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Starting at $195/year
Premium Listings start at $195/year, for 1 office and up to 10 lawyers. See Price List
Immediate Listing Creation 24/7 Access to your account to update your listing
Full Firm Practice and Services Information   Expanded content in your Premium listing (Content List)
Publish Legal Articles Improve your internet visibility with article publication linked to your Google+ Authorship
Customizable Listing Title 20 words practice description
Areas of Practice Select up to 50 practice areas from the 260 available categories 
Full Address and Google Map
Phone Number & 800 number   List both your local and 800 numbers  
Fax Number
Receive FREE Leads from qualified visitors   Receive leads all year long from visitors looking for a local lawyer. More on Lead Service
Priority Placement in Directory
List your firm above all Basic Listings
Example - Federal Lawyers Fort Lauderdale FL
Firm Logo or Photo in Offices' Listings
Add a firm logo or photo - Example
Post unlimited number of videos and link your listing to your YouTube page
Email Address
Add your email address or a link to your website contact page
Links to your Website
Allow potential clients to access your home page and valuable inside pages
YouTube Link
Help attract more traffic to your website by linking your eye-catching You Tube videos to your Premium listing
Comprehensive Listing for Each Lawyer
See a fully edited Lawyer Profile
Lawyer's Pictures in Your Office Listings
Add a photo for each of your lawyers in your office listing with a link to their profile.
Fast Facts
Additional facts about your firm, including: Free Consultations, Credit Cards Accepted, Contingency Fees, Languages Spoken and Year firm was established.
Complimentary Editorial Services
Our legal editors will add your logo, create links to your website, and write an overview describing your firm and services with unique content
Principal Contacts
Add the person who will be contacted directly by prospective clients 
Lists Affiliations
Your associations, local, civic & other memberships
Additional Links to your Website
Multiple links to your website’s most important pages

Listing Includes a Published Articles Link

This links to your dedicated Articles Page
Dedicated Articles Page and Tab on your Listing
When you publish an article, it appears in a dedicated article page, linked under a tab in your listing (Example ). The article page is automatically updated each time a new article is published.
Google+ Authorship
and Social Networks

Add a links to your Google+, Facebook, Linkedin, and YouTube
Promote Your Firm on

Additional promotion options available for an additional cost .

Improve your visibility with:

- Additional Cities
- Top of Practice Area Directory Positions
- Top of City Directory Position
- Top of State or Country Directory Position

Premium Listing - Annual Pricing is one of the most affordable and comprehensive advertising opportunities on the Internet today. A full Premium Listing costs only $195/year for law firms with up to 10 lawyers and 1 office. Premium Listing prices are automatically calculated on the number of lawyers and offices you indicate in your registration form. Please see Invoicing for Additional Offices and/or Lawyers for more information.

Each paid office listing appears in the directories of the cities where your offices are located. You can purchase additional office listings from your account at any time. See pricing below.

The listing price will increase based on the number of lawyers worldwide for the firm following the price list below.

Annual price in US$, per number of offices and lawyers:

$195 - 1 office and up to 10 lawyers
$295 - Maximum 2 offices and 11 to 25 lawyers
$395 - Maximum 3 offices and 26 to 50 lawyers
$495 - Maximum 4 offices and 51 to 100 lawyers
$595 - Maximum 5 offices and 101 to 250 lawyers
$695 - Maximum 6 offices and 251 to 500 lawyers
$795 - Maximum 7 offices and 501+ lawyers

Each additional office is $100/year

Examples of pricing:
A law firm with 2 offices and 10 lawyers, will pay $295 a year
A law firm with 2 offices and 38 lawyers, will pay $395 a year
A law firm with 10 offices and 760 lawyers, will pay $1,095 a year. screens all listing applicants for validity and reserves the right to refuse to post your listing or to remove your listing, at our discretion, if you do not adhere to our editorial guidelines, or should we determine your law practice is not legitimate or misrepresents its business, services, etc. in any manner. By submitting a listing to you confirm that you are authorizing to publish your information and that you own the copyright of the text, logos and pictures posted on and on your own website.

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