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  • What to Do in a Car Accident in Australia
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Every year, the number of car accidents continues to rise. A car accident can leave you devastated, injured and with a huge hospital bill. Although you might be in a daze after such an incident, it is prudent to collect as much information as you can if you are in a state to do so. This is because you could be eligible for a car accident settlement from the other party.

  • Choose a Civil Lawyer to Get Rid of Number of Issues You Are Facing
       Provided by Civil Lawyers Adelaide SA

    Civil disputes are considered most demanded. They affect a large number of property and non-property conflicts that arise between people. Civil disputes are understood as any disputes arising between individuals regardless of citizenship. All cases considered within this category are of a private nature.

  • Understanding the Purchase and Sale Agreement in Australia
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Purchase and sale agreement bids a buyer purchase and a seller to sell services or products. Companies use the legal document to finalize the interest of both parties to close the deal. It is essential to understand the purchase and sale agreement when buying and selling businesses.

  • How Do You Get a Power of Attorney in Queensland?
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Oftentimes, when there's an issue of a disputed wills in Queensland, one question that invariably comes up is how an individual can get power of attorney (POA). There is no simple answer to this, as Australia, like many other places, strictly regulates how this impressive burden is handled. It all begins with which type of POA is sought.

  • A Guide to an Agreement to Purchase Real Estate Form in Queensland
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    If you are a real estate agent who is helping someone buy a property in Queensland, you should know what needs to go into an agreement to purchase real estate form.

  • How Do You Sue for Defamation of Character in Brisbane?
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    If you think someone has hurt your reputation, you can take legal action against them. A person who tarnishes another's name can be sued for defamation of character. Read on for information on what defamation is, what elements have to be satisfied in a defamation claim, the steps one should take to make a defamation claim and the damages payable.

  • 3 Common Mistakes in Contract Law & How to Prevent Them
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Have you ever wondered what is a mistake in contract law and what does it imply? A mistake in contract law is an erroneous meaning of words or facts. It can be argued as a justification, and if warranted that is what makes a contract void. Alternatively, the court can provide an equitable remedy to a contract found voidable.

  • The Right to Compensation for Plane Crash Victims
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Nobody likes to think about being in a plane crash when traveling. It does happen, and people should know what to expect if it does. Important information about what will occur after a plane crash is printed on a person's plane ticket. There will be information concerning what an airline is required to do by law in the event of such an event.

  • Can You Break a Real Estate Contract in Queensland, Australia?
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    There are legitimate reasons why you may change your mind or why a seller may decide to back out of the deal after a purchase contract has been signed.

  • Property Options Australia: "Call" and "Put" Explanation
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    One of the common alternatives for investors is a stock option.

  • Tenant's Guide to Commercial Lease Agreement in Queensland, Australia
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    If you are looking to rent a house or property, it is important to be appraised about your rights and responsibilities as a tenant. The following web page is going to review the general renting rules for tenants. The article will also discuss the general tenancy agreement (Form 18a), entry to the property, extending a tenancy and ending a tenancy.

  • Personal Injury Claims in Australia
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Personal injury claims are one of the most common legal situations. A personal injury claim is a suit for compensation of injuries incurred by one party owing to the negligent actions of another party. Before hiring a lawyer to represent you on a claim of personal injury, it is important to understand the different types of personal injury claims, the grounds of making a claim, and the implications involved.

  • Probate of Wills and Administration of Estates in Queensland, Australia
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    At the demise of a loved, there is the need to administer their estate as per their wishes. If the deceased died testate, then the process of legally administering an estate with a will follows. This process is known as probate.

  • Contesting a Will in Queensland: How It Works
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Challenging a valid will is very tricky, and the courts are, especially wary about interfering with the wishes of a deceased. Sometimes, however, it may be necessary to contest a last will if a beneficiary believes that the provisions are insufficient. There are justifications that the courts look at when dealing with a will contest.

  • Buying Property in Queensland - What Does a Conveyancer Do?
       Provided by Carter Capner Law

    Deciding to purchase a property is a critical decision. Once you decide to go ahead and make a real estate transaction, you will have to follow all the right and legal channels including conveyancing for you to have peace of mind that you are buying a legitimate asset.

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