Wisconsin Bar Associations

Wisconsin Bar Associations - Statewide

  • Wisconsin State Bar, Madison
    5302 Eastpark Blvd., Madison 53718, Phone: (608) 257-3838

    The purposes of the association are to aid the courts in carrying on and improving the administration of justice; to foster and maintain on the part of those engaged in the practice of law high ideals of integrity, learning, competence and public service and high standards of conduct; to safeguard the proper professional interests of the members of the bar; to encourage the formation and activities of local bar associations; to conduct a program of continuing legal education; to assist or support legal education programs at the preadmission level; to provide a forum for the discussion of subjects pertaining to the practice of law, the science of jurisprudence and law reform and the relations of the bar to the public and to publish information relating thereto; to carry on a continuing program of legal research in the technical fields of substantive law, practice and procedure and make reports and recommendations thereon within legally permissible limits; to promote the innovation, development and improvement of means to deliver legal services to the people of Wisconsin; to the end that the public responsibility of the legal profession may be more effectively discharged.

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  • Wisconsin Asian Bar Association, Madison

    Our primary objective currently is to establish a solid framework and membership base for an Asian Bar Association.

Wisconsin Bar Associations - Local

  • Dane County Bar Association (DCBA), Madison

    The Dane County Bar Association shares with the Milwaukee Bar Association the honor of being the oldest bar organization in Wisconsin, both predating the State Bar of Wisconsin by some twenty years. Because it contains the State Capitol, Dane County always has been particularly attractive to lawyers. Some of the leading figures in Wisconsinís legal and political history have been Association members.

  • Eastern District of Wisconsin Bar Association, Milwaukee

    Providing CLE seminars focused on federal and local practice issues. Maintaining clear and open lines of communication between practitioners and the Judges and Magistrates of the Eastern District. Publishing an e-newsletter on issues of importance to Eastern District practitioners. Informing Bar Association members of breaking news and other matters of interest in the Eastern District. Promoting improvements in the administration of justice and reducing the cost and delays in litigation. Assisting the Eastern District by maintaining a list of counsel willing to undertake pro bono representation or act as pro bono counsel in mediations involving pro se litigants. Providing networking opportunities with other members of the EDWBA.

  • Eau Claire County Bar Association, Eau Claire

    Improve and maintain professional relations among lawyers within and without the Association, and between lawyers and judges and appropriately assist the judiciary when and where possible. Advance the ideals of the legal profession as set forth in the Attorney's Oath. Work to improve the practice of law generally, and assist its members therein. Promote reform in the law for the good of citizens and the profession alike. Encourage education of the public in the American legal system and promote citizen participation in the same. Foster interest in, and understanding of, the legal profession, and ever work to maintain its image. Promote and foster a spirit of good fellowship among the members of the Association.

  • Milwaukee Bar Association, Milwaukee

    Established in 1858, the mission of the Milwaukee Bar Association is to serve the interests of the lawyers, judges and the people of Milwaukee County by working to: Promote the professional interests of the local bench and bar; Encourage collegiality, public service and professionalism on the part of the lawyers of Southeastern Wisconsin; Improve access to justice for those living and working in Milwaukee County; Support the courts of Milwaukee County in the administration of justice; and Increase public awareness of the crucial role that the law plays in the lives of the people of Milwaukee County.

  • Racine County Bar Association (RCBA), Racine

    The Racine County Bar Association (RCBA) has a long and rich tradition of providing legal fellowship to its members and competently serving the legal needs of the citizens of Racine County and Southeastern Wisconsin. The association works to improve the legal system in Wisconsin, with specific emphasis on providing Racine County citizens with information regarding current laws, pending legislation, and the role of the local judiciary.

  • Waukesha County Bar Association, Mukwonago

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