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Law Firm in Panama: Molina & Co.

Molina & Co.

Panama City, Panama

Business and Corporate Law Firm in Panama

Phone+507 340-3420

Molina & Co's partners Rodrigo Julio Molina O. and Karina Edith Molina Rolon have assembled a firm of people-focused, bright, technical lawyers from Panamanian, U.S., and European universities with significant experience in working for clients and multinational firms abroad.
Established in 1980,...
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Law Firm in Panama: Abogados de Gracia, Jaén & Asociados

Abogados de Gracia, Jaén & Asociados

Panama City, Panama

Full-Service Law Firm in Panama City

Phone+507 67929815

Adja Attorneys at Law is a law firm in Panama offering personalized attention, responsibility and professionalism.
Our law firm has experience with clients in every continent, offers quick and effective solutions to legal issues. Our clients have continued access to information on matters entrusted...
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Law Firm in Panama: Mata & Pitti

Mata & Pitti

Panama City, Panama

Offshore Legal Services, Corporate and Maritime Law Firm in Panama

Phone+507 2645931

Mata & Pitti is centrally located in Panama City, Panama and provides variety of services, primarily related to incorporations of Panama offshore companies and private interest foundations. The firm advises on the specific requirements and offers guidance in order to incorporate and manage a Panama...
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Law Firm in Panama: Lombardi Aguilar Group

Lombardi Aguilar Group

Panama City, Panama

Asset Protection, Business, Tax & Banking Law Firm in Panama City

Phone+507 340-6444

Abogados Lombardi Aguilar Group is an international business law firm in Panama. The attorneys at our firm provide its clients fast, innovative and effective solutions to their business challenges. The firm provides services to individual and corporate clients in Panama as well in the Americas, Europe...
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Law Firm in Panama: Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega

Arias, Fabrega & Fabrega

Panama City, Panama

Full Service Law Firm in Panama

Phone+507 2057000

Arias, Fábrega & Fábrega, established in 1914, has been at the forefront of the legal profession in Panama for a century.
As a full-service law firm, our practice spans over 30 areas of law, organized in 14 practice groups.
We also have a strong offshore practice for which we have developed a...
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  • Abadas

    Panama City, Panama

    Maritime Legal Services

    Phone +507 264 8920 / 66


  • Acabogado PTYArticles

    Panama City, Panama

    Full-Service Law Firm in Panama, Dedicated to Administrative Law, Corporate Law

    Phone +507 6209-5878

    Alcides Castillo Abogado provides good care in Civil cases, Administration, Inmigration Law, Corporate Law, Intellectual Property and litigation.

  • ACCR abogados

    Panama City, Panama

    Maritime Law, Corporate Law, Private Law, Security and Bank Risks, Family Law

    Phone 507 2099865

    Nosotros nos dedicamos a representar empresas a nivel nacional e internacional, al igual que las areas representativas de nuestra firma son el derecho corporativo, derecho maritimo. Es importante para nosotros demostrar lo necesario en cada negocio de nuestros clientes, lo cual hace una estrecha...

  • Aleman, Cordero, Galindo & Lee

    Panama City, Panama
    Swiss Bank Corporation Building, 2nd Floor, Calle Phone 5072643111
  • Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez

    Panama City, Panama

    Business Law Firm in Panama City

    Phone +507 263-9355

    With over 50 years of service, Alfaro, Ferrer & Ramirez (AFRA) holds the distinction of being one of the longest-established Panamanian law firms. Our firm provides comprehensive legal services to a diverse portfolio of local and international clients.

  • Almanza & Almanza Abogados

    Panama City, Panama

    Panama City Corporate, Banking, Investment Funds, Trusts and Offshore Lawyers

    Phone +507 264 6381

    Almanza & Almanza Abogados is a full service law firm based in the Republic of Panama. Our aim is to offer highly professional, fast and efficient service. We seek for the excellence in all activities we undertake, at both national and international levels.

  • Alvarez de Soto & Espinosa Jimenez

    Panama City, Panama
    Advanced Tower, 6th Floor, Banking Area
    Ricardo Arias Avenue, PO Box 10701 El Dorado Phone 507-6672-2454
  • Arias, Aleman & Mora

    Panama City, Panama
    Interfinanzas Blg.
    P.O. Box 8799 Phone 507-270-1011
  • Arosemena & Diaz

    Panama City, Panama
    Comosa Building, 8th Floor, Samuel Lewis Avenue Phone 507696027
  • Arosemena Ramirez & Associates

    Panama City, Panama

    Immigration Law Firm in Panama

    Phone +507 2 093787

    We are a law firm founded on FEBRUARY OF 2008 dedicated provide general legal services, mainly in the areas of Corporative and Commercial Right, constitution of joint-stock companies and FOUNDATIONS OF PRIVATE INTEREST, Intellectual Property, International Commerce and Transactions, Contract...

  • Arosemena, Noriega & Contreras

    Panama City, Panama
    Elvira Mendez St. No. 10, Banco Do Brasil Building, 2nd Floor
    P.O. Box 0816-01560, Phone (507) 265-3411
  • Arrocha Panama - Abogados Lawyers

    Panama City, Panama

    Corporate Finance & Business Law Office and Offshore Service

    5º Piso, Oficina 3 Calle 32 y Ave. Justo Arosemena Phone (507) 393-0252
  • Arrocha, Blandon, Castro & Young

    Panama City, Panama
    Edificio Cristal Park Office No. 1
    P.O. Box 9685 Phone 507 269-8827
  • Ballard & Ballard

    Panama City, Panama

    Full-Service Law Firm in Panama City

    Phone +507 340-5100

    Ballard & Ballard has served Panama and the international business community with sophisticated legal counsel and representation since 2001. The firm’s deliberate and innovative approach to business and investment has earned it a reputation for quality and efficiency in both Panama and several...

  • BDS Asesores

    Panama City, Panama

    Corporate Labor Law Firm in Central America

    Phone +507 830-6552

    BDS Asesores is the leader legal firm, specialists in Labor Law, both in Costa Rica as well as in the Central American area. Our team is made up of eleven lawyers and specializes in offering preventive and corrective counsel on individual and collective labor conflicts of multiple organizations,...

  • Beitia-Carrillo Consultores & AsociadosArticles

    Panama City, Panama

    BCCA & ASSOCIATES is a boutique law and financial firm

    Phone +507 395-4266

    Beitia and Carrillo Consultants and Associates in Panama City, Panama, handles a number of legal areas for foreign entities. The firm can establish corporations in Belize, Panama or Bahamas. It also handles cases involving maritime law, private foundations, litigation and international...

  • Benedetti & Benedetti

    Panama City, Panama
    Comosa Building, 21st Floor, Avenida Samuel Lewis Phone 5072634444
  • Boutin Law Firm

    Panama City, Panama
    Via Grecia, Nuevo Reparto El Carmen
    Edificio Alamanda, 3 piso, Oficina 6-B Phone 5072647975
  • Boyd Galindo & Associates

    Panama City, Panama
    Apartado 6831 Zone 5 Phone (507) 225 1748
  • BRICO - Offshore Services

    Panama City, Panama

    Legal Offshore Services

    Phone (507) 215-1545

    BRICO - Offshore Services was established in Panama City, Republic of Panama in 2000 by its founder Josie Ben Rubi. Our practice focuses primarily in Corporate Law, Panama Corporations, Incorporations in other Jurisdictions such as British Virgin Islands and The Bahamas, Private Interest...

  • Britton & Iglesias

    Panama City, Panama

    Panama Construction Law Real Estate Law Litigation & Arbitration

    Phone +507 388.4800

    Britton & Iglesias (BRIG), specialized teams of attorneys in Panama for Infrastructure, Construction, Real Estate Development, Real Estate, Foreign Investment, Public Contracts, Financial Law, Insurance, Banking Contracts, sectors.

  • Bufete Candanedo

    Panama City, Panama
    50th Street, Global Bank Building, 6th floor Phone (507)213-0033
  • Bufete Illueca

    Panama City, Panama
    5th Floor, Deutsch Sudamerikanische Bank Tower, 50 Phone 5072691333
  • Cajigas & Co.

    Panama City, Panama

    Banking, Litigation, Business and Intellectual Property Lawyers in Panama

    Phone +507 2646111

    The law firm of Cajigas & Co. has over 30 years of experience providing personalized, detailed and direct legal services. Throughout these years, we have represented global brands, banks, insurance companies, foreign law firms, executives and professionals. .
    In the local practice, Cajigas &...

    Other Offices: Panama City
  • Caporaso & Partners Law Office

    Panama City, Panama

    Serving the Offshore World Since 1992

    Phone +507 8327893

    World wide offshore services including banking, offshore incorporations, tax planning, investments, offshore divorces

  • Carles-Barraza Law Firm

    Panama City, Panama

    Corporate Law in Panama

    Phone +507 340-6917

    We are a law firm with more than 20 years of experience serving local and international clients.

  • Carreira-Pitti, P.C., Attorneys

    Panama City, Panama
    Samuel Lewis Avenue, Comosa Building, Third Floor Phone 5072301012
  • Castro & Berguido

    Panama City, Panama
    Apartado Postal 4413 Plaza Obarrio Building
    Suite No. 204 Samuel Lewis Avenue Phone 507 264-0506
  • Chen Lee y Asociados

    Panama City, Panama

    Panama Immigration Attorneys for Corporations & Individuals

    Phone +507 2 8325567

    Chen Lee & Associates gives you the warmest welcome to our website and offices in the Republic of Panama. We offer legal services inside and outside Panama, making available the knowledge and judicial experience in different legal areas of our Panamanian laws.

    Our specialist is in the field...

  • De Castro & Robles

    Panama City, Panama

    Admiralty & Maritime Law in Panama

    Phone 5072636622

    Our firm was established in 1956 by Woodrow de Castro (RIP) and David Robles (RIP). During its first 20 years, the firm actively practiced before a US District Court located in the Canal Zone, tending to maritime disputes. Anticipating the disestablishment of the District Court, Woodrow De Castro,...

  • De Obaldia & Garcia De Paredes

    Panama City, Panama
    Proconsa Building, Sixth Floor, Manuel Maria Icaza Phone 5072640311
  • De Puy & Asociados

    Panama City, Panama

    Boutique Intellectual Property & Offshore Corporations Law Firm

    Phone (507) 399-5190

    Established in the Republic of Panama, De Puy & Asociados' experienced attorneys specialize in Intellectual Property (IP) matters and offshore corporations in both Panamá and Belize.
    The firm also has ample experience in immigration and real estate transactions. It also counsels clients on...

  • Delvalle & Delvalle Attorneys at Law

    Panama City, Panama

    International Business Law Firm

    Phone +507 3902890

    Delvalle & Delvalle is a Panama Law firm which specializes in providing panama offshore legal services, with offices in Panama City, Republic of Panama. Our team of experts is dedicated to providing the best possible legal advisory services to international clients that turn to Panama as a...

  • Diaz & Asociados

    Panama City, Panama

    Offshore Law Firm in Panama

    Phone 011-507-60098178

    DIAZ & ASOC. is a law firm composed by young, aggressive and high-skilled professionals offering its clients a first class attention and whose responsibility and professionalism makes the difference.
    The practice of law in Panama is oriented to the commercial environment in which we operate. Our...

  • Dudley & Asociados

    Panama City, Panama

    Banking & Corporate Law Firm in Panama City

    Phone +507 263-5400

    Dudley & Asociados, founded in 1980, provides legal representation and services to both local and international clients.

  • Durling & Durling

    Panama City, Panama

    Panama City Corporate and Business Law Firm

    Phone +507 2 638244

    Durling & Durling provides legal representation and services in corporate and business matters, including the organization of corporations and the establishment of Foundations and Trusts for selected clientele.

  • Eskildsen & Eskildsen

    Panama City, Panama

    Legal Services on Incorporation of Offshore Corporation

    Phone +507 271-2182

    Eskildsen & Eskildsen, a Panama based law firm with representation in key jurisdictions, offers International Legal services on Incorporation of Off Shore and domestic Corporation, Foundation of Private Interest and Maritime and Merchant Marine Services, Real Estate Services, Commercial and Legal...

  • Esquivel & Asociados

    Panama City, Panama
    Balboa Ave. Balboa Plaza Building 3rd Floor
    P.O. Box 0832-0960 WTC Phone (507) 269-7258
  • Estudio Juridico Elias Solano

    Panama City, Panama

    Full-Service Law Firm in Panama City, Panama

    Phone +507 2 2651550

    Located in the center of Panama City, Panama, Law Offices of Elias Solano is a premier law firm in which the services offered converge in the several legal matters required by people or companies in a complete manner. Its founder, Elias Solano, specializes also in criminal representation and civil...

  • Fabrega Molino

    Panama City, Panama

    Admiralty, Intellectual Property, Banking and Commercial Law Firm in Panama

    Phone +507 301 6600

    Panama law firm specialized in Admiralty, Intellectual Property, Banking and Commercial Law

  • Fesa Fernández and Salas Panama

    Panama City, Panama

    Immigration, Real Estate and Visa Law Firm in Panama, Panama

    Buro 1, Calle (st.) Elida Diez
    El Carmen Phone +1 507 214-9761
  • Franco & Franco

    Panama City, Panama

    International Law Firm

    12th Floor, Torre Universal Building, Federico Boy Phone +507 2638555
  • FT International Law Firm Panama

    Panama City, Panama

    Corporate, Innmigration, Maritime Registration, Tax Planning and Business Advisory Lawyers

    Phone (507) 340-3358

    FT Law offers assistance on the set up of Panamanian companies and other jurisdictions, advise on asset protection and international tax planning, banking, residence and relocation services, vessels and trademark registration and several local legal services

  • Galindo, Arias & Lopez

    Panama City, Panama
    Phone 5073030303

    Galindo, Arias & Lopez is one of Panama’s largest and most successful law firms with high-profile international and local clients including multinational corporations, financial institutions, and governmental organizations.
    Through its lawyers and professional staff, the firm is committed to...

  • Garrido & Garrido

    Panama City, Panama

    Panamanian Corporations, Registry of Vessels, Trademark Registry, Real Estate Law, Litigation

    Phone (507) 269-4416

    Garrido & Garrido is a law firm composed by young, aggressive and high-skilled professionals offering its clients a first class attention and whose responsibility and professionalism makes the difference.
    Since its foundation, more than 19 years ago, GARRIDO & GARRIDO has been offering its...

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