Can I Modify a Child Visitation Agreement?

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Modifying a child custody visitation agreement varies by state, but generally requires a motion filed by one of the parents and specific proof for the reason to modify the original order. A family lawyer is often used to assist the parent with the necessary court documents.

  • ContentChild Custody Modification in a State Different from Where the Original Order Was Made

    When one parent leaves the state where the child lives or the child and parent are no longer in the same state where the original order was put into place, it is important to know which state has primary jurisdiction. Seeking a child custody modification in a different state may require careful consideration of all the factors of these circumstances.

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  • ContentModify a Child Custody Order - What Do I Have to Prove?

    Modifying a child custody order requires a motion filed by the parent and specific proof for the reason to modify the original order such as a parent returning to work, an addict in recovery and a change in financial situations. The proof is necessary for the judge to reconsider the current child custody arrangements between parents.

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  • ContentModifications to a Child Visitation Schedule

    There are several ways to modify the child visitation schedule, and it often depends on how the parents want to proceed in the amount of difficulty they will experience in these modifications. When working together, the plan may proceed with little outside influence or involvement, but if this is not possible, an alternative is something the parents will need.

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  • ContentHow Can a Person Win Back Legal Custody of Their Children?

    Losing custody of your child is a heart-wrenching experience for any parent. It’s a difficult thing to accept that the court believes your children are better off with someone else- whether that person is your ex spouse, your parents or the foster care system.

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