Computer Crimes

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Cybercrimes are becoming more and more relevant as society becomes more dependent on the internet. Usually, cybercrimes are very difficult to prove but can lead to severe charges. Cybercrimes may include account hacking, illegal downloading, and online fraud.

  • ContentEmail & Social Media Hacking - Are They Crimes?

    There are both state and federal laws in place to protect the privacy of both email and social media, and hacking of either of these types of accounts is an illegal action of the perpetrator. Privacy is a serious consideration for the government and those that live in the United States, and it is possible to prosecute someone that hacks into an account.

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  • ContentComputer Crimes - Are Money Damages Necessary for Prosecution?

    Depending on the type of crime that occurs with computers, how it affects the victim and what reparations are necessary to ensure the criminal understands the penalties, it is often important to ensure money damages are part of the resolution to the specific matter. The prosecution may need to explain how this is important to the judge or jury.

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  • ContentCybercrime - What Is It and Why You Need a Lawyer

    Cybercrimes are usually any actions a person commits through the internet that can affect another person, entity or portion of the internet in a negative manner. Usually, there is no evidence behind the crime, and the perpetrator can commit these activities from anywhere in the world no matter the region as long as there is internet.

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  • ContentIs it Legal to Download Torrents

    Most people understand that piracy of copyrighted works is illegal. But, many do not understand what piracy is or whether their role in the act of downloading pirated materials is a crime. Immense amount of data are downloaded everyday using file sharing programs called “torrent clients.” That means that millions of Americans are using torrents to share files, often containing pirated materials, which may leave you wondering, “Is it legal to download torrents?”

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  • ContentScammed by a Foreigner, What Are My Legal Options?

    They are a routine part of our modern, online world: Internet scams are a daily annoyance for many. Often found in annoying emails, website popups, and other dark corners of the web, these digital scam artists seem to be everywhere today. And, with many of these scams operating overseas, it has left many to wonder what they can do if they fall victim to the tricks of someone from another country.

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