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  • Kalita, Markovich and PartnersArticles

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Legal Services in Ukraine

    Phone +380 930303424

    Kalita, Markovich and partners provides full-legal services for foreigners in Ukraine. We know how to deal with different troubles of our clients. We are always ready to work hard and to gain the best result.

  • Kashporov & Partners

    Donetsk, Ukraine

    Corporate Law, M&A, Financial and Banking Law, Tax Law, International Trade, Dispute Resolution

    Phone +380 62 343-43-55

    Kashporov & Partners is one of the legal services market leaders in Eastern Ukraine. We provide our clients with legal assistance over the whole territory of Ukraine and in foreign countries.
    Our distinctive features:
    We understand our Clients’ special needs.
    We focus on achieving...

  • Klymyshyny and Partners

    Lviv, Ukraine

    Civil, Criminal and Administrative Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +380 32 2471810

    L’viv barristers Igor, Oleg and Tamara Klymyshyn are very pleased to welcome you to our website.
    We are a team of well experienced and highly qualified barristers who can help you to assert and defend your legal rights and interests at the various different courts, including the European Court...

  • Konnov & Sozanovsky

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Full-Service Business Law Firm

    Phone +380 (0) 44 490-5400

    Established in 1992, Konnov & Sozanovsky is one of Ukraine’s leading law firms, with offices in Kiev, Chernovtsy, London, Moscow and Nicosia. Our firm is ranked among top 50 Ukrainian law firms according to Yuridicheskaya Practika («The Practice of Law») 1997-2016 annual surveys.
    We are proud to...

  • Kosovan Legal Group

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Full-Service Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +38 044 383 12 13

    Kosovan Legal Group is your reliable guide in Ukrainian law.

  • Kovach Legal Law Firm

    Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Full Service Law Firm in the Ukraine

    Phone +380 95 2515040

    Law Office "KOVACH LEGAL" - based lawyer, human rights activist, whose legal experience is 10 years old! Our office combines professionalism, management, accountability for results, and cooperation in the interests of the client. We always believe my reputation is more important than the temporary...

  • Koval & Partners

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +380 44 3903252

    The legal patent firm Koval & Partners, a limited company, was founded by patent attorneys in 2003 to offer patent legal services to both Ukrainian and international companies and individuals.
    Our services cover the whole field of Intellectual Property protections, i.e. patents, utility models,...

  • Kovalchuk & Partners

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Securities, Corporate Finance & Business Law

    5 Lebedeva-Kumacha Street, Suite 2 Phone +38 44 4010048, or 50 5706194
  • Kristoffersen & Partners

    Kherson, Ukraine

    Representing People and Businesses in Financial Matters, Law for Mid-Sized & Large Businesses

    Phone +380 500 881368

    At Kristoffersen & Partners Law Firm, we provide a wide range of legal services within Ukraine. Offices are located in Kherson city. Our team of lawyers is located in Kherson City in Southern Ukraine. We provide legal services for both private and corporate clients. No task is either too small or...

  • Kushnir, Yakymyak & Partners

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Full-Service Law Firm in Kyiv, Ukraine

    19-B Instytutska Street, Suite 40 Phone +380 44 253 5939
  • Kuzminsky & Partners

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Domestic and International Business Law Firm in the Ukraine

    Phone 38 044 492 7076

    Kuzminsky and Partners Law firm is an independent Ukrainian law firm, which provides legal services to Ukrainian and international businesses. We major in corporate law and transactions as well as provide legal assistance in solving disputes. We provide legal assistance to clients carrying out...

  • Kyivyur Law Firm

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Real Estate, Corporate Law, Execution of Judgements, Commercial Practice, Litigation & Arbitration.

    5, Ivana Kozlovskogo Lane, Suite 13 Phone +380 44 205 3387
  • L.I. GroupArticles

    Kiev, Ukraine

    International Law Firm

    Phone +38 44 2852164

    The key services of L.I.Group include support in procedures of bankruptcy (asset disposal, sanation, making an agreement of lawsuit, liquidation), international arbitration, corporate law M&A,. Beside the abovementioned, our practices include: Commercial Law, Tax law, External Economic Activity,...

  • L.I.Group

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Business, Corporate & Securities Law Firm

    Phone +380 44 2852164

    L.I. Group is an association of professional lawyers with an extensive experience, having a wide range of partnerships and business relationships with other law firms in all regions of Ukraine, as well as abroad.
    Founded in 2002, L.I.Group has established strong, trust-based relations with the...

  • Lavrynovych & Partners

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Corporate and Business Law of Ukraine

    Phone +380 44 494 2727

    «Lavrynovych & Partners» law firm holds a strong position in the legal and consulting services market and is regarded as a dynamically developing firm. According to the TOP-50 Ukrainian law firms 2007 rating, provided by the “Yuridicheskaya practika”, our firm has took the 7th place. This has been...

  • Law & Order - Basteeva Galina

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Litigation, Bankruptcy, Corporate, Civil, Family and Finance Law Firm in the Ukraine

    Phone +380 99 2943807

    The main character of our company is we are responsible for result of out services. The main principles of our work are sensitive attitude to the needs of our clients, work for result, integrity, confidentiality. Our formula for success are professionalism, huge experience in jurisprudence and...

  • Law Bureau of Sergey Negolshov

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Full Service Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +38050-873-3611

    Our full-service Law Bureau is a business-oriented entity committed to providing clients with the highest level of Legal support through a wide variety of practice areas in our Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk offices. We were incepted with the goal of providing clients with exceptional Legal service and...

  • Law company "RESPECT"

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Ukraine Business and Property Law Firm

    Phone +38 044 240 75 10

    Law Company “Respect” has much experience in providing legal services since 2002.
    The director of the company is the practicing lawyer Andrew Lytvynchuk, attorney at law, who has received higher education from Kyiv National University by Tarasa Shevchenka, and specializes in the branch of civil...

  • Law Company WinnerLex

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Registration of Foreign Companies, Litigation, and Tax Law in Kyiv

    Phone +38 (098) 582-67-17

    Having two offices in Kiev and Dnepropetrovsk allows us to effectively represent clients in most regions of Ukraine, and to conduct litigation both at the outset of cases by the courts, as in the stages of appeal against court decisions in higher courts, located in Kiev.
     We have...

  • Law Firm "Gelon"

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Corporate, Labour, Family & Competition Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +380 44 5928545

    Law Firm «Gelon» provides a full range of services in the area of registration, maintenance and protection of intellectual property rights.
    Our lawyers help you to audit market high-quality, determine the most convenient and beneficial forms of creating an object of IP. The company assumes the...

  • Law Firm AEGIS

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities, Corporate Finance and Business Law Firm in Ukraine

    6 Sofievskaya Str. Phone +380 44 2276224
  • Law Firm AS Consulting, LLC

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Corporate and Commercial Law, Arbitration, Banking and Finance Law

    24/7 Institutska Str., Office 22 Phone +38 044 253-18-18
  • Law Firm Concordia

    Lisichansk, Ukraine

    Commercial Law, Civil Law, Corporative Law

    street Sverdola, 275 Phone +38 50 1323364
  • Law Firm Jurfact

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Highly Qualified Legal Experts, Counselors and Advocates

    Vasylkivska 3 Phone +380 44 592 6563
  • Law Firm Paritet

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Attorney-at-Law Services

    59, Zhylyanska Street, Suite 107 Phone +380 44 2070898
  • Law Offices of Iryna Poteryayeva, Ph.D. J.D.

    Kharkiv, Ukraine

    Business Law, Tax and Estate Planning Lawyers

    Phone +380 50 343 63 83

    I provide a complex of legal services in corporative, tax, economic, land, civil law, in investment and construction and real estate. And, of course, I defend your interests in economical or administrative court at any level.
    Rich practical experience in different spheres allows me to examine...

    Other Offices: Kharkiv
  • Law-Patent Firm Iprocon

    Kiev, Ukraine

    IP Registration & Protection, Searches Including Trademark Watch, Consulting

    Phone +380 44 2235382

    Law-Patent Firm «IPROCON»
    Registration and protection of Trademarks, Inventions, Utility models, Industrial designs, Geographical Indications, Copyright, Representations in the courts of all jurisdictions, Intellectual property evaluation, Expert & Court examination, Monitoring of rights...

  • LCF Law Group

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Banking and Finance Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +380 44 4558887

    LCF Law Group was founded in April 2009 and quickly gained an impeccable name and won a reputation as a talented and successful team of lawyers that adhere to the highest international standards of service and ethical principles. This is evidenced by the numerous successful court cases and...

  • Legal & Patent Company InLex

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Legal Support of Business Transactions and Investments

    Phone +380 44 491 2366

    The dedicated members of Legal & Patent Company InLex provide full range of legal services in such sectors of economy as Construction & Real Estate, Tourism, Clinical Research, Retail and Distribution. Our services are focused on legal support of your business activity.
    We focus our activity on...

  • Legal AllianceArticlesVideos

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Kiev, Ukraine, Pharmaceutical, Antitrust & Competition and Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +380 (44) 280-50-70

    Legal Alliance Company is a Ukrainian law firm specializing in legal support for pharmaceutical companies. We are leading experts in pharmaceutical law, including intellectual property rights and antitrust and competition law. Our firm is widely recognized across the legal community as one of the...

  • Legal Company (JureDixi)

    Lviv, Ukraine

    All Types of Legal Services in Ukraine and Abroad

    Phone +380 32 2444637

    Legal company «Jure Dixi»
    All types of legal services:
    1. Judicial defence
    2. Help in of business in Ukraine foreign companies
    3. Legal accompaniment of business
    4. Decision of tax disputes and at verification of supervisory organs
    5. Consultation on legal questions
    6. Legal...

  • Legal Company Reuter & Partners

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Legal Support for Businesses

    Mate Zalka Str., 8A, Suite 104 Phone +380 44 418 3292 / +380 50 220 0906
  • Legal Counsel Group

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Due Diligence, Working Permit, Company Registration, Corporate Law, Corporate Governance, M&A

    Phone +38 44 220-1260

    Law company Legal Counsel Group (LCG) join expert lawyers with unblemished reputation. Our specialists provide complete, overall and competent legal assistance both individuals and legal entities in various areas of law and business.
    Our assistance includes oral and written consultations, legal...

  • Legal Office of Dmytro Kyrplyuk

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Kiev, Kyiv, Ukraine - Local and International Legal Services

    Phone +38 (067) 841-3059

    The Legal Office of Dmytro Kyrplyuk provides services such as consulting, due diligence, explanation of legal issues, collecting of information or documents, litigation, debt collection, representation of interests, participation in negotiations, drafting suits and claims, etc.

  • Legalaid

    Lviv, Ukraine

    Corporate, Investments and Litigation Attorneys

    Phone 380972184275

    Legalaid is Ukrainian (Lviv) law company, which is mostly interested in smooth entering of foreign business to Ukraine. We provide complex services for individuals and companies. Our Clients never faces any obstacles, we faces them instead.
    Ukraine is bureaucratismized country, but lawyers are...

  • Legalis Law Firm

    Lviv, Ukraine

    Law Firm in Lviv, Ukraine

    Phone +380 32 2430063

    Legalis Law Firm - is the team of professionals working for You, Your property, interests and business felt comfortable, were safe and protected in the legal system of Ukraine. Competence and confidentiality of legal redress, individual approach and attention for every client, service of subjects...

  • Legiteam Law Agency LLCArticles

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Comprehensive legal support of foreign companies

    Phone 38 044 221 23 82

    Legiteam Law Agency specializes in comprehensive legal support of foreign and domestic companies. Among our clients are the companies dealing with:
    - IT-services and e-commerce
    - Wholesale and retail trade
    - Industry materials production
    - Consumer goods production
    - Food...

  • Lex Partners LLC

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +38 44 2277017

    The main Lex Partners’ purpose is that our clients should receive best services and comprehensive understanding their business or legal problems arising before them.
    Lex Partners assists its clients to reach maximum and positive result...

  • LexJus Law Group, LLC

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Local and International Full Service Law Firm in Ukraine

    Phone +380 67 2365546

    LexJus Law Group - professional advisers who consider
    the client’s interests to be an absolute category
    Every client is number 1 in Fortune 500 for us
    We are professionals in rendering services within certain areas
    of legal practice who develop constantly new fields aimed

  • Lexwell & Partners

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Full-Service Legal Firm

    28/19 Luiteranska Str., Suite 2 Phone +38 044 496 26 56
  • Lobbyist, LLC

    Sevastopol, Ukraine

    Real Estate, civil disputes, international cooperation, full-service Law Company, Ukraine

    Phone 38(0692)94-60-54

    Lobbyist, LLC is young and dynamic law firm, combining its experience of elder partners and creative approach of younger attorneys. We represent our clients on the territory of Ukraine and abroad.
    Lobbyist, LLC is a full-service company, working with real estate, merge and absorption, maritime...

  • Lviv Legal Centre

    Lviv, Ukraine

    Full-Service Law Firm in Lviv, Ukraine

    Phone 380 32 2949894

    Lviv Legal Centre («LURC») was founded in 2001 and today offers a full range of high quality legal services necessary for conducting business in Ukraine.
    For professionals «LURC» important are the development of stable relations with clients and a comprehensive approach to solving current...

  • Mab

    Dnipropetrovsk, Ukraine

    Domestic and International Business Practice

    Mironova 7/a Phone +380 562 349471
  • Maksym Volianskyi, Attorney at Law

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Civil, Criminal, Administrative & Corporate Law in Kiev, Ukraine

    Phone +380 674408803

    English speaking Attorney at Law Maksym Volianskyi with a license issued by Kyiv City Bar has over 10 years of successful general legal practice experience with a focus on civil, commercial, criminal and administrative law.
    Main services include legal advice, legal drafting, court representation...

  • Marchenko Danevych

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Corporate & M&A, Disputes Resolution, Real Estate, Tax Law

    Phone +380 44 220 07 11

    Marchenko Danevych is a team of lawyers based in Ukraine and dedicated to practice of business law, including commercial, regulatory, transactional and dispute resolution matters.
    The firm’s extensive expertise, close-knit legal and administrative team and language capacity have enabled...

  • Maritime Business & Legal Services (MBLS)

    Mariupol, Ukraine

    Maritime Law International Litigation&Arbitration Litigation in Ukraine Commercial Law & Investment

    Phone +380 629 410144

    1. Maritime Law
    carriage of goods by sea
    agency and freight-forwarding relations
    port and harbour law and regulations
    shipping arbitration and litigation
    seamen’s rights
    ship arrests in Ukraine and abroad, release of ships or cargo from arrest

    2. International...

  • Marks & Sokolov Law Offices

    Kiev, Ukraine

    International Law Firm Offers A Wide Range of Legal Services

    Baseyna Str., 5-B, Suite 32 Phone +38 44 2356866
  • Marks & Solokov, LLC

    Kiev, Ukraine

    Kyiv, Ukraine Full-Service Law Firm

    Phone +38 44 2356866

    Marks, Sokolov & Burd’s attorneys provide companies and individuals with a full array of legal advice and support for their Ukrainian businesses. The Kyiv office includes English-speaking Ukrainian attorneys with experience in real estate and corporate matters as well as the practical aspects of...

  • Marzoni

    Kharkov, Ukraine

    International Law Company in Ukraine, Italy and UK.

    Phone +38 (097) 444-4455

    The international law firm" Marzoni" provides a wide range of legal services in the field of companies registration and trade marks around the world, opening and maintaining bank accounts, creating and maintaining virtual offices, taxes and accounting for international companies, providing...

  • Maxima Law Office

    Odessa, Ukraine

    International Law, Maritime and Admiralty Law Firm in Odessa, Ukraine

    Phone 380 487 990792

    Maxima Law Office is a team of qualified specialists in the area of international private law. Our attorneys and lawyers have a vast experience in the sphere of maritime, civil and commercial law. Maxima Law Office is situated in Odessa, Ukraine.
    The main task and device of our team is searching...

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