Child Custody and Visitation Rights Guide

Child custody includes the physical and legal responsibilities of parenting. Often, when one parent has sole physical custody the other parent will receive set visitation rights. When parents agree on child custody and visitation schedules, they can develop their own custody agreement. However, when the parents or guardians cannot come to an agreement on terms, they may need to go to court.

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  • ContentWhat is Child Custody law?

    Child Custody and Visitation also often overlaps with facets of divorce law. Child custody refers to the legal obligation and right a parent or guardian has to care for, make decisions for, supervise, educate and control a minor child for whom he/she is responsible.

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  • ContentSetting Child Custody and Visitation Rights

    There are a number of ways in which child custody cases can be settled, including a contested court case or more amicably outside of court. Researching the different types of child custody plans is important for a parent or a family lawyer before settling.

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  • ContentChild Visitation and Custody Rights

    When seeking a child visitation and custody plan, there are many different factors weighing heavily on the court’s decision. The most important should be the best interest of the child, but oftentimes parents have different ideas as to what that is.

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  • ContentCan I Modify a Child Visitation Agreement?

    Modifying a child custody visitation agreement varies by state, but generally requires a motion filed by one of the parents and specific proof for the reason to modify the original order. A family lawyer is often used to assist the parent with the necessary court documents.

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  • ContentDisputes Over Child Custody and Visitations

    When parents cannot agree on the terms of the children custody and visitation, the situation might turn for the worse.

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  • ContentChild Custody and Visitation When A Parent Is Overseas

    When a parent is overseas, the custody and visitation rights might become extremely complex. What are your rights and how a lawyer of another country can help.

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  • ContentHow Can A Lawyer Help With Child Custody and Visitation?

    Child custody cases can be some of the most contentious and complex cases and the law varies from state to state. Family lawyers can advise families of the process of a custody hearing within their state and helping them to prepare for their case.

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