Criminal Defense Procedural Law in Georgia

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Criminal Defense Procedural Law refers to the body of law that ensures that each case brought to court is treated justly. In our guide to Georgia criminal procedural law, understand what rules govern the police and the appointed judges.

  • ContentGeorgia Speedy Trial

    Is a Georgia Speedy Trial Demand the right avenue for your case? - Georgia's Speedy Trial Demand - The justice system in Georgia can move quite slowly. If you know anyone that has been involved in a criminal proceeding, you are probably aware that the process can drag on for what seems like forever.

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  • ContentWhat Constitutes an Arrest in Georgia

    When can you consider yourself "under arrest"? - What is an arrest in Georgia? - It is important to know exactly what constitutes an arrest in Georgia. This is because a search of someone who is not under arrest is much more limited than a search of a person under arrest. In fact, a lot of rights that we are familiar with under the law do not apply unless there is a valid arrest first.

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  • ContentNolle Prosequi: What Does Nolle Prossed Mean in Criminal Courts ?

    "To have a criminal case nol prossed (in English) essentially means that a prosecutor has elected to discontinue, drop or no longer pursue a pending criminal charge against you. No meaningful difference exists between the phrase nolle prosequi vs dismissed. By answering the most common client questions about a nolle prossed definition, we believe we can best define what nolle prosequi means. Nolle Prosequi This article explains “what is nolle prosequi” and the good, bad, and limited scope of this type of case resolution. One central point needs to be emphasized: if you plead guilty to one of several accused charges in an accusation or indictment, restricting that record may not be possible, after July 1, 2013."

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  • ContentGwinnett County Courts: Superior, State, Recorder's Court, Juvenile for Criminal, Traffic Tickets &

    If you are researching Gwinnett Courts, it is likely because you have a pending criminal cases or traffic case. Here, we focus on providing basic information about the Gwinnett Courts for criminal prosecutions, as well as criminal lawyers near me who can assist in your defense.

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