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Business contracts are used by every business for a variety of reasons, such as preventing future conflict and avoiding a liability risk. Although contracts in business settings are often standardized, it is important to know the legal ramifications of every contract.

  • ContentModeling Contracts - Answers to Common Questions of How Models Can Protect Themselves

    The author in this informative article provides a wealth of information about the modeling industry and how models can protect themselves. In answering four common questions of models, this legal author helps models to understand the different types of contracts in the modeling industry, what to pay attention to in their modeling contracts, and model release forms and when cancellation of a contract is possible.

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  • ContentWho Owns the Intellectual Property Developed by an Independent Contractor?

    Businesses must be aware of the consequences that result when an independent contractor is hired instead of an employee. In this article, we discuss one often overlooked factor: whether inventions or discoveries made by an independent contractor will be owned by the employer.

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  • ContentBreach of Contract Overview

    A contract will only be legally enforceable if it follows a stringent set of guidelines.

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  • ContentTermination Clauses in Physician Contracts

    Termination is the most important provision in a Physician Employment Contract and a Physician Contractor Agreement. Your exit from the relationship is crucial -- everything must end, and most things will end bad, so be prepared. This article explains termination provisions and the consequences of termination of the contract.

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  • ContentResolving Breach of Contract Without Expensive and Time Consuming Litigation

    There are definitely reasons to consider filing a breach of contract lawsuit even though you intend to find another path to resolve the situation. Filing the lawsuit puts the breaching party on notice that you are serious about holding them accountable, and may strengthen their resolve to cooperate to find a positive solution to the breach.

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  • ContentContract Law and Damages In California

    This article shows how a contract lawyer in California determines if a contract exists under California law, whether there has been a breach of that contract and what damages the performing party is entitled to recover. As this California contract attorney shows, just as there are different types of contracts, written, oral and implied, there are also different types of damages that may be available if there is jurisdiction in California and if the statute of limitations has not run out.

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  • ContentResolving Business Contract Disputes

    What are the keys to resolving business contract disputes in Califronia? What is the best strategy to resolve a contract related disagreement without expensive, time-consuming litigation? How can an experienced business contract dispute attorney help to actually save you time and money?

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