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Cryptocurrency has become increasingly popular as an alternate form of currency. Digital currency offers interesting new options for online, secure transactions. However, cryptocurrency still has a lot of legal gray areas and can be hard to regulate.

  • ContentIs Bitcoin Legal?

    Bitcoin is a form of electronic currency that functions without being backed by any governmental authority. Bitcoin is often called a “cryptocurrency” because it is decentralized and uses a complicated system of cryptography to prevent double-spending. This form of currency has become a matter of great public interest as authorities debate whether it is legal and, if so, how they can regulate its use in illegal transactions and monitor it for tax purposes.

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  • ContentWhat Is the Threat of Money Laundering Associated with Bitcoin?

    Bitcoin has become increasingly popular as an alternative form of currency over the last several years. The digital currency offers interesting new options for secure and private transactions, for earning money through “Bitcoin mining,” and, unfortunately, for money laundering. What is the threat of Bitcoin and money laundering and what is being done to stop it?

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  • ContentBitcoin and Money Laundering

    Bitcoin could have a connection to money laundering due to the disassociation of personally identifiable details of the owner, and he or she may have the opportunity to funnel his or her illegal funds through Bitcoin interactions online. However, the individual may need to understand how e-commerce and the online trading worlds work.

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  • ContentAccepting Cryptocurrency in Your Business - Legal Issues

    Cryptocurrency is still a legal gray area when incorporating it into company matters or with investments opportunities for both management and employees. Understanding the introduction, acceptance and usage is important for all individuals in the company so that no legal violations occur with the usual regulations to include tax concerns.

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  • ContentAnti-Money Laundering Pressure on the Cryptocurrency Industry

    With the rise of protected transactions and greater frequency in laundering money with cryptocurrency, the pressure increases on the industries online to produce a way to combat the problem. Certain government departments are placing further pressure on these online communities and companies to reveal clients and customers.

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