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Business contracts are used by every business for a variety of reasons, such as preventing future conflict and avoiding a liability risk. Although contracts in business settings are often standardized, it is important to know the legal ramifications of every contract.

  • ContentRestrictive Covenants in Florida Contract Law Your Business Needs

    In a free-market system, competition is healthy and beneficial to consumers, encouraging innovation and competitive prices. In general, the government prefers to encourage, rather than restrict, competition. However, under Florida contract law, there are some situations where businesses can restrict their employees, contractors, business partners or others from competing with them in within a certain time frame and geographical areas.

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  • ContentChoice of Law Provisions in Florida Contracts

    Let’s be honest – when it comes to contracts, no one really wants to read all the fine print. But like it or not, those small details can make a huge difference in how and where disputes are resolved. One of these often overlooked details is commonly referred to a “Choice of Law” provision. For Florida businesses with customers or clients elsewhere in the United States or abroad, this provision is especially important.

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  • ContentWhat You Need to Consider Before Signing a Corporate Lease

    Signing a lease is a critical step in the development of your business. It provides you with a base of operations and room for growth. It can also be a fraught process, full of worry and hidden dangers. Before signing, make sure you are protected. Here’s what you need to consider before signing a corporate lease.

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  • ContentUnderstanding Verbal Contracts in Florida

    Once upon a time, not so long ago, businessmen often closed transactions with a simple handshake and the unspoken understanding that any promises made in the context of the deal would be kept as a matter of principle. In other words, a man’s word was his bond, and in many cases, this meant there was no need for a written agreement.

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  • ContentBreach of Contract Law in Florida: A Brief Overview

    A deal is a deal, right? Well, that would ideally be the case. But as we are all painfully aware, people don’t always keep their word – in their personal lives or in business. When someone fails to keep their word or live up to expectations in the context of the latter, you may be able to pursue legal recourse – especially if their action(s) (or lack thereof) constitute a breach of contract.

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  • ContentWhy a Good Negotiator Is Essential When Creating a Contract

    As business lawyers here at Eskander Loshak LLP, we always strive to do the best for our clients – so we are always frustrated when a client comes to us after it’s too late, when the problem could have been cheaply and easily avoided. For example, clients sometimes come to us in the wake of failed contract negotiations or after they’ve already agreed to terms that aren’t necessarily in their best interest. Then, it’s up to us to apply lipstick to a proverbial pig – and as the saying goes, it’s difficult, if not impossible.

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  • Content“I Never Signed Nuthin!” Five Tips For Small Biz Internet Contracts

    If you’re a small business with an e-commerce website you’d be best served making sure your site does substantiate understanding of the transaction and it does confirm assent to the terms in what the courts have uniformly called a “fair and forthright” manner. Here are five tips to help you do just that.

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  • ContentYour 8 Step Guide to Navigating Business Contracts

    It’s easy to feel lost when first reading the language used in business contracts; all those details swirling around are important, but often difficult to follow. Placing legal terms in context, and gaining an understanding of provisions, are great ways to start feeling comfortable with this common contract that’s the backbone of every transaction.

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  • ContentCan Emails Be Considered Enforceable Contracts?

    While many people consider email to be an informal way of communicating, courts have generally held that emails can be considered enforceable contracts even if the intended purpose was for casual negotiation.

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  • ContentNon-Compete Agreements in Florida

    Some companies have their employees sign a non-compete agreement in which the employee agrees to refrain from working for competitors, setting up his or her own business or working in the same industry for a specific amount of time after the employment relationship with the employer has ended. If another company approaches a former employee who signed such an agreement, the employee may be tempted to take the new job.

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