Business Contract Law in Texas

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Business contracts are used by every business for a variety of reasons, such as preventing future conflict and avoiding a liability risk. Although contracts in business settings are often standardized, it is important to know the legal ramifications of every contract when doing business in Texas.

  • ContentA Few Simple Tips for Avoiding Contract Disputes

    A lot of contract disputes could be prevented with a little bit of planning during the contract formation stages. Many individuals and small companies incorrectly assume that it was their lack of expertise that led to a problematic contract.

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  • ContentThe Basics of Contract Negotiations for Small Businesses

    Negotiating a contract is something that many small business owners don’t have a lot of experience or background in doing. Jake Posey and the attorneys at The Posey Law Firm, PC are capable and experienced at negotiating contracts on behalf of small businesses. Here’s what every small business owner should know about negotiating a contract:

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  • ContentHow Businesses Benefit from Good Contracting Practices

    Starting and running a small business has never been more challenging. Now more than ever the small business owner has to navigate a patchwork of confusing and oftentimes contradictory laws and regulations that can add extra costs to legal compliance.

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  • ContentDefense Contractor Fraud

    The False Claims Act (“FCA”) is particularly important in the area of defense contracts. In fact, the FCA was enacted due to the sever abuses which occurred at the hands of many defense contractors and corrupt officials who fraudulently procured payment for the necessities of war, such as ships, food, supplies, and weapons, to the detriment of the United States military.(1) By: Joel M. Androphyi and Rachel L. Grier

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  • ContentMinimize Product Liability Risk with a Well-Written Contract

    If your company is importing products made overseas, what is your liability for a safety or quality issue that causes harm? A well-written contract with the manufacturer can define and quantify risk.

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  • ContentThe Importance of Reviewing Your Employee Handbook

    There are many good reasons why you would want to ask a lawyer to review your company's employee handbook before you hand it out to your employees.

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  • ContentEmployment Agreements Such as Severance, Non-Compete, etc.

    There are a variety of agreements that should be considered for your company's employment documents, depending on the complexity and nature of the business. Not all will apply to all businesses and some may seem unnecessary.

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  • ContentContract Disputes and What You Can Do to Resolve Them

    Most businesspersons will enter numerous contracts over time. However, if a dispute arises over a contract, one or both parties may accuse the other of “breaching” the contract; therefore, making legal action a necessary tool. Whether your business is small or large, you are more than likely to enter into numerous business-related contracts as time passes.

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  • ContentSmall Business Services: Writing Contracts

    Small businesses owners have to be nimble, responsive and aware of all of the legal issues as they operate their firms. With seemingly infinite government regulations, companies must be prepared to turn on a dime and abide by rules that are new or that they were previously unaware of.

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