Montserrat Bar Associations

Montserrat Bar Associations

  • Montserrat Bar Association,

    The mission of the Montserrat Bar Association is to be a transformative force in the delivery of legal services to all applicable stakeholders local and otherwise. Proactive measures will be taken to increase the visibility, value, and accessibility of legal services to the general public. Through continued interaction with individuals in the varied categories and levels of the legal profession, we will seek to bring to the fore as well as address any longstanding or emergent issues related to law and its practice on Montserrat.

  • OECS Bar Association, Brades

    The OECS Bar Association aims to represent, promote and protect the interest of the legal profession within the territories of its members (including the honour and independence of practicing lawyers and the judiciary), to be concerned with questions of human rights and the rule of law, to protect the public's rights of access to the courts and to legal representation, to work for the improvement of the administration of justice and to undertake any action which contributes to the protection and preservation of fundamental conditions for a well ordered society.

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