Child Custody and Visitation When A Parent Is Overseas

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When a parent is overseas, the custody and visitation rights might become extremely complex. What are your rights and how a lawyer of another country can help.

  • ContentChild Custody Orders Overseas

    Custody arrangements are often difficult to follow if one or both parents live in different countries form the original nation that created the child custody order. The complications that may arise are significant, and these matters can affect both parents and children in how they interact, what country has jurisdiction and what is possible.

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  • ContentCustody Issues When One Parent Is Not A Citizen

    The custody arrangements between divorcing parents when only one is a United States citizen may become seriously complicated for the non-citizen with the country and state laws. Additional problems may arise when the foreign national only lives in the American continent for a short time and then must return to his or her home nation.

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  • ContentChild Custody and Visitation Investigations

    When a couple decides the relationship must end, the question of who has primary custody and who may visit the child is important. These situations are often fueled by extreme emotions, complications due to conflict and arguments back and forth about who is provided what type of access to the young one.

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  • ContentCJEU Rules Child’s Physical Presence Is Condition for Habitual Residence

    Court of Justice of the European Union has ruled in 2017 that when a child is living in a residence for a continued period, this is considered habitual residence. His or her physical presence within the property may be used for means of considering the family or parent and child to live there as at least the primary amount of time through the year.

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  • ContentHague Convention’s Impact on Child Custody Cases

    The Hague Abduction Convention has been included with various countries as a treaty about child custody and abduction to include the United States. This Convention is to ensure the protection of children from international abduction with a parent through prompt returns to the habitual residence of the child.

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  • ContentWhat Is the Time Limitation for Taking a Child Out of the Country?

    Family law cases can often be emotionally straining. Sometimes, one parent is given primary custody at the objection of the other parent. The non-custodial parent may attempt to become the primary custodian by removing the child from the state or country, making it more difficult for the other parent to find him or her and to enforce the order.

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  • ContentCustody: Crossing State Lines with Children

    It is no secret to any practicing family law attorney that Family Court can get very ugly. It often evolves into a competition where each party frequently crosses the proverbial line in an effort to make the other party look bad.

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