Croatia Bar Associations

Croatia Bar Associations

  • Croatian Bar Association, Zagreb

    The legal profession in Croatia has a long tradition, reaching back to ancient times. The first historical documents in which attorneys-at-law (Croatian: odvjetnici; Latin: advocates, procuratores) are mentioned have a medieval origin - the first of them being The Vinodol Code (Vinodolski zakon) from 1288. In the coastal area - Dalmatia - the roots of the legal profession are even deeper and reach to the times of the Roman Empire.

  • Osijek Bar Association, Osijek

    Today Attorney Assembly Osijek gathers 123 lawyers, 45 law clerks and 15 joint law firms throughout Osijek - Baranya County, in other words, cities of Donji Miholjac, Beli Manastir, Valpovo, Đakovo, Kneževi Vinogradi, Našice and Osijek. Assembly seat is in Osijek, the address Europska Avenija 20/1. Its president, already re - elected for the third time, for the term of office of 2003- 2006 is lawyer Vladimir Domac, who practises law for 24 years, starting in the law firm of his father, Julije Domac. Vladimir Domac points out that he is very proud he was given such a confidence from his Assembly members. Long tradition of law firm Domac, dates back to the 1926, when L.L.D. Branimir Domac, grandfather of today's president Vladimir Domac, started practising law. Attorney Assembly Osijek is proud of the fact that its member is LLM Dražen Matijević, award winner of the Medallion 'L.L.D. Ivo Politeo' with the charter for 1999, awarded by the Bar Association. Colleague LLM Dražen Matijević earned his acclaim, because he didn't consider his long term practising of law only as a profession, but tried and succeded in performing all his duties as a lawyer with all the dignity of his calling, as it was intended by the L.L.D. Ivo Politeo. Managing board of the Assembly make 11 members - lawyers from Osijek, Valpovo and Donji Miholjac and law clerks representative. We meet 6 times a year and if required even more. During our sessions we deal with the problems of lawyers and Attorney Assembly workings. We try to solve the problems with which we encounter according to agreed procedure withing the framework of the Managing board and to everyone's satisfaction

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