Construction Permits and Bid Law

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A construction project generally has a bidding process which is open to the public and will allow business contractors to apply for the job. It is important or the company and agency to understand the bid and any permits which may apply.

  • ContentAvoiding Contractor Defects in Public Bids

    The bid specification of a contracting job could hold defects, and this could cause problems for a public bid between the company or person and the agency. Importance remains in resolving any complications before they cripple a project from progressing and finishing other matters such as paperwork or resource allocation for a contracting job.

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  • ContentBuilding Permits - Costs and Responsibility

    Working with the government to receive a permit for building issues is often an involved process that many do not want to initiate even if the permit is necessary for certain building jobs or contracts. However, more than one person may pay the price for penalties and the impact if the permit is not part of the building construction process.

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  • ContentBuilding Permits and Liability

    In construction projects, it is important to know when to get a permit and when the contractor is able to continue without this option at all or until a later date in the job. Some issues arise against the local ordinances or zoning matters that prevent the expansion or changes to a building, and others require a permit to even start.

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  • ContentConstruction Contract Bidding - Private versus Government Projects

    Contractors who want to broaden their projects portfolio may decide to bid on a government contract rather than a private one. However, there exist key differences and certain requirements between the two that the contractor must consider including numerous guidelines he or she must follow before the project begins.

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  • ContentPublic Construction Bidding Process

    A construction project generally has a bidding process open to the public that will involve small and mid-sized business contractors bidding to apply for the job and revenue. Understanding the process is important for the company, agency and individual that becomes part of the bid and the project so that there is little confusion later.

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  • ContentUnderstanding Building Codes

    Building codes establish standards for the construction of buildings and other structures. Virtually every structure in a modern building is subject to at least one, and usually several different building codes.

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  • ContentArchitectural Contracts, Disputes Architects, Design Professional Liens, Mechanics Liens

    Contracts with architects are much different than other types of contracts common in the construction industry. These differences are important to note by all parties involved in such contracts.

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  • ContentCommon Problems If You Don’t Get a Construction Permit

    Not getting a permit in a construction or upgrade to a property leads to possible problems that are common among these projects such as the risks of leaks, electrical malfunctions, fires and even items that do not fit at times. Assessing these risks is an important step in understanding why permits are important and what may happen without one.

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