Construction Dispute Laws in California

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Unfortunately, construction often leads to disputes between the individual or company who owns the property and the construction company. These disputes may be centered around costs, timeline issues, or a completed project that is not up to par. Learn more about how to handle these disputes in California.

  • ContentDelay Claims, Changed Conditions Claims and Extra Work Claims in California Public Contract Law

    Just like with private construction contracts, there may be unforeseen circumstances or other conditions that make it necessary for contractors or subcontractors to adjust the contract and request payment for additional or changed work. There is a specific process that California public works goes through to approve such claims.

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  • ContentResolving a California Construction Dispute

    Before the individual or company can resolve a construction dispute in California, it is important to consult with a lawyer to determine if the dispute is valid, could lead to the courts or if there is a less difficult way to end the conflict. Between the construction and contractor, the owner may need to communicate various issues long before they lead to litigation.

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  • ContentResolving a California Mechanic's Lien

    A mechanic’s lien can severely impact the homeowner or property owner when attempting to progress through certain deals, sales, acquiring a loan or other processes when living in California. Knowing how to resolve the lien, check for validity with the lien and contacting the correct parties is crucial to accomplishing the goals of the owner.

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  • ContentStarting a Construction Lawsuit in California

    When the homeowner or manager of a contract needs to initiate a construction lawsuit in the state of California, he or she should know what to do to accomplish the beginning processes and how to work best with a construction litigation lawyer. When moving forward with the lawsuit, it is important to consider all factors that remain relevant to the issue.

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  • ContentCreating a Prime Construction Contract in California

    There are certain provisions when creating and drafting contracts between companies, contractors, subcontractors and small businesses with the owner of the contract in California. It is crucial to follow all mandatory conditions before signing the document and ensuring that all provisions are valid within the state of California.

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