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  • The Law Offices of Jay Hait

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Business & Corporate Law Firm

    Phone +972 (77) 200-8161

    I am a Tel Aviv based American Israeli attorney who specializes in representing U.S. and Israeli individuals and companies in their legal transactions with the Israeli government and with Israeli residents and businesses. I pride myself on my in-depth knowledge of the Israeli business and legal...

  • The Levinson Environmental Law Firm

    Haifa, Israel

    Haifa, Israel Environmental Law Firm

    Phone +972 (4) 852-5246

    The Levinson Environmental Law Firm – experts in environmental legal consultancy worldwide. Our firm has been providing for over 20 years, consulting and representation for corporations on new product introductions, compliance of existing products with local and global regulation as well as due...

  • Tik, Gilad, Keynan

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Real Estate Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 608-1960

    Tik, Gilad, Keynan is a real estate boutique law firm, which represents clients in matters of transactions and litigation, and accompanies projects in this field. In addition, our firm specializes in civil-commercial litigation, hotels and complex financing transactions.
    Our firm was established...

  • Tiran-Paz Law Office and Associates

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Personal Injury Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 613-6160

    The law firm of Tiran - Jade & Co., represents hundreds of clients in cases against corporate insurance, the State of Israel and Mosodotih, NII, medical systems and public and / or private and all for events that caused personal injuries and / or mental and / or property damage.
    Legal counsel in...

  • Tony Greenman Law Offices

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 609-3565

    Tony Greenman Law Offices is a boutique firm, specializing in intellectual property law, with an emphasis on copyrights, trademarks, design protection and trade secrets, entertainment and media law and internet and technology law.
    The Firm was established in 1996 by Tony Greenman, the author of...

  • Tovaip

    Haifa, Israel

    Haifa Israel Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +972 (77) 204-5858

    TOVAIP is an intellectual property service provider that offers a wide range of services to businesses and individuals. We believe in quality service at reasonable rates. We are located in the beautiful city of Haifa which has always attracted a diverse, tolerant, visionary and industrious...

  • Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 607-5000

    The law firm of Tulchinsky Stern Marciano Cohen Levitski & Co. is a preeminent Israeli firm specializing in providing comprehensive legal advice and services to clients involved in sophisticated corporate and commercial transactions, both in Israel and internationally, and in complex dispute...

  • Tz'slr - Nzrtzki, Lawyers

    Bnei Brak, Israel

    Bnei Brak, Israel Real Estate and Civil Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 672-9101

    Advocates Tz'slr - Nzrtzki founded in 2000 and since He is active in many areas of law. Lawyers working in our office are engaged in many of providing legal advice and representing clients in real estate (land and certain real estate, planning and construction, etc.), civil and commercial area of &...

  • Tzachie Horovitz Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Commercial and Civil Litigation Lawyers in Ramat Gan Israel

    Phone +972 (3) 612-1731

    The firm, established in 2000, renders legal counseling and representation to clients on specific issues, and on retainer basis.

    The firm provides representation in courts of law across the country, on administrative proceedings, and on mediation proceedings and arbitrations
    The firm...

  • Tzvi Shoob Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Real Estate and Commercial Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 575-7170

    Tzvi Shoob Law Offices is one of Israel’s leading real estate legal offices, also specializing in various areas of civil law, such as contract law, administrative law, and real estate taxation.
    Our office specializes in dealing with various authorities, especially in expropriation and related...

  • Udi Barzily Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Tax Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 611-6262

    The firm was established in 2001 by Advocate Ehud (Udi) Barzily (CPA), the Legal Counsel of the Israeli Income Tax Authority.
    The Firm provides the highest level of tax services in all various areas of tax law, including on-going consultation to individuals and companies (Israeli as well as...

  • Uri Chen Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Real Estate Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 612-9612

    Uri Chen law offices established by its founder, advocate Uri Chen, on 1972.
    The office is located on the 17th floor in "Gibor Sport" building ,situated in the diamond exchange offices buildings area, in Ramat- Gan (on the Tel-Aviv ring road).
    The firm is registered as a corporate firm,...

  • Victoria Gelfand, Attorney at Law

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Family Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 525-99017

    Law Offices of attorney Victoria Gelfand specialize in family law cases and render services on a range of issues in this field, including topics which are considered relatively rare in Israel – for example: Surrogacy procedures abroad, which require an escort and supervision by an experienced...

  • Webb & Co. Patent Attorneys

    Rehovot, Israel

    Rehovot, Israel Patent Law Firm

    Phone +972 (8) 948-4666

    Webb & Co., a firm of Israel patent attorneys, is a leader in intellectual property strategy and management.
    The highest quality is our primary goal. Clients come to us because we achieve quality results for them to leverage their intellectual property assets (patent, trademark, copyright,...

  • Weinstock - Zecler & Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Business and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone 972 3 6968333

    Weinstock – Zecler & Co. is one of Israel’s leading law firms in its fields of expertise. The firm is characterized by uncompromising professionalism, comprehensive and profound legal knowledge, proficiency, the ability to produce creative tailor-made practical solutions and devoted personal...

  • Weiss, Porat & Co. Law Offices

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Business & Corporate Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 516-4949

    Weiss, Porat & Co., founded in 1976, offers an extensive range of legal services to its clientele worldwide. Our areas of expertise include domestic and international business law, corporate law, technology transfer agreements, licensing, joint ventures, banking law, investment law, energy law,...

  • Weksler, Bregman & Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Corporate & Business Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 511-9393

    Founded in 1936, Weksler Bregman & Co has evolved over decades of operating at the heart of the legal profession in Israel and has grown into a leading, full service law firm. The firm prides itself on cultivating longstanding client relationships and sustainable organic growth. Today, as a highly...

  • Willi Itzhaki & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Real Estate Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 542-0100

    Willi Itzhaki & Co. was established in 1988. Our firm provides a wide range of legal services and has expertise and extensive experience in the fields of real estate, planning and construction, commercial law, companies, merges and acquisitions, local authorities, administrative law, labor law,...

  • Wolff, Bregman and Goller

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Patent, Design and Trademark Law Firm

    Phone +972 (2) 624-2255

    Wolff, Bregman and Goller was established by David Wolff in 1965, and expanded into the firm of Wolff, Bregman & Goller in 1972 when joined by Zwi Bregman and Gilbert Goller. Subsequently, in 1996, the firm was joined by attorney Yosef Bregman, who assumed responsibility for the trademark and...

  • Wolstein - Weisbuch Law Firm

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Criminal Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 693-5300

    If the police arrests you, interrogates and charges with a crime. If your freedom and civil rights are violated by the authorities, you can trust Wolstein - Weisbuch Law Firm, to give you the best professional legal representation in Israel.

    Wolstein - Weisbuch Law Firm expertise's spans...

  • Y. Ben Dror Law Offices

    Herzliya, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Commercial, Corporate and Financial Law Firm

    Phone +972 9 9720801

    Y. Ben-Dror (in association with Eitan, Mehulal & Sadot) is a unique law firm, having experienced, talented and dedicated lawyers, specializing in a broad range of corporate and commercial law.
    YBD is committed to enhancing responsiveness, delivering value and providing the highest quality of...

  • Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co.

    Haifa, Israel

    Haifa, Israel Business & Financial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (4) 814-0500

    For many decades Yaacov Salomon, Lipschutz & Co. has been one of Israel’s most distinguished and respected law firms. We provide our domestic and international clients a full and diversified set of professional legal services. We are committed to provide our clients professional legal services in a...

  • Yadin & Co. Legal Counsel

    Givatayim, Israel

    Technology and Internet Law Boutique in Israel

    Phone +972 (58) 588-5058

    Yadin & Co. is a highly specialized law boutique in Israel which practices in the areas of Israeli commercial law, capital markets law, regulation, technology law and high-tech, including privacy law, intellectual property and Internet law.

  • Yaffa Elishakov, Law Firm

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Civil and Commercial Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 566-6603

    Yaffa Elishakov – Law Firm, specializes in providing professional and reliable legal services in the fields of Civil-Commercial Law, Intellectual Property, Contracts and Real Estate.
    Our firm is committed to providing a personal and dedicated service to each and every client and to maintaining...

  • Yakov Pink Law Offices & Notary

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Jerusalem, Israel Municipal Taxation Law Firm

    Phone +972 (2) 624-8701

    Yakov Pink Law Offices is located in the center of Jerusalem. The firm specializes in municipal taxation, municipal rates, levies and fees, and class actions in numerous areas. The firm handles all areas of civil law including litigation, drafting contracts, real estate, municipal taxation,...

  • Yariv Dan Law offices

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Business Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 687-2001

    Yariv Dan Law Office is a niche commercial law firm based in the business and finance district of Tel Aviv, offering specialist legal services in Israel to businesses from around the world.
    Yariv Dan Law Office was set up by a selected group of attorneys with substantial private practice and...

  • Yariv Kedem & Co.

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan Israel Intellectual Property Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 654-3210

    The law office of Yariv Kedem provides legal services registration of Intellectual Property rights, as well as litigating oppositions and legal enforcements of Intellectual Property rights before courts and administrative authorities in Israel or worldwide, commercial legal aspects of Intellectual...

  • Yarkoni, Dolinger, Katzav

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Full-Service Law Firm in Tel Aviv , Israel

    Phone +9729 (3) 695 6032

    Yarkoni - Dolinger - Katzav is a well established law firm, located in the center of Tel Aviv.
    We provide a full solution in regards to our client's legal service requirements.
    Our firm has gained a strong reputation among local and international clients for its professional and discreet...

  • Yechiel Yaron - Dr. Akiba Hoffmann

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 624-2015

    Yechiel Yaron – Dr. Akiba Hoffmann – Law Offices & Notary was founded in 1979 by Advocate Yechiel Yaron, former captain in the IDF, father of three sons, who was admitted to the Israeli Bar Association in 1972 after graduating from the Hebrew University in Jerusalem. In the course of 34 years of...

  • Yegnes, Gesser, Heller & Co

    Bnei Brak, Israel

    Bnei Brak, Israel Real Estate Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 570-7440

    Yegnes, Gesser, Heller & Co is a well established Law firm specializing in all aspects of real-estate Law including real-estate taxation, and is one of the country's leading and most experienced law firms in this sector. The firm also specializes in a wide range of other civil and commercial law...

  • Yehuda Raveh

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Jerusalem Israel Corporate & Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (2) 563-5232

    Yehuda Raveh & Co. is among the leading and most senior law firms in Israel. The firm specializes in commercial, administrative, and corporate law and has recently become one of the leading Israeli firms handling B.O.T. infrastructure tender offers, land transactions, different municipal items,...

  • Yemini & Muskin

    Modiin, Israel

    Modiin, Israel Torts and Contract Law Office

    Phone +972 (8) 971-3710

    Yemini & Muskin Areas of Practice are Torts, Contract Law, Notary Services, Real Estate Law, Litigation, Automobile Accidents, Accidents at Work, Legal Translations, Notary Translations, Labor and Employment Law, Mediation.

  • Yifat Winkler

    Jerusalem, Israel

    Jerusalem Israel Criminal Defense Lawyer

    Phone +972 (2) 566-3888

    A Jerusalem-based law firm specializing in helping clients clean their slate by closing open cases, erasing criminal records and obtaining official pardon from the president of Israel.
    Yifat Winkler, the firm's primary attorney, worked at the Israeli Prosecutor's Office and the Isaeli Ministery...

  • Yigal Arnon & Co

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Litigation Lawyer

    Phone +972 (3) 608-7777

    Established over fifty years ago, Yigal Arnon & Co. is one of the largest and most dynamic law firms in Israel, with a proven track record of innovation and quality in meeting its clients’ needs. Yigal Arnon & Co. today numbers over 120 lawyers, of whom over 40 are partners. With its focused...

  • Yoav Kahane Lawyer

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Traffic Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 752-0225

    Traffic lawyer Yoav Kahane: traffic lawyer - provides motorists with any problems that arose on the road. The firm specializes in traffic and gives advice and comprehensive legal representation to its clients. Since its establishment, represented by the Ministry of thousands of customers in the...

  • Yoram L. Cohen, Ashlagi, Fisher, Eshel - Law Offices

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 693-1900

    Yoram L. Cohen, Ashlagi, Eshel is a full-service commercial law firm, with a reputation for sophistication in all aspects of corporate and commercial legal practice and litigation. The firm regularly represents a large and diverse number of international and domestic clients, including publicly...

  • Yoram Samuel and Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Business and Corporate Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 685-8216

    Yoram Samuel and Co. Law Offices and Notary Services was established in 1979 by Advocate Yoram Samuel, and has since been based on the principles of personal customized services and ongoing legal assistance to our clients. The firm provides the most professional legal assistance available for our...

  • Yossi Avraham & Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 608-6888

    Yossi Avraham & Co. is well known for its comprehensive legal solutions and services, which are provided at the highest standard possible. From the firm’s founding in 1987, Yossi Avraham has served as its managing partner. The firm has a staff of 28 lawyers who offer a wide range of expertise, and...

  • Yuval Levy & Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Corporate and Finance Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 517-2303

    Prof. Yuval Levy, one of Israel's most widely-acclaimed attorneys, founded the law firm of Yuval Levy & Co. in 1973. Since its inception as a boutique firm over thirty years ago, the firm has developed into a full service "one stop shop", representing some of the biggest names and players in the...

  • Zaig Law Office

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Ramat Gan, Israel Commercial Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 612-5512

    Zaig Law Firm was founded in 2005 by Adv. Kobi Zaig. Located in the Stock Exchange district and within the heart of Israel's business community, Zaig Law Firm is a leading commercial law practice.
    The firm’s staff possesses both long-term legal experience and high professional expertise, while...

  • Ze’ev Scharf & Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Civil & Commercial Litigation Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 791-4777

    Ze’ev Scharf & Co. is a boutique law firm specializing in a range of complex civil-commercial litigation. The firm offers comprehensive legal responses combined with interdisciplinary capabilities in representing clients in various courts and arbitration according to the changing needs of every...

  • Zeev Guy & Co. Law Offices

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Taxation Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 638-2122

    The firm was founded in the year 2000 by Adv. Zeev Guy. The firm renders legal services in the field of taxation since 1988 - tax law, civil taxation, international taxation, tax crimes, income tax, VAT, land betterment tax and municipal taxation. In its professional work the firm integrates its...

  • Zeev Liond & Co.

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Litigation Law Firm

    Phone +972 (3) 517-0881

    The firm of Zeev Liond & Co. has a tradition dating back many years, originating with the former Minister of Justice, the Late Shmuel Tamir, who passed away in 1987, when the firm bore its previous name "Shmuel Tamir, Moritz & Liond". After Yehuda Moritz's retirement in 1991, Zeev Liond became the...

  • Zeev Orzel Attorneys at Law

    Bat Yam, Israel

    Real Estate Law, Inheritance Law, Notary Public and Apostille, Estate personal and corporate

    Phone +972 3 507 3864

    Zeev Orzel - Attorneys at Law is one of the earliest offices established in Bat Yam near Tel Aviv with over 35 years of experience and undisputed reputation of professional quick and accessible service. The firm employs several attorneys specializing in various fields such as:
    Second hand real...

  • Zelcer Law Firm

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Real Estate & Real Estate Litigation

    Phone +972-77-2200122

    Zelcer law Firm do things differently!. This is not a slogan for us, but a way of life and daily application. We believe in long term customer who responds only to his immediate purpose, but the range of problems and needs that may arise as a result of the situation.

  • Zell & Co.

    Jerusalem, Israel

    International Corporate & Commercial Law Firm in Jerusalem Israel

    Phone +972 (2) 672-1777

    Zell & Co. attorneys have played a leading role in helping shape policy in the burgeoning field of competition law in Israel. Our practice in this area has included the representation of numerous United States and other foreign-based companies in a wide variety of antitrust issues derived from...

  • Zellermayer, Pelossof, Rosovsky, Tsafrir, Toledano & Co., Advocates

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv Israel Corporate and Commercial Law Firm

    Phone 972 (3) 625-5555

    Zellermayer, Pelossof, Rosovsky, Tsafrir, Toledano & Co. is a full service law firm that offers comprehensive legal counsel in corporate transactions, as well as continuous counsel throughout all phases of clients' operations. It provides a wide variety of legal services to major international and...

  • Zemah Schneider & Partners Advocates

    Tel Aviv, Israel

    Tel Aviv, Israel Mergers and Acquisitions Law Office

    Phone +972 (3) 768-4300

    Established in 2008, our boutique firm, founded by Mimi Zemah and Ehood Schneider, has a core group of 10 attorneys and 2 legal interns who are able to be closely involved with and dedicate personal attention to each and every one of their ed clients.

    ZES specializes in Mergers and...

  • Zer & Ouannou Law Firm

    Haifa, Israel

    Haifa, Israel Insolvency and Bankruptcy Law Firm

    Phone +972 (4) 853-4501

    Our firm was established in 1963, by Adv. Abraham Zer & Adv. Solly Ouannou. Located in Haifa, Israel, the firm specializes in Insolvency Law, Bankruptcy Law, Receivership, Representing Banks and Managing Estates. In addition, our firm represents clients in real estate transactions and various...

  • Zev Paz - Law Offices

    Ramat Gan, Israel

    Family and Divorce Lawyer in Ramat Gan Israel

    Phone +972 3 5753471

    The firm was founded by a lawyer Divorce Wolf Paz, an expert in family law and personal status, authorized by the Bar Association since 1995. initially specialized lawyer Zeev Paz Attorney's Office Criminal District Tel - Aviv, and then as a partner in a law firm dealing in personal status, family...

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