Common Types of Personal Injury Claims in Illinois

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Personal injury claims in Illinois may arise from a variety of different types of injuries such as hit and runs, slip and falls, or dog bites. Each category of personal injury claim has their own rules and regulations to follow.

  • ContentDog Bite Injury Claim Principles in Illinois

    In 2016, there were more than 900 dog bite claims filed in Illinois. The same year, dog bite victims recovered $602 million in compensation for their injuries. Despite these staggering statistics, innocent victims continue to be injured by dog bites in Illinois. Some important principles that dog bite injury victims should understand about Illinois dog bite laws include the following:

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  • ContentEmotional Distress Under Illinois Law

    Often, when involved in an accident or after sustaining an injury, one can suffer more than just physical pain. Many individuals will also suffer emotional harm from the experience. Under Illinois law, it is possible to obtain money damages as compensation for emotional harm (also called emotional distress). This money is paid by the person or company who caused the injury or, in most cases, by that person’s or company's insurance provider.

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  • ContentFall accident Injuries and Right to Compensation in Illinois

    Accidents that involve falls are often serious when the distance of the drop is great or when the person falls in a certain manner that could increase the severity of injuries. The right to acquire compensation is important when the property owner is negligent in removing problems that would cause the fall and lead to harm to others.

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  • ContentTwo Key Questions in Illinois Slip and Fall Cases

    There are two key questions that must be answered in every slip and fall cases in Illinois. These questions determine whether the plaintiff can prevail in his case and what proof must be offered.

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  • ContentMost Common Personal Injury Accidents

    Millions of people are injured or killed in personal injury accidents every year. Personal injury claims fall under the umbrella legal discipline of tort law, which establishes liability for negligent or intentional misconduct that result in injuries, deaths, or damages.

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  • ContentWho Is Liable for Injuries from School Violence?

    Schools have a duty to keep kids safe. When students are injured due to violent acts while under the care of school employees or contacted agencies, schools and service providers may be able to be held liable.

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