Child Pornography State Laws

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Most states necessitate registration as a requirement when conviction occurs for these crimes. When a convicted individual fails to register in the area he or she moves to, severe penalties may incur.

  • ContentTexas - Child Pornography Charges - Difference between “Possession of” and “Promotion of”

    The type of charges a person faces when confronted with a search or arrest for possession of or promotion of child pornography could shape the court case and how to proceed to defend against these charges. Knowing the difference in the illegal acts and how to discuss the matter with the lawyer are important issues to face.

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  • ContentFlorida - Failure to Register as a Sex Offender Charges

    In Florida, as in some other states, convictions often carry consequences greater than just time in jail or monetary fines. Once sentences of prison have been completed, registration as a sex offender must be initiated by the criminals. Some individuals fail to register often to avoid the stigma of being branded in the community they move to. Additional penalties may be imposed for those that fail to register no matter what the reason may be. This failure is considered serious to law enforcement.

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  • ContentFlorida - How do I Remove my Name from the Sex Offender Registry?

    In Florida, a select group of individuals can file a petition to request to have their name removed from the Florida sex offender registry. Due to how serious prosecutors and law enforcement take sex crimes, the ability to be removed from this registry is severely limited and only available in special circumstances.

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