Brazil Bar Associations

Brazil Bar Associations

  • Brazilian Federal Bar Association, Brasília
    SAUS Quadra 5 Lote 1 Bloco M, Brasília, Phone: +55 (61) 2193-9600

    The Federal Bar aims to broaden the channels of participation of lawyers, trainees and law students, as well as any interested parties, and, in defense of their rights and interests, to improve the quality of the work of the Federal Council and, in cooperation with the Sectional Councils and Subsections of the Brazilian Bar Association,as well as the organs and departments that are part of its organizational structures, in any of its spheres, in order to collaborate for the improvement, transparency and effectiveness of the activities, assistance, defense and provision of services offered to its members and to the community in general

  • State of Ceará Bar Association, Fortaleza
    Rua Livio Barreto, 668, Fortaleza, Phone: +55 (085) 3216-1600

  • State of Rio de Janeiro Bar Association, Rio de Janeiro
    Av. Marechal Câmara, 150, Rio de Janeiro, Phone: +55 (21) 2730-6525

    The Rio de Janeiro Sectional Council of the Brazilian Bar Association has its own legal personality, financial and administrative autonomy and exercises in the territory of this State all the attributions granted to it by Law 8,906 of July 4, 1994.

  • State of Rio Grande do Sul Bar Association, Porto Alegre
    Rua Washington Luiz, 1110 - Centr, Porto Alegre, Phone: +55 (51) 3287.1800

  • State of São Paulo Bar Association, Sao Paulo
    Rua Maria Paula, 35 - Centro, Sao Paulo, Phone: +55 (11) 3291-3777

    Created in 1932, the São Paulo Section of the Brazilian Bar Association (OAB SP) has been contributing, throughout its history, to consolidate democratic institutions and citizenship in the country

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