Construction Delay Laws

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Construction delays may result in an unfinished construction project and may end in litigation. A single delay in construction may cause a domino effect, leading to many very costly delays. Learn more about the legal remedies which exist for a construction delay.

  • ContentConstruction Delays - Are Damages Available?

    Construction contracts usually provide a date, materials used, amount needed to finish the project and similar factors that could affect the job. However, when the construction on the building or structure has not been completed as per the contractual obligations, the owner of the land or unfinished production may be entitled to damages.

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  • ContentConstruction Delays Caused by Owner - Can Builder Recover Damages?

    Delays in construction projects are a common occurrence when the owner decides to change something, add or subtract items or change the materials in construction. For these delays, the contractor or subcontractor may have an option to pursue damages that may provide monetary resolution for the delays.

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  • ContentConstruction Delays Due to Owner

    When the owner causes construction delays, this could result in an unfinished construction project or other severe consequences that may even end in litigation for all parties involved. Such delays by the owner often include the additions or subtractions of certain items, the change of the project or different materials which may push back the end date significantly.

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  • ContentHow to Get Paid for Construction Delay Claims

    The single most common cause of construction litigation for non-private, residential projects is delay. Delays may cascade from one contractor or trade to another, causing a domino effect that can lead to a very expensive conclusion. After all, time is money, and delays on commercial projects can mean thousands or even millions in lost revenues to the property owner.

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  • ContentTypes of Contractor Delays and the Effect on Liability

    Construction projects can be delayed for many reasons. The type of delay may shift the liability from one party to another depending on the circumstances. Delays in a contracted project could lead to litigation.

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  • ContentWhat Can I do About a Late Contractor?

    When a person hires someone else to provide goods or services to him or her, the terms of the contract dictate when the work is to be performed or the goods to be provided. However, situations can occur in which the contractor is not providing timely delivery, and the customer may pursue legal action to enforce his or her rights.

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