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When starting a new business, it is important for owners to research potential pitfalls, as well as what legal steps to follow. In this guide to starting a business, learn how to raise capital, how to avoid large legal mistakes and how a business lawyer may be able to help you.

  • ContentEssential Clauses in a Founder's Agreement

    When a new enterprise is launched, it is critical for the future success of the business for the founders to have a clear agreement in place. This agreement should focus on key issues that are critical to the ability of the founders to safeguard the future of the business and to raise money to support the business during its growing period. Clauses in an effective founder’s agreement should thoroughly discuss the following topics:

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  • ContentHow to Create a Non-Profit Startup and the Need for a Lawyer

    Starting any organization it is important to know what steps to follow, what professionals are involved and the need to hire a lawyer to ensure transactions are legal and legitimate for the entity. The steps to create a non-profit startup are often similar to any other entity, but the owner of the organizations may need some additional research and data to keep it going.

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  • ContentImportance of Planning for the End of the Business at the Beginning

    When starting a new business, the potential owner should keep in mind what it takes to end the company as well. This may mean a failure, a transfer of ownership, selling the business in pieces or other concerns.

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  • ContentRaising Capital for Startups - Legal Options Available

    Several legal ways to raise capital for starting up a new company are available, and some of these are often new with different avenues that the business owner can take advantage of in the 2000s. The best sources of possible funding sometimes are unexpected routes that the new business owner is not aware of until he or she searches them out.

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  • ContentStart-Ups: Big Legal Mistakes to Avoid

    When starting a new business, there are many mistakes that are made by the owners or partners that may be avoided with the knowledge of what not to do. It is important to research these processes, contact others that have started a company to determine how to prevent pitfalls from affecting the new startup and retain the services of a business lawyer to ensure paperwork is valid.

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  • ContentStartups and Data Privacy - State Law, Federal Law, and the Need for a Business Lawyer

    One of the primary concerns with companies is data privacy and the protection of customer and client details from outside sources, and it is through the data privacy laws that the business must adhere to certain rules even if only starting up. The new business owner must follow both federal and state laws governing data privacy and avoid a breach in this security.

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  • ContentTips from a Business Lawyer Before Launching a Startup

    Launching a business is often difficult and may be fraught with obstacles in the legal world, in the community the company will physically reside in and with obtaining and maintaining a customer base.

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  • ContentExamples of Unfair Competition against Small Businesses

    Unfair competition against smaller businesses causes severe devastation to the owner and company when facing a larger corporation or a non-profit organization. The behavior and activities that these other entities engage in may cripple the small business and take away entire revenues streams to the point that the company breaks.

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  • ContentEffectively Drafting Policies and Procedures in Your Business

    Business operations run more smoothly or less effectively based on policies, procedures and processes of the company created or drafted by the owner with or without legal assistance. To effectively draft these, the company owner should enlist the help of professionals that understand these and how to document them for the business.

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  • ContentCan a Minor Start a Non-Profit Organization Legally?

    Minors have taken part in creating businesses, organizations and churches, and starting a non-profit is not much of a reach for someone under legal age. However, there are often only certain situations that permit the teen to take part in creating a new organization that is legally a non-profit, and these may change over time.

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