish Intellectual Property, Finance & Business Law Firm

    Phone +90 (212) 2273395

    Established by Mr Kemal Sener in 2002, Kemal Sener Law and Consultancy Office ("Kemal Sener") is one of the leading, boutique-style law offices in Turkey. Providing its individual and corporate clients with bespoke and tailor made solutions, Kemal Sener concentrates all its attention and efforts on...

  • Avukat Ruya Beril

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey International Family Lawyers

    Phone +90 (212) 2363363

    Avukat Ruya Beril handles foreigners who need residency and working permit in Turkey or other countries.

  • Aybay & Aybay

    Istanbul, Turkey
    Phone +90 212 293 67 44

    AYBAY & AYBAY appeared on the Turkish legal scene in the early 1980s as the leading firm in shipping law and international commercial law. In a market until then dominated by private practitioners, AYBAY & AYBAY was the first example of a legal services organization modelled after the...

  • Aydin & Aydin Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Real Estate, Trademark, Customs and Commercial Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 216 459 8555

    Aydin & Aydin Law Firm is operating since 1976, is one of the largest law firm in Turkey. We are rendering foreign and domestic clientele comprehensive range of legal services in most areas of law with providing expertise, precision and reliable consultancy services. Our team of attorneys provides...

  • Aydin Avukatlik Bürosu

    Adana, Turkey

    Turkish Foreign Direct Investments & Legal Consultancy Services for Companies

    Phone +90 (322) 4588442

    Aydin Avukatlik Bürosu was established in 1994 in Adana. Since the establishment of Aydin Law Office has been growing up rapidly with successful and Professional team specialized in their respective fields. Our Law Office gained a preeminent and respectable place in the field of legal in...

  • Aydinlioglu

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International Corporate, Finance, IP Law Firm

    Phone +90 216 405 1715

    Seckin is an internationally oriented law firm located in both Istanbul, financial capital of Turkey, and Izmir. Having unique affiliations with law firms, international law organizations and international associations across the world, we are boutique law firm that has a rapid and an effective...

  • Aydogdu Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 8812090

    Aydogdu Law Firm, with two main offices and seven specialized advocates, is providing legal consultancy service in the areas of commercial law, maritime law, company law, competition law, business law, contract law, condominium law, health law, inheritance law, family law, criminal law and finance...

  • Aygün Özterzi Karoglu Law Office

    Ankara, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Ankara, Turkey

    Phone +90 (312) 466-0003

    Aygün Özterzi Karoğlu, is experienced with corporate, commercial, construction, energy, mining, and intellectual property law. Further, the firm helps clients with public procurement and tender processes. The firm has vast experience in litigation and arbitration. In that respect, the firm...

  • AZe Patent

    Ankara, Turkey

    Patent and Trademark Law Firm in Ankara, Turkey

    Phone +90 (312) 4340054

    AZe Marka Patent Ltd. Co. was established in 2008 by Zehra Gurzumar Yildirim. Mrs. Yildirim obtained her BSC degree in Industrial Engineering - minor in Chemical Engineering from University of Missouri, Rolla, USA. She has worked for international renowned patent law firms like Bardehle Pagenberg...

  • B.R.N Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full Service Corporate Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (216) 4280450

    B.R.N Law Firm is one of the leading Turkish boutique law firms with a strong reputation and proven track record, which also has a solid international presence, having successfully represented clients in many complex and hard transactions, providing a tailored approach to every situation.

  • Bag&Gunen Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Corporate & Commercial and IP Law Firms in Istanbul

    Phone +90 216 687 08 72

    Bag&Gunen Law Firm is a full-service law firm in Istanbul providing both advisory and litigation services to its foreign and domestic clients. The firm has a unique commercial approach which is aimed at obtaining practical and efficient results for its clients in various practice areas including...

  • Balin & Balin Law Firm

    Izmir, Turkey

    National and International Disputes to Human Rights Lawyers in Izmir, Turkey

    Phone +90 (232) 4644101

    Balin & Balin Law Firm, based in Izmir having contact offices in Istanbul, Bodrum, Didim, Marmaris and Antakya (Hatay). The firm acts in Action & Execution & Consultancy system and provides mainly independent professional property legal support for overseas property buyers in Turkey.

    We are...

  • Balkaya & Balkaya Attorneys at Law

    Istanbul, Turkey

    International State Courts and Arbitral Law Firm

    Phone +90 (216) 4453225

    Balkaya & Balkaya Attorneys at Law, situated in Istanbul, gives legal assistance to its local and foreign clients, with its active and experienced lawyers and represents them both in state courts and arbitral institutions worldwide. The Firm's practice is interdisciplinary, offering each client the...

  • Barbaros Alci Law Firm

    Bodrum, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (252) 3586676

    Barbaros Alci Law Firm is a boutique law firm established in 1988, offers a full range of legal services across a broad spectrum of local and international legal matters, serving commercial businesses, financial institutions as well as private individuals. With its experience of 21 years, Barbaros...

  • Barlas & Partners

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 3272086

    Barlas & Partners is a general practice law firm in Turkey, focusing on all aspects of business law matters. The Firm's primary practice areas include corporate and commercial law, competition, intellectual and industrial property, litigation, media and entertainment and real property.

  • Barlas Uyar Eraslan Law FirmArticlesVideos

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 274-9953

    Barlas Law Firm provides a wide range of legal services to local and international clients. We offer assistance in a full list of corporate and commercial law matters, along with a number of other practice areas. Our commitment is to making sure our clients’ legal needs are fully met, in all areas...

  • Basalan Patent

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Istanbul, Turkey Patent & Trademark and Industrial Property Law Firm

    Phone +90 (212) 2906272

    Basalan Patent located in the metropolitan city of Istanbul was founded in 1981 by Ahmet Başalan and Feriha Başalan joined the firm in 1990. Basalan Patent is redefining the traditional role of law firms by providing innovative legal and consultancy services. We are entrepreneurial, creative...

  • Basan Attorney Partnership

    Ankara, Turkey

    Full-Service Law Office in Ankara, Turkey

    Phone +90 (312) 426-6621

    Basan Attorney Partnership, founded in year 2003, currently provides a wide range of legal services to national and foreign clients and provides legal consultancy to various well established firms both nationally and internationally. We are a team of lawyers who are experts in their respective...

  • Basar Law Office

    Izmir, Turkey

    Foreign Trade, Debts and Civil Law Firm in Izmir, Turkey

    Phone +90 (232) 4617637

    Başar Law Office was established by Lawyer Bahri Başar ŞEN in 2005 in İzmir, Turkey. Since 2005, with the specialized staff, provides services in many branches of law for domestic and foreign clients. Lawyer Bahri Başar Şen graduated from 9 Eylul University Faculty of...

  • Baspinar & Partners Law Firm

    Istanbul, Turkey

    Full-Service Commercial Law Firm in Istanbul, Turkey

    Phone +90 (212) 4656699

    Baspinar & Partners Law Firm is a full-service commercial law firm providing customized, interdisciplinary services that draw on a wealth of industry knowledge and experience. Our diverse client base includes multinational companies, public authorities, organizations and small enterprises. Our team...

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