Business Litigation Law in California

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Business litigation law governs disputes which arrive out of commercial and business transactions. This area of law is non-criminal and can lead to huge awards or settlements. Learn how to protect yourself against litigation, how to respond to a civil lawsuit and how a lawyer can help you.

  • ContentUnfair Business Practices Litigation in a Nutshell

    Running a thriving and successful business isn’t easy especially since other companies would fight tooth and nail just to get a leg up in the competition. The more successful your business is, the more money you have so it’s no surprise why some companies would resort to unfair business practices just to get ahead.

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  • ContentLegal Claims and Defenses in Franchise Litigation

    Franchise relationships sometimes end badly. Depending on your perspective, a bad ending might be the franchisee quitting the system, or the franchisor terminating or refusing to renew the franchise. By this time, one or both sides have a lot invested in the bad relationship, which leads to posturing and threats and sometimes litigation.

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  • ContentWhat Happens in a Legal Mediation Proceeding?

    There are several ways that a California business dispute can be resolved, but litigation is usually not the preferred method for doing so.

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  • ContentThe Different Types of Arbitrations Available to Settle Personal Injury, Business, Real Estate

    A discussion of the different types of arbitrations available in California and why none of them compare to mediations. This article also warns that when arbitrations are binding, there is little opportunity to have the award corrected or reviewed.

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  • ContentCalifornia Deceptive Business Legal Practices

    There are rules against deceptive business practices in the laws in the state of California that could lead to severe consequences for any company that engages in these activities. There are several ways that a business entity could violate these business laws depending on how the owner or managers practice marketing and advertisements or other practices.

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  • ContentStatutes of Limitations on Construction Defect and Condominium Defect Lawsuits in California Law

    When a contractor constructs property or makes improvements or repairs on it, this work must be performed to certain standards. If the work is performed in a defective manner, the property owner may have the right to seek compensation through a construction defect lawsuit. However, there are strict time deadlines that the property owner must meet to avoid having his or her claim barred.

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  • ContentVendor Conflicts in California - How to Handle

    Conflicts with third-party vendors in a business setting in the state of California can often lead to litigation if the argument does not resolve long before lawyers help to set up and initiate a lawsuit. First, it is important to have an agreeable and working relationship with the vendor and ensure all contracts remain valid and do not enter breach.

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