Kentucky Bar Associations

Kentucky Bar Associations - Statewide

  • Kentucky Bar Association (KBA), Frankfort

    The mission and purpose of the Association is to maintain a proper discipline of the members of the bar in accordance with these Rules and with the principles of the legal profession as a public calling, to initiate and supervise, with the approval of the Court, appropriate means to insure a continuing high standard of professional competence on the part of the members of the Bar, and to bear a substantial and continuing responsibility for promoting the efficiency and improvement of the judicial system.

  • Kentucky State Government Bar Association, Frankfort

    The Kentucky State Government Bar Association, Inc., was founded in 1984 as a nonprofit organization designed to provide state government attorneys a method to obtain continuing legal education credits. It meets once each month (usually the last Tuesday of the month) in the Kentucky Bar Center, where CLE credits are awarded to the participating attorneys. The organization occasionally engages in various causes to promote the legal profession.

Kentucky Bar Associations - Local

  • Fayette County Bar Association (FCBA), Lexington

    The Fayette County Bar Association is a professional association of attorneys in Lexington, Kentucky. As a local bar, the FCBA strives to meet the needs of Lexington area attorneys. The purposes of the association are: to promote the efficient administration of justice and the constant improvement of the law; to elevate the standards of integrity, honor, and courtesy in the legal profession; to cultivate and promote a spirit of collegiality among its members; to promote the code of professional conduct; to provide services to our members; and to establish closer relationships and cooperation with the Kentucky Bar Association and through it with the American Bar Association.

  • Louisville Bar Association (LBA), Louisville

    Mission: promote justice, professional excellence and respect for the law, improve public access to the judicial system, provide law-related services to the community, and serve our members.

  • Northern Kentucky Bar Association (NKBA), Crestview Hills

    Since 1984, the Northern Kentucky Bar Association (NKBA) has grown in members, projects, and services at an astounding pace. In the process, the NKBA has become an integral part of the Northern Kentucky Community. It is the only local provider of Continuing Legal Education (CLE) courses. Over ninety percent of the attorneys in Northern Kentucky with Kentucky license belong to the Northern Kentucky Bar Association. The Association provides services to the members, the profession, and the general public.

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