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  • Landolt & Koch

    Geneva, Switzerland

    International Arbitration and Dispute Resolution Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 311-0055

    Landolt & Koch is a law firm specialized in international arbitration. We are based in Geneva, Switzerland. We act as counsel and as co-counsel with legal colleagues who do not specialize in arbitration or who require Swiss expertise in arbitration. We also serve as arbitrators

  • Lenz & Staehelin

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Full Service Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (58) 450-7000

    Lenz & Staehelin, Switzerland’s largest law firm stands for half a century of experience in business law. Solidly ingrained in the Swiss business community, the firm counts among its clients, many of the world’s most successful and reputable companies, organizations and institutions, as well as...

  • LHA Avocats

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Litigation Law Firm in Geneva, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 819-1515

    LHA Avocats is active in litigation as well as in counseling clients both in court and in arbitration proceedings. Members of the firm vigorously maintain their independence in order to promote the interests of their clients. Their training has prepared them to act effectively in institutional and...

  • Maas & Partners

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Advice in Swiss Law

    Phone +41 22 311 02 02

    The existence of the firm dates back to 1980, when Susannah L. Maas joined Anne Petitpierre, Patrick Chabrier, Jurgen Dohm, Jean-Jacques Fivaz, and Kamen Troller in a well-established Swiss Law Firm.
    Susannah L. Maas has now established a new firm together with Frederic G. Olofsson and Marco...

  • Meisser & Partners

    Klosters, Switzerland
    Phone +41 (81) 410-2323

    Meisser & Partners is a team of 12 professionals (attorneys at law, paralegals, and secretaries) fully specialized in trademarks work and related areas. We represent local and foreign clients in Switzerland and are internationally responsible for a number of well-known brands, amongst others in the...

  • Meyerlustenberger Lachenal

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Full Service Law Firm in Zurich, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 3969191

    Meyerlustenberger Lachenal provides enterprising, innovative and solution-focused services to its clients with a high degree of partner involvement. Our size is our strength. Meyerlustenberger Lachenal offers its clients the comprehensive range of services associated with a large law firm while...

  • Michael Kyprianou & Co. LLC

    Zurich, Switzerland

    A Cyprus International law firm

    Phone +41- 443885566

    Michael Kyprianou & Co LLC is a Cyprus International law firm with a team of over 25 lawyers and fully fledged offices in three major cities (Nicosia -Head office, Limassol-2 offices & Paphos) as well as a presence in Greece with the Athens office. Furthermore, the firm has excellent contacts with...

  • Michel CELI VEGAS

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Civil, Criminal & Administrative Attorney in Geneva, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 788-1592

    Michel CELI VEGAS is an attorney at law, economist, and holds a postgraduate degree in international relations. He studied in Peru, Spain and Switzerland. His expertise in the domains of law and economics was enforced during the years he spent at the Ministry of Finance in Peru.

  • Ming Halpérin Burger Inaudi

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Business & Litigation Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 839-7000

    Since it was founded by Ariel Bernheim in 1962, Ming Halpérin Burger Inaudi has practiced law in a spirit which can be defined as both dynamic and traditional. Dynamic in that it is constantly aware of legal developments in its practice areas. Traditional by its respect of the essential values...

  • Monfrini Crettol & Associés

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Providing Clients with Outstanding International Legal Services

    Phone +41 22 310 2266

    Monfrini Crettol & Associés was founded in 1945 by Alexandre Hauchmann as an internationally-oriented general practice. Over the years, the firm has gained recognition in international trade and maritime law.
    Monfrini Crettol & Partners is now composed of eight attorneys (three partners, four...

    Other Offices: Crans-Montana
  • Mullhaupt & Partners

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Commercial Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 388-5555

    Müllhaut & Partners Attorneys at Law, domiciled in the center of Zurich, is a law firm with national and international clientele.

  • Nater Dallafior Rechtsanwälte AG

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Switzerland Litigation and Arbitration Law Firm

    Phone +41 (44) 250-4545

    Nater Dallafior Rechtsanwälte AG is a leading boutique law firm focusing on commercial litigation, arbitration and other business-related proceedings with a proven track record of providing high quality services that meet our clients’ needs. Our firm operates as an integrated partnership and team...

  • Niederer Kraft & Frey

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (58) 800-8000

    Niederer Kraft & Frey, established in 1936, is a preeminent Swiss law firm with a proven track record of legal excellence and innovation. Throughout our history, our firm has continuously worked on the most important and demanding cases entrusted to Swiss law firms.

  • Niedermann Rechtsanwalte

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Commercial & Criminal Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 444-1400

    Niedermann Rechtsanwälte, established in 1994, specializes in commercial litigation and dispute resolution. We represent our clients before courts and state authorities as well as before national and international arbitral tribunals.

  • Nobel & Hug

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Corporate Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 269-7777

    Nobel & Hug, established in 1982, is a middle-sized law firm engaged in both national and international work. Each of our lawyers speaks at least three European languages, and the range of languages spoken includes German, English, Italian, French, Spanish and Portuguese.

  • Oberson Avocats

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Geneva, Switzerland Taxation Law Firm

    Phone +41 (22) 8071888

    Oberson Avocats is mostly active in the field of taxation, whether domestic or international. The services offered include, without limitation, the issuance of legal consultations, the providing of tax advice, the assistance in estate planning, the issuance of legal opinion, the assistance in...

  • PCG AG

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Corporate Finance & Business Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (41) 612-1288

    PCG AG, a Swiss professional services company, has a team of nearly 50 legal, financial and IT professionals. Our firm was established in 2002 by its two managing partners.

  • Perréard de Boccard

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (58) 851-0000

    Founded in 1912, Perréard de Boccard is amongst the oldest in Geneva. The experience Perréard de Boccard has acquired in a very broad range of legal fields for over a hundred years is now employed each day for the benefit of its clients.

  • Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law Ltd

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 999-9600

    Pestalozzi Attorneys at Law Ltd supports international and domestic clients in all aspects of Swiss law from our offices in Zurich and Geneva. Drawing on our extensive experience and the total commitment of our people, we help our clients to achieve their goals both quickly and efficiently.

    Other Offices: Zurich
  • Pétremand & Rappo

    Lausanne, Switzerland

    Commercial and Private Client Services Law Firm in Lausanne, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (21) 614-3020

    Pétremand & Rappo is an independent Swiss law firm serving commercial and private clients, both domestically and internationally, with a network of correspondent lawyers in all the major business centers worldwide. Our firm was founded in early 2006 with the aim of forming long-term relationships...

  • Prager Dreifuss

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Business Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 254-5555

    At Prager Dreifuss, we understand your business and your concerns and offers not just advice, but solutions. We listen, think ahead, recognize opportunities and minimize risks.

  • R.A. Egli & Co

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Patent Lawyers in Zurich, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 3845050

    R.A. Egli & Co is a team of natural scientists and lawyers is able to respond to the individual needs of our clients. The aided in the intellectual interests we represent in front of the Swiss Federal Institute of Intellectual Property (IPI), as well as before the European Patent Office (EPO).

  • Reichenbach Rechtsanwälte AG

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Switzerland Business Law Firm

    Phone +41 (44) 226-9600

    Reichenbach Rechtsanwälte is your partner for all business law-related issues. We think that offering advice and representing your interests is not only a question of ability but also attitude.

  • Rickenbach & Partner

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Switzerland Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +41 (44) 391-4477

    Rickenbach & Partner, founded in 1955 by Dr. Andreas Rickenbach, is a firm specializing in international banking law and in the establishment and administration of Swiss corporations. Our firm has since grown into a full-service practice providing corporate and individual legal solutions to Swiss...

  • Ruoss Voegele

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Swiss and International Business Law Firm in Zurich

    Phone +41 (44) 2504300

    Ruoss Vögele, with its registered office in Zurich, Switzerland, is a modern law firm which is independent and partner-managed. Our client base includes both domestic Swiss and international companies, entrepreneurs and private individuals, whom we advise and represent in all matters pertaining to...

  • Schellenberg Wittmer

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Business Law Firms in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 215-5252

    Schellenberg Wittmer is one of the leading business law firms in Switzerland. Over 140 lawyers in Zurich and Geneva provide comprehensive legal services to domestic and international clients in all aspects of business law.

  • Schluep Degen

    Bern, Switzerland

    Intellectual Property Lawyers in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (31) 302-9494

    Schluep Degen, a specialized IP-law firm in Bern, Switzerland, is dedicated to a high standard of quality. We advise and litigate.

  • Schmidt, Jaton & Associes

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 781-1111

    At Schmidt, Jaton & Associes, we think that in an even more complex and demanding world, team working and knowledge sharing re the best way to satisfy our clients’ requests. Our main goal is to timely deliver to all our clients the focused advice or assistance they may need, by providing high...

  • Schoch Jaeggi Hoch

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Business and Tax Lawyers in Zurich, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 252-8232

    Schoch Jaeggi Hoch has direct access to one of the world's largest networks of accountants and consultants which allows us to handle complex cases in different countries and fields of activities. We have the capacity to advise in English, German, French and Portuguese.

  • Secretan Troyanov

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Business and Banking Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 789-7000

    Secretan Troyanov was founded in 1967. The firm's proactive and dynamic approach made it possible to maximize the liquidation value for the investors and creditors.

  • Shook, Hardy & Bacon LLP

    Geneva, Switzerland

    International Law and Global Product Liability Law Firm

    Phone +41-22-787-2000

    Integrated Legal Services for Complex Times
    Shook, Hardy & Bacon L.L.P. is an international law firm with a legacy spanning more than a century. Established in Kansas City in 1889, today the firm has grown to more than 1,507 employees worldwide, with 519 attorneys and 262 research analysts and...

  • Simonius Pfrommer & Partner

    Basel, Switzerland

    Business and Corporate Law Firm in Basel, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (61) 206-4545

    Simonius Pfrommer & Partners is a law and notary office with ten lawyers in the heart of Basel. Our work is aimed at both business law and corporate areas. Among our clients companies as well as individuals, to whom we provide advice and litigation in all walks of life to the side.

  • Stiffler & Partner

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Full-Service Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 388-4848

    At Stiffler & Partner, we consider teamwork to be very important. The lawyers in our firm are not only familiar with the law, we are also keen to apply our specific capabilities in order to deliver competent advice to our clients and contribute to overall success.

  • Suter Howald Attorneys at law

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Business Law Firm in Zürich, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 630-4811

    Suter Howald Attorneys at Law, a medium-sized law firm, offers legal advice in the core-areas of business law. Our offices are conveniently located in the center of the city of Zurich.

  • Swissjurist Rechtsanwälte Avvocati

    Gordola, Switzerland

    Corporate and Commercial Law Firm in Gordola, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (79) 4562475

    Swissjurist Rechtsanwälte Avvocati advises clients on all aspects of corporate and commercial laws focuses on company formation, tax, real estate, banking & finance, labor and employment law, social security law and pension funds, intellectual property, international trade and competition law,...

  • Tavernier Tschanz

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Business Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (22) 704-3700

    As a dedicated team of entrepreneurs at the service of entrepreneurs, we, at Tavernier Tschanz, intend to make a decisive contribution to the success of your projects, by the quality of our services and by our determination to succeed. You are, in an absolute sense, at the center of our concerns...

  • TRIAS - Advokatur & Rechtsberatung

    Basel, Switzerland

    Full-Service Legal Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 61 8230303

    Advokatur & Rechtsberatung TRIAS Law Office was established in 2003. In its five offices, which are located in the cantons of Basel, Argovia, Zoug, Bern and Zurich, a young and competent team of lawyers, jurists and legal trainees advise and represent national and international clients. Thanks to...

    Other Offices: Aargau, Bern, Zug, Zurich
  • Van Dijk & Van Arnhem

    Galgenen, Switzerland

    Full Service Business Law Firm in Galgenen, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (55) 4502410

    Van Dijk & Van Arnhem is a law firm in the Netherlands focusing on the business community. We work for international and Dutch clients, with the emphasis on businesses in the trade and services sectors and industrial enterprises. We have both an advisory and a litigation practice.

  • Vischer

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Corporate, Business, Intellectual Property and Litigation Law Firm in Zurich, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (58) 211-3400

    Understanding the business interests of our clients, as well as analyzing and providing efficient solutions for complex legal issues, constitute our core competencies. As one of Switzerland’s largest law firms with about 100 attorneys and tax advisers, we offer timely and reliable assistance in a...

    Other Offices: Basel
  • Walder Wyss Ltd.

    Bern, Switzerland

    Full Business Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (58) 658-2000

    Walder Wyss is one of the leading law firms in Switzerland. Our clients include international corporations, small and medium-sized businesses, public companies, and family-owned companies, as well as public-law entities and individuals.

    Other Offices: Zurich
  • Wartmann & Merker

    Zurich, Switzerland

    Business Law Firm in Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 212-1011

    Wartmann & Merker, a business law firm, has offices in the city center of Zurich. Our firm advises clients from Switzerland and abroad and represent them in court in all areas of commercial law.

  • Wehinger Kaelin Ferrari

    Zurich, Switzerland

    International Business Lawyers in Zurich, Switzerland

    Phone +41 (44) 3877600

    Wehinger Kaelin Ferrari Ltd. is a well-established law firm with offices in Zurich and Zug specializing in international business law. Wehinger Kaelin Ferrari advises domestic and international companies and individuals and represents them before court authorities and arbitral tribunals.

  • Wenger Plattner

    Basel, Switzerland

    Switzerland Business Law Firm

    Phone +41 (61) 279-7000

    Wenger Plattner, a business law firm with a long tradition, is today one of Switzerland's leading commercial law firms with more than 60 attorneys and tax advisors at offices in Basel, Zürich and Bern and a representation in Geneva. Although we are independent, our firm maintains excellent...

  • Wilk Auslander LLP

    Geneva, Switzerland

    Cross-border Transactions, International Corporate and Securites Law European Office in Geneva.

    Phone +41 22 322 20 10

    Wilk Auslander's office is strategically located in Geneva. Experienced legal team with knowledge of tech industries will handle structuring and execution of cross-border transactions, corporate and securities matters, mergers and acquisitions, contracts, joint ventures, restructurings.

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