Common Types of Personal Injury Claims in Texas

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Personal injury claims in Texas may arise from a variety of different types of injuries such as hit and runs, slip and falls, or dog bites. Each category of personal injury claim has their own rules and regulations to follow.

  • ContentDog Bite Injuries in Texas - Who Is Liable?

    Texas usually has specific laws regarding dog bite liability for the injured party that can ensure the blame rests with the owner or keeper of the animal no matter how the bit occurred. The general rule that applies in other situations requires that the dog bites without provocation by the victim in any manner such as when the breed is already aggressive by nature.

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  • ContentNursing Home Neglect in Texas and the Need for Legal Assistance

    Families must often make the difficult decision to place an elderly or disabled loved on in a nursing home so that he or she can receive professional care. However, when nursing homes fail to meet this duty, loved ones can be in serious danger of harm or death. When a nursing home neglects the individuals in its care, legal liability may arise.

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  • ContentProperty Owner's Responsibility in Texas Slip and Fall Cases

    Slip and fall cases often occur through the accidental or unintentional actions of the person suffering the damage caused, but some of these incidents are because of the property owner’s negligence or foreknowledge of possible problems that may occur. The responsibility of the Texas homeowner can lead to losses in a lawsuit.

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  • ContentSwimming Pool Accidents and Personal Injury Liability in Texas

    Personal injuries occur around swimming pools often because of the carelessness and recklessness of those swimming or acting without care around the pool, but others are behaving with caution and care and still suffer injury because of negligence. If the owner of the pool or management of the property does not adhere to the proper safety protocols, he or she may hold liability in the incident.

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  • ContentWhat You Need to Prove to Recover Compensation in a Texas Slip and Fall Case

    Slip and fall cases in the state of Texas require certain proof for the judge or jury to deliberate in favor of the plaintiff suffering from injuries. Knowing what evidence is necessary and how to pursue the case appropriately is crucial for any chance of success against the culprit of the accident.

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  • ContentTexas Wrongful Death Claims

    The wrongful death claim is often necessary because of the loss of someone that earns income for the household, and the surviving family needs the compensation acquired through the claim to recover in several different ways. An accidental, intentional or work-related injury frequently leads to a wrongful death claim in Texas.

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  • ContentConstruction Accidents and Legal Options for Recovery in Texas

    In the construction industry, there are certain risks of the danger inherent to the job, but many of these depend on the actions or equipment that the employees will encounter or will need to avoid. The legal options for recovery to a construction accident in Texas may depend on the company, if the accident happens at work or the severity of the injuries.

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  • ContentInadequate Security Claims and Principles in Texas

    Inadequate security claims are a subpart of a premises liability case in which an injured party seeks recovery from a property owner. However, there are principles that make these types of claims distinct from typical premises liability cases.

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  • ContentDog Bites and Liability in Texas

    If you’re in Texas and you’re wondering what sort of legal systems and doctrines cover dog bites, this article will provide some further insight.

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